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‘ length >oilsv `iìatv ‘ metal bar
",liim'ringia,”A sub
èstantially'fstraight?portio, i. the terminalend of., f ‘
¿which is turned »laterallytgto form 'a fastenin‘glirlngv f1 ,
@,¿Zffand theil‘fotherf‘end >oiîfzizhe‘straight»portiorniQ1
~ j.
f ¿is y-,turnedzilaterallysparallel zwithv the" lug 12, `and 5, ~
c l,providedZwithzlszreturnvbend as-shown atgß'iormu
_e inglaafprotective.âlugvprojectionï “lrïand themariis _ ‘ n
curved; 'forwardly-ïandfwinwardly :jtollxp'resentl e." « ï
f-„str‘aigh't »,portionffiïëáwhichijislvshownì»parallelÍëwithìil'o " ’
.1 ,the rv,strollint „portion fïlyandthsving its
. :._extremityiturned»laterallytotform a.
~ ,.
attachment' Y 1¿
¿dora length"
’f 'Ü.;aA,‘U>shaped.¿metal‘guardîlfisf
similanïto theilugofilthewbracket‘element;1».»
¿2.í isè'secured-`
n 4
ï~ `@their by weldirigvor' otherwise', and: thel 11122120? » ï
tion‘sjlf.; thereofv :project «frearwardlyétformingfipro- ' '
«'tectiveyguardsianda reñecisonfelerneritviûofßsuit»`
< .
= _table design is here-shown;securedwtoitheportlon:"20 ¿ "
~ ¿shown
I¿¿e.nd„-'| anjdîsecured
‘i L «¿
Y. „
y e eieváuönal :viewer the device'
_ howjlngj same detached `fi‘rom 'thef pedall and ’look
„S ,au
langularreletionfthei'eto. „w
l~~~~...'.I‘,hevluacsl #and @'„andlalsuthefluso;_2„ project“
vbeyofndthe regt, surfacefof theire?ectoi" >elel'ri‘ent ‘
eti's'nàeedreln. ßboußftheç peripheryf „hereof '
Sing in_ari'ou'tward direction.,
a‘ndserve’t'ò protect same'against damage.l ,
A smalierfreiìector element D lsgherè shown sei>
cured’to the straight portion `8 of the bracket ,by
~ _
means of a bolt'A‘i/ß and nut Il and it will be noted` “ "¿ 1 v
` ,. jFigdre'ék‘risiaîiront'elevational vie-Woifjthe'de-V
« 30*V
vice lookii_1g¿.in` thef‘directionv4 of the arrow, Fig- 5
‘that this Ire'ñectorfoasweil as the reflector ‘C_is» »
‘s 155 çA @meuse `mr bicycles' on tne?nighwai' 'aftery ‘dagk Í'
'supported 'in' inwardly oiïset'relation to the for-f;v 35`§
itext're'mely desirable to provide aidependabie - ward andçrearwaiîd- surface extremities ofV the » - 5
>pedal A,`vso .that they will beless likely to¿come
‘ ¿Ion/n oi;signai«device§which,wil1 warn approach- '
f ~
ing-‘motorists of'theyïpresence of a'cycleion the " into damaging .contact with objects than if they', , »
highway fand various proposals `have been `made
‘ projected beyond the pedalin- the fore and aity
»4b`in¿this?,connection’ffrom time to time and the]v
` ‘
resentvzinvention î‘proposes an improved ‘form’ ot » ' `on reference, @Figure 'a‘itiwul bèfnoted’tnatm "f
the attachment ».lugs`2 and 2.'. have horizontally”
¿devmegtwhich may he supported in such a. man
ner fongithe ybicycle- pedal that it fwill present an elong'ated‘vslots |21 and vin attaching the device'iio>
i f" Íeiiectivev` inovingr;isigual`‘whichy will not t be` ob va. standard pedal it' isonly necessary to ¿loosen
`¿15„structedinjantpway‘âby the presence oi' the cy- .l the .nuts yI3 vof the' pedal assembly l.and-by remov.‘ yclistY zfootno‘n the‘ipedal and which wil beade-v x ing same the bolts I4 of -thepedal'struc‘ture 'arey
nateiyj‘ protectei'against damage."
;«‘ In»> the «aiccompanying drawing, 1 Lhave'fiilus-.I
>"tratedg-"a preferred liorm. of myveìnvention show?
