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June 28, 1938;
Filed June 12, 1937 .7
Patented June 28, 1938 ,
‘ r‘ 2,121,997
Francis P. Tikalsky, La Grange Park, Ill., assign
or to Western Electric Company, Incorporated,
New York, N. Y., a corporation of, New York
Application June 12, 1937, Serial No. 147,927 '
3 Claims.
This ‘invention relates to article forming ap
length of section of tube which it is desired to
paratus and more particularly to tube or rod
sever from the stock.
cutting apparatus.
In the operation of the device for cutting off
predetermined lengths of tubular or rod stock,
It is an object of the present invention to pro—
' Y 5
(Cl. 164-60)‘
vide a simple and inexpensive apparatus forrex
the shaft 3 is rotated‘in a suitable manner by a ,
peditiously forming articles.
motor, not shown, to drive the cutter supporting
In accordance with one embodiment of the in
vention as applied to apparatus for cutting tubu
disc at a high rate of speed, and rod or tubular
stock which it is desired to out to predetermined ’
lar insulators from tubular stock, there is pro- , short lengths may be fed ‘by hand through the
1o vided a shearing member ?xed. to a rotating aperture l6 and against the face of the disc 5, .10
whereupon the rapidly rotating cutter 6, carried
member and being of a thickness equal to the de
sired length of insulator to be cut from the 'by‘ the cutter supporting disc, will shear the’.
tubular stock which is fed through a combined‘ desired length of ‘stock from the supply there
of andthe operator need only continue to press
guide. and shearing member positioned to coop
erate with the other shearing member. The the rod or tube I‘! to the left, Fig. 3, thereby
stock is fed against the rotating member and rapidly forming a large number of small sections
the lengths of tube are gauged bythe thickness of the stock being cut.
Although the, invention has been illustrate
of the ?rst shearing member.
, p
A better understanding of the invention may by an embodiment comprising a somewhat com
be had'by reference to the following detailed plete machine, it will be understood that the cut 20
‘ description considered in conjunction with the ,ter supporting disc 5 could be mounted in the
jaws of a chucklathe and the tool I4 could be
accompanying drawing, wherein
Fig. 1 is a plan-view of an insulator forming
Fig. 2 is a front elevational view of the struc
25 ture shown in Fig. 1, and
mounted in the tool rest of the lathe. This and
other modi?cations of the invention might ,be
made, however, without departing from the scope
of the appended claims.
Fig.‘ 3- is a fragmentary sectional view, taken
onthe line 3—3 of Fig. 2, in the direction of the
vWhat is claimed is:
1 >
' _ 1_. In, an apparatus for cutting tubular stock
into predetermined lengths, a rotatable disc, a
Referring now_ to the drawing, wherein like cutter mounted eccentrically on said disc for
‘reference numbers designate the same parts movement in'a circular path during the rotation
of the disc, and having a semicircular notch cut ‘
throughout the several views, the reference nu
meral l indicates a base having a bearing block therein which terminates in a shearing edge, and
2 mounted thereon for rotatably supporting av a guide positioned adjacent said disc for direct
ing stock against the face of said disc in the
' shaft 3. Keyed to the-shaft at 4 for rotation
3 therewith is a cutter supporting disc 5 having
path ofsthe cutter, said guide and cutter having 35
a cutter 6 ?xed thereto by means of screws 1. cooperating shearing edges for shearing from
The cutter 6 is mounted upon the disc at a slight the body of the stock lengths of stock equal in
angle to the radii of the disc' and is provided length to the thickness of the cutter.
2. In an apparatus for cutting‘ tubular stock
‘with a cutting notch 8 having a shearing edge
at 9. As will be .noted by referring to Fig. 3, into predetermined lengths, a rotatable cutter 460 _, r V
the notch 8 is cut in the cutter 6 at a slight angle supporting disc, a guide for directing stock
to the face of the cutter,~thereby to make the against the face of said disc, and a cutter hav
cutting edge 9 slightly less than a right angle. ' ing a semi-circular notch cut therein which ter
Also mounted upon the base I is a tool support minates'in'a shearing edge, said guide being
45 I I, having an upwardly extending portion I2, in
positioned to cooperate with the cutter to effect a ‘4'5 '
which there is formedv a slot I3 for receiving va shearing of the stock.
3.1m an apparatus for cutting tubular stock’
.tool M which may be clamped inv place within .
the aperture 13 by. means of set screws IS. into predetermined lengths, a rotatable cutter‘
supporting disc, a cutter mounted on said disc
"50 The tool 14 has an aperture I 6 ‘formed therein
for receiving and guiding a rod or tube I‘! to be
cut into predetermined lengths. ‘The aperture
and having a semicircular notch out therein,
whichnotch gradually decreases in radius away
[6 in-the tool l4 and‘ the notch 8 in the cutter from the cutter. supporting disc to provide a
6 are of a size slightly larger than the size of ’ shearing edge, and a guide for directing stock _
against'the face of said disc and positioned to' 55
the rod or tube to be out 01f, and the thickness
of the cutter 6, as measured fromthe right hand
side of the cutter ‘supporting disc 5 to the right
hand side of the cutter 6, Fig. 3, is equal to the
cooperate with the cutter to eiTect a shearing of
said stock.
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