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, June 28, 1938.
Filed Jan. 2. 1937
rPatented June 28, "11938
. mull
UNITED. STATES2,121,912PATENT‘ orrici;
John Glover, Chicago, Ill., assignorpby mesne as
signments, to Midway Chemical 00., Jersey
City, N. J., a corporation of New Jersey
Application January 2,1937, Serial No. 118,833
11 Claims.
This invention relates'to mops.
...Figure 4 is’ an enlarged view of the jawyade. _
Among the objects of my invention are to. pro.
vide a mop which will provide a more effective
?at surface pressing downwardly .over a rela
.. tively large area againstthe mop cloth when in
use; to provide a mop wherein a sheet of. metal
. provides a relatively large, relatively'rig'id presser
plate for engaging the’ mop cloth over a rela
tively large area for pressing against the ?oor or
other surface to be'mopped and wherein the sheet
of metal is provided with an integral jaw member
cooperating with a relatively shiftable jaw mem
ber between which the mop cloth. isYclamped;
to provide a 'mop- head formed of an integral
piece of sheet metal'having a connection for the ’
mop stick socket and‘ wherein the sheet metal
is provided with struck-up sections which form a
mop jaw, hinge portions for connection to the
stick socket and guides for the cooperative mop
jaw and, in addition, provides a relatively large
presser plate over which the mop cloth extends,
and which presser plate serves to provide a rela
tively large surface for pressing the mop cloth
~ against the surface to be cleaned; to provide a
mophead which is formed with a single pivotal
connection between itself and the men stick and
which pivotal connection is also utilized as a‘
pivotal connection with‘the jaw clamping and
releasing means; vto provide a ‘mop wherein the
jaw releasing actuator'may be shifted into re
‘Figure 5 isa section on the line 5—-5 of Fig
In general, my improved mop comprises a mop
head having a jaw, a cooperative jaw member
with means‘to produce relative movement be
tween' said jaw members for the insertion, clamp
ing and withdrawal of a cloth mop from the
head; a mop stick socket having ,a pivotal con
nection' to the ‘mop head, ,a jaw clamping a.ctu-.
ator. preferably provided with means for adjust.
ing the relative movement between the jaws, and
lastly while not necessarily, a wringer attach- ,
ment for cooperation‘ with the cloth or fabric
mop when in position on the mop head.
. In" order to provide a simple, economically
constructed and assembled mop», one having few
parts, of cheap manufacture and assembly, and
one having simplicity and e?iciency in‘ opera 20
tion, I prefer to'form the mop head of a single
piece of sheet metal 2 having an extended, pref
erably substantially, but not necessarily, square
shape.‘ This surface‘ is flat on. the bottom, as
shown in Figure 3. The front edge of the. flat 25
plate 2 is formed in any desired manner to pro- ‘
vide aijawlll. In the present instance the jaw is
formed by curling the front edge over, upwardly,
and-then inwardly in overhanging relation to the
upper. side of ‘the plate 2. At the ends the curved
leased or clamp-ingiposition while the mop is in overp'ortion is notched as at 6 and 8 to receiver
ends’ of a cooperating jaw. .
operating position, as when'mopping a_?oor; to the
Ems-cooperating. jaw‘member is preferably‘
‘,provide a jawreleasing‘mechanism‘for a mop
wherein the shifting oftheireleasingv member is formed and arranged in connection with the mop
35 independentyof thejposition of themop stick; head- 2 sovthat it nests clampingly within the
" to provide anadjusting member 'between the curled-over jaw .portion‘d of the presser plate.
shiftable jaw sectionsof the mop; and the actu
atable clamping‘ mechanism’ which, is: quickly
shiftable‘ to various set ‘positions to accommo
date variant thicknesses ofmop, which construc
tion cooperatesincompact relationship with the
mopireleasing actuator; to provide a mop head
wherein the shiftable ‘clamping jaw is pushed
upwardly in, a toggle-like action to clamping. po
sition, as distinguished from ‘being pulled into
clamping position; to provide these and other ob
jects of invention as will be apparent from a
perusal of the following speci?cation when taken
56 in connection with the accompanying drawing,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a preferred
form of myimproved mop;
_ 1
Figure 2 is a side sectional view thereof;
55’ v Figure 3 is a section online 3—-3' of Figure 1;.
