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June 28, 1938.
s. s. DAUMAN'
Filed Aprilylb', 1937
v 30 '
Samue/ S. Baum an
225%’ ?fé ’
Patented June 28, 1938
* 2,121,860
Samuel SLDauman, New York, N. Y.
Application April 13, 1937, Serial No. 136,519
2 ‘Claims. (Cl. 240-78)’
shown. The lower end of this ring member’
The present'invention relates to ?ghting ?x ' isi?anged
outwardly, as indicated at 25, and sup
tures, and is morev particularly directed toward ports a dome shaped translucent cover member
enclosed lighting ?xtures suitablefor office and 26, the lower end of which is tightly received in
' factory lighting.
The present inventio n contemplates a lighting
' 5
‘ ?xture having a two part translucent envelope
about the light source, the lower part being sep
arable from the upper part to‘ permit lamp bulb
‘ renewal, and the ?xture having means to sup
. port the upper translucent cover member in posi
lu tion when the'lower diffuser’ is removed.
.The invention also contemplates an improved
construction which .will afford adjustment of the
the band 22, so as to make a dust-tight, rat-_ ,5
The band 22 carries a plurality of shade hold
ing screws 21 and these support a lower diffus
ing bowl 28 which closes the bottom of the ?x
ture. This bowl is preferably stepped, as indi- lo
cated at 29, to support a re?ector 30.
It is apparent that, within the scope of the.
invention, modi?cations and different arrange
ments may be made other than is herein dis
lamp socketrelative to the securing devices em-. ' closed, and the present disclosure is illustrative 15 Y
ployed for. supporting the lamp shade or globe.
merely, theinventioni comprehending all varia
The single ?gure of the accompanying draw
ing‘ is a sectional view with parts in elevation,
and shows, for‘purposes of illustrating the pres
ent' invention,
an embodiment in‘ which the in- r '
vention may take‘ form,_it beingunderstood that
the drawing is illustrative of the invention rather
than limiting'the same.
tions thereof.
What is claimed is: ,
. '
A pendant lamp socket I0 supports a lamp bulb
indicated at I I, and is secured in place in a shell
l2.’ The lower portion ofthe shell walls has a
plurality of slots indicated at- 13, these slots hav
ing lateral communicating ‘slots [4 and I5.
The shell l2 slidably receives an inner shell [6
‘and carries screws ' ll adapted to enter the slots
13, I47 and I5, so'as to adjustably secure the
outer shell and inner shell together. The lower
end of the outer shell is enlarged, as indicated
' at l8, so that it may receive the lip of ‘the usual
lamp shade. In the present construction, how
ever, the lower or‘skirt portion l8 of the'shell I6
is provided with ,pummels I9 ‘adapted to receive
screws 20. These screws support downwardly
and outwardly extending straps 2| whose lower
ends are secured to an annular band 22.
_ The inner shell 16 is threaded, as indicated at
23, to receive a ring member 24 threaded as
1. A lighting ?xture comprising a pendant~
socket, a lamp bulb therein,'a socket cover, a 20
plurality of outwardly and [downwardly extend
ing arms carried by the socket cover, an annular
band carried by the lower ends of the arms, a
downwardly and outwardly divergent, diffusing
cover member disposed within the arms and 25
hand, the band?tting close to the bottom edge
of the cover member, threaded means to detach- >
.ably secure the upper portion of the cover mem
ber to the socket cover, the cover member be-'
ing downwardly removable through the band, a 30
closed bottom light diffusing bowl whose‘upp'er
edge is received within the band closely adja
centthe lower edge ‘of the cover member, and
bowl supporting members carried by the band;
2. A lighting ?xture such as claimed in claim 35
1, wherein the bowl has a ledge of larger diame- ’
ter than the band, and having ‘an annular, re
?ector supported by the band and extending up
wardly to intercept light'transmitted through,
the bowl abovethe ledge.
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