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June 2s, 1931s..> '
c. v. EASTON
Filed Sept. 17, 1937
Patented 'June 2s, 193s
Clarence V. Easton, Coshocton, Ohio
Application September 177,719.37, SerialNo. 164,395
.2'V Claims.
(c1. afs-_4) Y.
This invention Vrelates tov footwear, and its a ridge or abutment means for a strap 'l which
general object is to‘provide a shoe or boot and -rests upon the bead 6 as shown in Figure 1 and`
extends through the bore.
particularly aprubber-bo-ot that includes-fasten
ing means Ytherefor toI vhold the same relatively
, The ends of the strap are connected together
5 fixedv with respect to 'the foot of the wearer, in
by a. buckle 8, and'in order to prevent accidental
Vthat the fastening mea-ns which in fact
removal of the `strap from the' bore, it will be
noted that the strap has lugs 9 formed thereon
strap extends about theïinstep portion of the bootA
for gripping 'association therewith and between
of a >size to prevent free lslidable, movement of
the strap within the bore, in that the lugs can
1 the rear portion .of the soleV and heel, thereby
not freely pass through the bore and they tend 10
10 preventing the'brootïfrom rubbing the' foot, thus
eliminating the formation of corns, bunions and
to close the ends thereof as best shown in Figure
4. VHowever, the bore is of a size to’allowlim
the like and injury to the instep as well as tendsY
ited vertical movement of thestrap, soI that the
latter will not bind therein, and the lugs can be
to brace the latter.
A further object is to provide a boot that in-A
.- Y
15'cludes a fastening strap _for the purpose set ' forced through the bore, in the event it becomes
necessary to remove the strap, or to remove
forth, which is held against displacementior acci
dirt and foreign matter from the bore.
dental removal.
‘ ~
From the above Vdescription and disclosure-of
ïAnother object is to provide a boot of the char
acter set forth, that is simple in construction, the drawing, it will be obvious that the strap is
buckled about theinstep of the upper and holds
20 inexpensive to manufacture, and extremely eni
cient in use and service.
the boot against relativemovement on the footi
and particularly slippage of the heel portion. .
This invention 'also consists in certain other
It will >be further obvious that when the strap
is unbuckled that the boot can be readily applied
features of construction and in the combination
and arrangement ofthe Aseveral parts, to be here
Yand, removed, in that by employing the strap
Y inafter fully described, illustrated in the accom
25 panying drawingjand*specifically pointed out in
the appended claims.
a larger size of boot can <be worn.
Ulît is thought from `the foregoing description
-In describing >the invention in detail, " refer'-l that the advantagesand novel features of the
ence will be had to the accompanying drawingy invention Will be readily apparent. '
It is to be understood that changes may> be
. ‘ wherein like characters denote like or correspond->
‘ ‘p30 ingparts throughout the several views, Yand in made in theconstruction and in the combina-j 30
. tionY and arrangement of the several parts, pro
which: .
Figure lfis a side elevationfof a.' boot con-Y vided that such changes fall' within the ‘scope of
Vstructed in accordance With the vpresent inven- a thevappended claims;
What I claim is:
Figure 2 is a front view thereof. _
» _
1. A boot comprising an upper, a sole and a '
heel, the latter having a bore extending trans
versely thereof in its upper surface and disposed
under the sole, a strap extending through-the
matelyon line 4-'4 Vof Figure 3.
bore, means for securing the ends of the strap 40
40 , rFigure 5 is a sectional view taken approxi
about the instep portion and in gripping engage
mately on line 5_5 of Figure 1.
v `Referring to the drawing in detail, it will be ment therewith, means to prevent unintentional
noted that I have Villustrated rmy invention as Vremoval of the strap from the bore and abut
being applied to a boot, but it >can be used with ment means forthe strap extending about the
equal efficiency on arctics, shoes, etc., and the instep portion and sides of the upper.
Figure 3 is a bottom plan view. '
' Figurefi is` a sectional view taken approxi
45 . bootV is shown as being of the hip rubber type
2. A boot comprisingV an upper, a sole and a
that is provided with a sole I, a heel 2, an upper p heel, the latter having a bore extending trans
versely of the upper surface thereofV and disposed
3, and a leg portion 4.
The heel has a narrow bore 5 extending trans
under the rear portion of the sole, a strap ex
versely in the upper surface thereof for disposal
is preferably arranged midway between the
tending through the bore, lugs formed on the
strap to prevent unintentional removal of the
latter from the bore,-a buckle for securing Vthe
front and rear portions of the heel, as best shown '
strap about the instep portion of the upper, l and
.under the rear portion of the sole, and the bore
’ in Figures 1 and 3.
Disposed about the instep .
portion of the upper and the sides thereof yand
a bead formed on the upperrabout the instep4
Vportion and sides thereof'and providing .abut
terminating flush with the forward edges of the Y ment means for the
outer endsv of the bore 5; is a bead 6 'providing
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