Speci?cally, I. prefer to‘ arrange the jaw so that
it is pushed into clamping engagement, and I
prefer to arrange and to form it of heavy gauged
wire ‘bent substantiallyin the form illustrated
in Figure 1.. This jaw is illustrated at Win the
drawing. vand is shown as provided with opposed
free ends» I2 and 1.4 which slide in holes. in up
standing ears l6 and I8 struck up from the metal
of the presser plate 2. An actuator in the form‘
ofa bar 20 is provided with a hole through which '
the vjaw 10. passes to provide an actuating con
Means is provided for pivotally attaching a
stick socket‘ 22 to the presser plate 2.
To accom
plish this, I preferably provide from the presser
plate two struck-up ears 24 and 26 formed in
tegrally from the metal of the plate.
These ‘ears '
are provided withv registering perforations to
which the furcations 28 and 30 of the stick socket
are pivotally riveted, as at 32 and 34.
The stick
socket is formed of sheet metal in any approved
fashion to receive and clampingly hold the end of
the mop stick, whereby the stick may shift from
a pivotal position lying somewhat in the plane of
the presser plate to a position at right-angles
In addition, I prefer to utilize the pivots 32 and
34 for pivotally mounting the jaw actuating lever
10 36. This lever is made out of a single piece of
sheet metal folded upon itself as at 38, and pro
vided with outstanding cars 40 and 42 .for en
gagement with the ?ngers. From the folded
portion 38 there extends rearwardly two spaced
15 apart arms 44 and 46 which spread outwardly and
rearwardly as at 48 and 50 and are pierced for
pivotal connection to the pins 32 and 34, re
the other end of which is bent in the form of an
oblong bow 10 through which the fabric mop 12 is
looped, as shown in Figure 2, the other end of
- the fabric mop being looped over the stationary
jaw 4 of the mop head and clampingly held there
in by means of the shiftable jaw H]. The mop
wringer handle and bow portion 10 are held in
desired position by means of a coiledrspring 14
which acts against the cross section of the bow
l0 and against the side of the stick socket 22. 10
Inasmuch as the shank portion 64 of this mop
wringer passes through the socket and the stick,
it holds them in assembled position. The spring
14 serves to hold the mop wringer handle 68 in out
of the way position. When it is desired to wring 15
the mop, the wringer handle is turned which
winds the mop spirally with relation to its
clamped position between the jaws whereby to
' spectively.
The portion 44 of this actuator is provided
with an opening for the reception of a cross-pin
52. This cross-pin is provided with an enlarged
wring out moisture and water from the mop.
Having thus described my invention, what I 20
end 54 and a spring 56 which bears against the
head of the cross-pin, normally urging the en
larged end 54 into position to engage a number
25 of spaced-apart enlarged holes 58 in the con
nector bar 20. A ‘narrower slot Gil joins each
one of the holes, and the width of this slot cor
responds with the diameter of a smaller shank
of the pin 52, so that when the head is pushed
30 inwardly the smaller shank will slide along the
holes into whichever one is selected, but when
the head of the shank is released or pushed out
Patent of the United States is:
l. A mop, including a flat sheet metal plate,
provided with a jaw member forming an integral
part thereof, a second jaw member shiftably co 25
wardly by the pin, the enlarged end 54 will enter
the slot and thus hold the members 20 and 44
35 in such selectively adjusted position.
By means
of this construction, the clamping throw of the
jaw l6 relative to the stationary head 4 may be
adjusted for mop fabrics of variant thicknesses.
