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Patented .lunezs', 193s.
1 .i
' Arthur Dickerson, Salt Lakeicity,
scleims.19, (oust-‘126)
1936, Serial No. Is’0,4s3§_'
e ; '
l'vI'y inventionfrelates to, ‘jacks andlhas for its to sea the two ‘sides of the‘ jack} Memeny of ..
object to provide a new and ef?cientjack for lift I the, twosides ‘I and 2 which have the'portion be
ing the newer types'of, automobiles which have so tween the two feet 3 and‘4 formed into twoop~ I
much fender extending at the rear end thatgit is , .posed arcs joined together at the middle, ‘I ‘pro- _
impossible to get the ordinary jack under the axle vide a‘depending guide 5. _ Thisguide 5 on' each vs
vfor raising the wheel ‘when it is‘desired to change
a tire.
1 side is provided with an inwardly extended guide‘ - ' '
These twov spaced apart guide ribs 6 aid
in'holding' the jack screw Cin its proper position
and at the same time hold the'central guide_por—
- rib 6.
A further object is to provide a jack whichwill
be strong and sturdy and one which will bev made
,to meet all requirements for short or‘ great lifts.
f A still further object is to provide a jack which
will be compact in constructionand which will
be‘ of the screw. type [having double reverse
threaded spindle'with a central’ supportrraising
.withthe screw andwhich jack will liftiiromabout
Vfour and. one half inches to about eighteen inches
ftion of the screw in proper position and the screw 10
in alignment and providing a verticalvtrack in
which vthis’guide rides. f The ‘guide will be de
scribed later in this specification.
' Extending upwardly. and inwardly, continually
raising as they near (the-center of the jack I pro- 15
,vide two spaced'uapart'arc' shapedraces l and 8,
each side‘ being. identical in .curve and form.
These two arcs provide ‘part of the raising device
‘will be made of a small enough screw to have v essential to the‘ complete and'satisfactory oper
ation of this jack. The ends of the‘ two arc- i2-0
su?icient strength to raise all passenger‘ auto
shaped races 1 and 8 are turned upor curved
'mobiles but which will alsovhave su?icient pur
chase to allow itto run freely thus, providing a slightly upward atwtheir lower ends to permit
jack which will be. easily operated and which will pthev lifting platform-to be lowered to a greater
-. ‘raise a car. quickly to any desired height at the degree than would ‘be possible were this not so.
same time eliminating the unnecessary raising of . v'I'h'e two sidesv l . and 2 are held vtogether by
in height.
. 'A stillfurther object is to provide. a jack which
the entire body as is now’ done. with bumper jacks
three rivets or- holding bolts 10 and .H, which
/ as this jack may be slid in-under the car without
extend througheach side‘ near the feet 3 and 4
any trouble and is adaptable to lie/used directly
anda single bolt or. rivet l2 which holds the two
on the axle‘of the car.
tops of the sides 1 and 2 in ?rm ?xed relation to
each other. The screw C-is made with ahead vB ‘30
. .
These objects Iaccomplish with the. device i1
lustratedin the accompanying ‘drawingin which
of. larger diameter to which any suitable handle
similar numerals and letters of vreference indi
'.cate like parts’throughout the several views ‘and
may ‘be attached for rotating the screws» This
screw C is made‘ with two thread sections Cl and
as describedin the speci?cation forming a part - 02' with the section CI to ?t into the internally k
threaded nut 18' andthe section C2 to?t into ‘35
:35 of this application andpointed'out in the ap
.the threaded nut .l 9-and the two vthreads reversed‘
pended claims.
to-each other, one being ‘a-right hand thread and
,Inthe. drawing in which .I have shown my de
the other being a left hand thread.
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the jack in its
lowered position.
‘Figure'2 is an end View of Figure‘ 1. '
Figure 3 is a vertical section of the Jack taken
at one side of the center line sectioning only the
‘ holding rivets or bolts and showing the inside of
the one side plateand the screw and coacting
levers and foot in elevation. . .
' Figure 4 is aside elevation, of the screw spindle
and operating nuts.‘
Figure 5 is a plan view of Figure 4.
Figure 6 is an enlarged view of the lifting foot
and the top of the coacting levers.
In the drawing I, have shown my jack as A,
made of two opposed like sides I andZ, each have
ing identical feet 3 on one end and feet 4 on the
55 other end and each being formed to ?t together
The nuts [8 and I!) are identical in form with
the exception that one is threaded internally op 40v
posite to the other and each nut is provided with y
a stub shaft 20 extending ‘a short distance on .
one side and a like stub shaft 2| extending from
the opposite side thus. providing opposed stub
shafts on each nut and these stub shafts carry 45
rollers 22, said rollers to operate in the two arcs
l and 8 to aid in raising the jack platform D.v
The jack platform D is curved slightly on'the .
top side to ?t it to .the' axle of the automobile,
This platform D is made with'a depending cen 50.
tral boss in which there is a-transverse slot 3|
and in which slot the sliding rivet 30 is operated. ;
The other end of this boss has a rivet 29 there
through and on these two rivets the coacting
arms 23 and 24 operate and are pivoted. vThese 515.
four arms 23 on one side and 24 on the opposite
side are carried on the shafts 2| and 20 of the
nuts l8 and I9 and the arms acting in pairs are
crossed over and the arms or levers 23 fit onto
the rivets 30 and the arms or levers 24 fit onto
the rivet 29 and these four arms are each pivoted
together into separate pairs one pair on each
side of the screw and one pair is ‘secured pivotally
together by the rivet 21_and the other pair is se
cured together by the rivet 28, thus providing co
acting equal‘action pairs of arms orlevers act
ing from each side of’ the nuts I8 and 19 to raise
and lower the foot or platform D.