¿ 50€ ing the!¿manneriii/#which> the same moitiel at-'
f' `
f ’ f
entered Tin. the elongated slots kl2 and the nutsy
n again tightened into place to' securely‘clampi
thedevi'ce tor the pedal, the elongatediormation
ofthe slots izproviding for variation in thedis-- 5o
lj . «tached to a conventionalbicycle pedal A'inca very ktoncesbetween the boltsy'ilkf’of vvarious types ,end
`sizes'o'f pedals;
yckecuinipriseli: laprotec-ß>Vlv It will yalso be observedon reference to Figure g- .j
' tive I 'súpportingßbracket indicated in lgeneral 1 by] 2 that the devicefisso proportioned that the' pre
’ The.` d vice herein
thevletterßnwhichïirshownïmade ot iai-,single ` ' ponderance
o! -weight is disposed at one side of»l '55T
the pedal axis, here shown on the side on which
mounted position on the pedal
the larger rear reñector C is arranged, so that
„the pedals will normally rest, when not in use,
wardly, and a reflector element secured to said
bracket in `a substantially 'central position be
with the reñector C downward, with the result
that when the feet -of a cyclist are applied to
the pedals with a natural forward movement, the
pedals will be rotated a quarter revolution, bring
tween said protective lugs with the latter pro
jecting beyond the face thereof to protect lthe
same against damage.
project rear- Y
3. Asafety signal device as claimed in claim 2
in' which said> bracket includes crossed U-shaped
project a.,refiected warning signal to the rear of ` portions the ends of whichproject to form the
ing the reñector ` C into the `proper relation to
It will bereadily appreciated that while I lhave
shown and described a speciilc structure tor car
rying my invention into practice, many variations
may be- made without departing‘vfromV the essen
' protective‘lugs and the reflector -is secured thereto 10
at their point of crossing. _
4. `A safety signal device for attachment to the
outer end Vof a cycle pedal comprising, a single
-strip of >metal doubled upon itself intermediate
15 tial spirit of the invention, `which ,isto provide a , of its length toform a `protective guard lug‘
device which may be quickly attached to the out
ward end of the existing pedal structure to pro
Vvide a warning signal.
What I claim as my invention is:---’
adapted to project in theiore and ai’t direction
when the device is in mounted» position on a pedal.
one portion of said strip `being Íbent abruptly
laterally ‘to extend substantially parallel‘tc the
l. A reflecting safety device for attachment to
the outer end of4 a cycle pedal `comprising `»in
pedalaxis when the device is mounted,` the other
portion of the doubled strlp-'being'zbent fora por
combination abracket having- spaced lugs dis
tion Vofy its 'length into divergent relation to the' ` v
posed in a common plane and adapted to overlap aforesaidparallel portion to form 'a vprotective
the ,outer end of the pedal and be secured thereto `guard and having'a>` portion thereof'adjacent the
25 at opposite sides lof the pedal axle, `said bracket ‘ end arranged'substantially parallel with the `ilrst ‘itY "
extending in substantially rightv angular relation
Vto said plane and terminating at ,the outward
end in a protective guard, anda pair of reñec
tors mounted on said Vbracket in`> substantially
parallel planes disposed substantially‘in-right-an
mentioned parallel portion.,` lsaio'zlz respective por
@tions terminating in attachmentÍlugs adapted ta f `
be secured' to the pedal structureto-‘suppcrt the
>device in a position projecting'well beyond >the
outer end thereof, said parallel portions forming
supports forforeand aft~reilectors respectively,
gular relation to the plane of dispositionA of said
lugs and facing in opposite directions to pro
and fore and aft reflectors secured respectively to `
vide a fore and ait reilective signal when the de
vice is in mounted position on a pedal, -said re
stantially parallel planes, said guard lug being po- ’
35 ilectors being coniìned between'the plane of dis
position ot said attachment lugs and the outer
guard extremity of the bracket ‘with the said
guard extremity projecting beyond the> extremity
oi.' the reflectors farthest from said spaced lugs
to protect said reflectors from damage.
2. VAisiati’ety ysignal device‘for attachment to the
outer end of a cycle pedal, comprising a bracket,
means on said bracket adapted to co-operate with~
thev pedal structure to support the bracket in a
.45 projecting position beyond the outer end of the
pedal, said bracket having a series of laterally`
projecting protective `lugs disposed about a com
_ mon centre and adapted when the> bracket is in
and-supported by said parallel',po`rtions inïsub~
`sitioned beyond the edge farthest troni> the fat
ta'chment lugs >of. the reflector carried by the A
first-mentioned portion of said metal strip.
`5.` A safety signal `as claimed in lc'laiingi `inwhich
paired guard lugs connected iivithvarfid‘` lsupported
by said first-mentioned parallel portion are ar
ranged in spaeed‘relation to saidïguardlug and
the attachment` lug of the first-mentioned portion
to project respectively belowA and above the _lower
and upper extremities of ïthejrefiector'mounted
on said ñrst-mentioned portion when `the device 45
is in normal position.
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