The margin of the presser plate is preferably
40 provided with a channeled portion 55 for strength
operating with said ?rst jaw member, said ?at
plate having integral struck up ears, a stick
socket pivotally connected to said ears, jaw
actuating means pivotally connected to said
struck-up cars by the same pivot that pivotally 30
mounts the stick socket to the rears, and a con
nection between said actuating means and said
shiftable jaw.
2. A mop including a ?at plate having an in
tegral jaw portion, a shiftably cooperating jaw 35
portion, guides struck up from the ?at plate
adapted to slidingly receive extensions of the
shiftable jaw portion, said ?at plate having a
pair of struck-up ears, a stick socket, and a shift
able jaw actuating means, common means for 40
or neatness and may be provided with one or
pivoting the stick socket and- jaw actuating
more slots at 62 for lightness. It will be noted
that, by reason of my improved construction, the
jaw shifting mechanism of the mop head is con
means to the spaced struck-up ears, and a pivotal
connection between the jaw actuating means and
- ‘ stantly accessible and may be quickly and easily
the shiftable jaw.
3. A mop, including a flat sheet metal plate hav
operated, irrespective of the position of the mop
ing its forward edge curled inwardly to provide
stick, that is, whether or not the mop sticksocket
is in substantially right angular position with re
a jaw, a shiftable jaw nesting within the curled
portion of the metal plate and having rearward
extensions, guides carried by the upper surface
of the sheet metal plate to slidingly receive the 50.
jaw extensions, an actuator pivotally connected
at the central portion of said shiftable jaw, a
spect to the plate 2 or is in a common plane
therewith. It will also be appreciated that the
mechanism for adjusting the throw of the clamp
ing jaw is likewise readily accessible.
By reason of the foregoing, it will be seen that
stick socket ‘connected to the rear portion of '
I have provided a most economical type of ar
rangement wherein a ?at sheet metal plate is
utilized to provide an extended broad ?at surface
the plate, and a lever pivotally connected to said
for receiving and spreading out the mop'fabric
and for pressing the mop fabric against the
ing its forward‘ edge curled inwardly to provide
floor or other surface to be mopped and, in ad
dition, I have utilized this‘ sheet metal plate to
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
economically form one of the jaw members. I
have also utilized struck-up portions of this plate
to form bearings or guides for the shiftable jaw
member and for providing a pivotal connection,
not only for the mop stick, but also for the jaw
It will also be seen that I have utilized
a common pivot for attaching the jaw actuator
and mop stick to this plate or jaw.
This type of construction readily adapts itself
to a type of‘ mop wherein the stick is provided
with a mop wringing mechanism, and in the
present instance I have provided the stick socket
22 with an aperture for receiving a shank 64 of
heavy wire or the like, one end of which is pro
vided with a crank 66 having a handle 68, and.
4. A mop including a flat sheet metal plate hav- '
plate and to said actuator.
a jaw, a shiftable jaw nesting within the curled
portion of the metal plate and having rearward
extensions, guides carried by the upper surface 60.
of the sheet metal plate to slidingly receive the
jaw extensions, an actuator pivotally connected
at the central portion of said shiftable jaw, a
stick socket connected to the rear portion of the
plate, a lever pivotally connected to said plate, 65
and means providing an adjustable connection
between the lever and said actuator to vary the
throw of the shiftable jaw relatively to said sta
tionary jaw.
5. A mop comprising a sheet metal plate pro 70.
vided with an integral ?xed jaw portion, a shift
able'jaw mounted on the upper surface thereof
for sliding movement toward and from said jaw
portion,a stick socket pivotally connected to said
plate, a lever pivotally connected to said plate, 75.
interconnect the lever with one or more: of the
and to said shiftable jaw for pushing the‘ jaw holes in the (actuator, the narrower slots inter-'
into clamping engagement with said stationary connecting the holes being su?icient in size to
an ‘actuator pivotally connected to said lever
6. A mop,v including a’ sheet. metal flat plate
having its front surface curled upwardlyfand
1 freely receive the narrower shank of the pin when
the, same is pushed into registration therewith.