Medially on the screw S there is a guide mem
15 ber of larger diameters than the rest of the screw"
with the two ends l5 and I6 equal and with a
central groove l1 therein, this groove operating
.on the spaced apart guide ribs 6.1
Having thus described my invention, I desire
to secure by Letters Patent and claim:
1. ma jack, the combination of ‘opposed iden
tical sides carrying ascending are shaped races
on the inner faces, said races ascending-toward
the center; a depending guide rib on eachiside
25 medially of said "races; rollers carried- in said
races; internally threaded nuts having extended
stub shafts on each'side thereof on which said
rollers operate; .adouble screw formedrw'ith each
‘end threaded, one with right hand threads,” and
3.0 the other with left hand threads, said screw oper
ating said threaded nuts; a guide medially on
said screw carrying a central. groove operating on
other pair pivoted to a pivot pin carried in said
slot; a base for said jack having are shaped races
formed therein, ascending toward the medial
portion thereof; rollers carried in said races; in
ternally threaded nuts carrying stub shafts on 5
each side thereof on which shafts the lower ends
'of said pairs of levers are pivoted andon which
said rollers are mounted; and a double oppo
sitely threaded screw carried in said nuts to be
' manually rotated to actuate .said rollers in said 10
races drawing-thelevers toward each other to
raise the lifting platform.
4. In a lifting jack, the combination of a base
formed of two like formed castings secured to
gether having each end formed into outwardly ex
tended feet on which the jack rests; races formed
on the inner sides of each casting said races being
are shaped and-ascending toward the middle of
the jack'with each outer end curved up slightly
to allowv the lifting platform to be lowereda 510
greater degree; a central guide rib formed'on
each; casting'extending inwardly toward each
other; a double oppositely threaded jack screw
having a central portion with a groove therein
to ride on said central guide ribs; oppositely
threaded .nuts carried on said screw each‘ nut
having stub shafts extended from two sides there.
of; rollers mounted on :the ends of said ~shafts
and operating in'said races to roll up or down
said races as the screw is rotated and the nuts 30
'moved in or out thereon; two sets of coacting
levers mounted with their‘. lower ends carriedlon
said guide ribs; means to rotate said screw from ‘said stub shafts and with their upper ends piv~
one .end thereof; coacting levers mounted with‘ oted together near the top end thereof ; and a lift
35 their lower ends on the stub shafts of said._nuts ing platform mounted at the‘ top of’ said levers
and made in pairs with each pair on a side riv
‘with the pivot ‘pin of one set of levers operating
eted pivotally together near the top ends thereof; in a slot thereunder to'allow for raising said plat
and a lifting platform mounted pivotally to like form orr‘lowering the same. ‘
V .
levers of the pairs of levers, with the other like
5. In a jack, the combination of a lifting plat
40 levers slidably mounted in a slot in said platform, form; two spaced apart pairs of'coacting pivoted 40
said platform to be {raised or lowered by the ro
levers mounted with one pair pivoted under, said
tation of said screw.
' 1 _ V,
platform and the other pair. having a sliding
2. In a jack, the combination of a platform, on
which the. load is carried; two pairs of coacting
45 pivoted levers mounted to said platform; a‘ vre
versely threaded screw, opposed threaded screw
nuts in which said screw is operated with the
lower ends of said levers connected 'pivotally to
said nuts; and a base'for said jack made of op
posed identical sides having races on the inner
sides thereof ascending toward the middle of'said
base to raise and‘lower said nuts and‘levers when
the screw is rotated.
3. In a lifting jack, theecombination, of a lift
ing platform having a slot longitudinally and
transversely along the bottom side thereof; two
pairs of coacting levers one lever of each pair
pivoted to the lowerside of; said platform and the
mounting under said platform;
a reversely
threaded screw having a medial portion provided
with an annular recess; opposed threaded nuts 45
in which said screw is operated with'the lower
ends .of said levers connectednpivotally to said
nuts; a base for said jack made of opposed iden
tical sides each side having a vertical guide rib
extending inwardly; therein on which ribs‘the
annular recess of the screw is operated to hold 50
the screw in position; pairs of identical are
shaped ascending races formed in‘each side of
said base with the lower ends thereof curved lip-‘
wardly to permit greater lowering of the lifting
platform; and means to rotate said screw. _
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