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Jupe 28, 1938.
E, ERlcKséN
Filed Aug; 10, 1937
Patented June 2a, 1938
Erick Erickson, Astoria, Oreg.
Application August 10, 1937, Serial No. 158,438
2 Claims.
This inventionrelates to hooks, and the pres
ent invention is concerned with a hookof the type
disclosed in Patent No. 1,237,885, granted to ,me
under date of August 21, 1917.
The present invention involves certain new
and useful improvements over the type of hook
aforesaid, and has particular reference to im
proved means for securing ‘the hook closed and
vfrom becoming accidentally ‘detached from the
10 work with which it may be engaged.
The invention together with its objects and ad
vantages will be'best understoodfrom a study of
, the following description taken in connection with
the accompanying‘drawing, wherein:
' -
Figure 1 is a side ‘view of ‘the hook with cer
tain parts broken away and shown in section. '
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the hook.
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken substantially
' on'the line 3—3 of Figure 2, and
Figure 4 is a fragmentary view of thesheath
(C1. 24-241)
is believed
in thetomentioned
be clearlyposition
a separation
that with '
of the bill 2 and keeper 5 is positively precluded.
To disengage the hook and keeper, it is only
necessary to rotate the sleeve 12 to aline the notch 5 7
13 therein with the bottom of the slot 1.’ This
leaves the bill 2 free to pass out of the slot throug
the bottom side of the latter.
In conclusion and brie?y stated, the hook em
bodying my invention comprises a body and a 10
belt.v A keeper is pivoted to the body of a hook
at one end of the hook remote from the bill, and
is provided at its free end with a sheath for re- .
ceiving the bill of the hook. Mounted on the
keeper, and rotatable about the axis of the keeper 15
is a sleeve adapted to retain the cell in the sheath.
The sleeve is provided with a notch which is
adapted to align with the open side of the sheath
to permit movement of the bill into and out of
the sheath.
integral bill 2. A clevis 3 is connected with the
It will thus be seen that I have provided a hook
'which is so equipped as to positively retain the
hook engaged with the work such as the link of
.a chain, or the like, and that the means for re:
' taining the hook 'so positively engaged with the
vwork has numerous advantages over the hook
' body I through the medium of a bolt and nut 4. '
shown in myvaforementioned patent,'as will be
and sleeve constituting the free end construc
tion of a keeper unit.
Referring to the drawing by reference numerals
it will be seen that in the preferred embodiment
25 thereof the hook comprises a body I having an
Further there is provided a keeper unit 5 which clearly appreciated by those skilled in the art.
Having thus described the invention what is F
at one end is notched or recessed as at 6 to re
ceive the end of the body 1. remote from the bill claimed as new is:—
1. A hook comprising a body and a bill, a keeper
2, and the keeper unit 5 is pivoted to the body I. ' V
through the medium ofY‘the' aforementioned bolt pivoted to the vbody of the hook at the end of
the hook body remote from the bill, and said
and nut 4.,
At its free end the keeper unit 5 is enlarged at keeper at the‘free end thereof being provided
35 5'to form a sleeve retention head provided with witha sheath for receiving the bill, and a sleeve 35
a longitudinal slot 1 of 'awidth to receive the on said end of thekeeper and rotatable about the
bill 2 of the hook, and said bill is provided with a keeper as an axis, said sleeve being engageable
I transverse rib or shoulder 8,'with which the web
portion 8' is adapted to engage ‘as clearly shown
with the bill for retaining the latter within said i ‘
sheath, andsaid sleeve beingv also provided with
a notch adapted ‘to aline with the open side of ‘
At said slotted end the keeper 5 is provided ' said sheath to. permit movement of the bill into,
in Figures land 2.
with a peripheral groove, I I which accommodates
a looking or, retaining sleeve I2.
‘Sleeve l2 is'of a length slightly less vthan the
'45 length of the groove II and is rotatable about
the keeper 5 as an axis.
and out of said sheath. '
2. A hook comprising a body and a bill, a ' '
keeper pivoted to the body of'a hook at the end of
the body'remote from the bill, and said keeper at 45
the free end thereof being provided'with a sheath
Sleeve I2 is provided with a notch I3 that is
adapted to aline with the underside of the slot -'1
in cross sectional dimensions to form a groove,
_ in vthe keeper 5 so as to permit free passage of
and a sleeve rotatable in said groove, said sleeve
for receivingthe bill, said keeper being reduced
the bill 2 into and out‘ of the slot 1.
being engageable with the bill for retaining the
With the bill 2 arranged in the slot 1 the same 7 latter within said sheath, said sleeve being also
is retained in said slot against casual displace ' provided with a notch adapted to align with the
,ment by rotating the sleeve, 12' for positioning open side of said sheath to permit movement of
the notch 13 in the sleeve out of alinement with
65 the bottom side of the slot 1 or to the position
shown in the drawing.
the bill into and out of said sheath. ' '
7 ‘ i
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