v9. In a mop, the combination of a sheet. metal
; inwardly to overhang'the upper surface of the
': plate, a wire jaw bent ne'stingly to lie within the
second jaw mounted on the top of said plate and
' . overhanging portion of the ?rst-mentioned jaw,‘
plate having its front edge formed as a jaw,‘_a
adapted slidingly to 1 engage said‘ plate to move‘ ,
said jaw having two rearwardlyextending ends, toward and from the ?rst-mentioned jaw, a stick 1o 7'
tabs‘ struck upwardly from the’ sheet metal plate socket pivoted to the uppermost portion, of said; ,
I r and perforated to 'slidingly receive the wire ends
plate at the rear'thereof, an actuator connected .
- of the jaw, anjactuator pivotally connected to
the central portion 'of the jaw, and a lever
mounted on said plate and pivotally connected
to said second jaw, a lever pivotally connectedator
said plate and extending forwardly of the pivotal I
connection between the sticksocket and the plate, _ 15
to said actuator‘ whereby on'movement ‘of said
lever the jaw is movedtoward and "from, the
the actuator,.the forward portion of said lever " -
stationary jawp
7. A mop, comprising a ?at sheet metal'platev
7; 20 of-relatively large area, said plate having its front _
"edge curled upwardly and inwardly in overhang
ing relation to the upper'surface of the vplate
to receivea fabric mop, the mop extending over
the curved vfront edge and beneath the sheet
25 metal plate; a jaw shiftingly mounted on the‘
upper surface or, the'sheet metal plate and hav
ing its front edgeadapted nestingly. to ?t within
the overhanging portion of the stationary jaw,
and a pivotal connection between the lever and
being provided with a portion to 'be grasped by‘
the ?ngers.
10. In a mop, the combination of ‘a sheet metal 20'
plate having its front edge‘ formed as a jaw, a
second jaw mounted'on the top ofsaid plate and ,
adapted slidingly to engage said plate to move‘
toward and‘from the ?rst-mentioned jaw, a‘stick
socket pivoted to the uppermostv portion of saidv
plate at the rear thereof, an actuator connected
215' '
to said second jaw, a lever pivotally connected to
said plate and extending forwardly of thepivotal '
connection between the stick socket and the plate,
and actuating means mounted on the upper sur
face of the sheetmetal plate and connected to and a pivotal connection between the lever and 30
said jaw for shifting it to clamping or releasing the actuator, the forward portion of said lever
' ._ position, and a stick socket pivotally connected being provided with a portion to be graspedlbyf
the fingers, saidpivotal connection between‘ said
to said plate.
8. A mop comprising a sheet‘ metal plate having lever and said actuator havingmeans for varying
a jaw, a pair of sheet metal ears struck upwardly the throw of the jaw upon predetermined move-U 35
from the plate in spaced relation, a stick socket ment of the lever.
11. A'mop including a ?at sheet metal plate pro-v ‘ ’
pivoted to said ears,v a lever ‘formed of a single
piece of sheet metal having spaced-apart legs vided with a ?xed jaw member upstanding from
pivoted to said ears, the forward end of said ‘lever the surface of the plate adjacent an edge thereof, ‘
provided with a ?nger piece, and a pair of ‘a shiftable jaw member slidably mounted on the 40,
, 40
registering perforations,‘ a jaw cooperating with upper surface thereof cooperating with said first, ’
the ?rst-mentioned jaw, an actuator pivoted i mentioned jaw member_,-a stick socket pivotally
thereto, said actuator being provided with a‘ p1u-, connected to said plate, jaw actuating means
pivotally connected‘to said plate, said jaw actu
' rality of holes connected by smaller slots, a trans?
verse pin pivotally interconnecting the registering ating means comprising a toggle actuable in a
45. perforations in :the lever with the slots and holes U plane, transverse to the‘ plane of said plate and a
. in the actuator, saidcross-pin having an enlarged connection between said actuating means and .
' head and a'narrow shank, spring 'meansfor urge
' ing the enlarged'head into positionto vpivotally
7 said shiftable jaw.
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