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Julie 28, 1938.
Filed De@I 27, 19:57
_ _Ötzi/$77.507
77g Zd CCU?
0.,'. /./
Patented June 28,1938
f 2,122,023
.z 1
, -‘;„1‘Iarry AW. Campbell, IÄosÍAn-gelès, and Tom S.'
',Grralialii,` Inglewood, Calif.
„. Applicatibaneèemberfav, 1937, serial No.> 181,808 ~
9 claims.
(c1. 27a-_759) '
of the 'ferrule-B.' Thevmember >I3 .is a plugor. .
y ."l'he present invention'relates to improvements
in javelins. The purposel of this invention'> is toA
so constructL the point _of the javelin as to make
the` practice _of and participation in thesport „
1 5 of javelin throwing less dangerous tov partici-` `
pants and spectators fand make itpossible to "_ad
just'nthe weight and balance'of the javelin. 'The
invention contemplatesjthe provision of a safety
-point for rjavelins wherein fthe `entire `construc
tion and mounting- of the point upon the .javelin
sleeve which _allows thev bolt 9 to plunge'up or@r
down'. It may be constructedv` either of- aïhard
fibrous material or metal. The'plug vI3 'acts as> a
guide for the bolt 9,`keeping the units "1,112,29'
and 8 `in true alignment,ìandvcentere_d with 'r'e.-" .
spect> to` the .ferrule `6.
In operation, when'the -javelin i'sthrown'and , "
the point I0 strikes~ the ground or somezother . .
.'object at the end ofV its flight, the» force> of the 10>
impact 'of the -point Illagain'st-'the ’object- acts to
shaft is ysuch as -to absorb the shock when the compress the ¿point Ill andthe washers 'I2,.and`
javelin strikes an object, at the end'of the throw. since'theplunger 8 is‘lfree to move, itmaybe 'l
To carry out theA purposeof the invention «vari- . backed'up-in the fe'rrule‘The result‘l'is 'a
~ Ious modifications may be made infthe'cons'truc-y cushioning» of the shock and a resultant reduc-'
15. tion andïarrangement of Athe parts. yTwo such ` tion in danger fromk injury if the. javelin should
>forms of the invention are shown in thevdraw
„ing,» although it is obviousv that other forms may
. embody the novel features of the invention.
_The features and advantages of the invention>
will appear more fullyy from the :following de
scription when taken in connection with the ac
In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a plan view of the
point portionof the‘javelin;
j'Fig. 2 is an enlargement of the structure shown
in Fig. l, with the point of the javelin shown in
_ section to illustrate the construction thereof; \
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan View, showing the
javelin shaft and the mounting means for the
point, and
ing a slightly modified form of the invention.
Referring now >to the drawing, in Fig. 1` there
,35 is shown a portion of a javelin including the
usual wooden handle 5, a tapered steel ferrule 6,
and our improved shaft point 1. -The ferrule 6
has a plunger 8 therein, which is rtapered to fit
smoothly inside the ferrule and which is large
40 enough to prevent its passing out the small end
of the ferrule. This plunger is not secured in the
» ferrule and may be forced toward‘the large end
of the ferrule by pressure applied at the small
vcient width to enable the plunger action to take
-place evenly and in perfect alignment. By in
serting weights such as lead washers or shot- in the
space I1, the weight and balance of the javelin 25
may be adjusted, should necessity arise. The
pointv III may be made-of any suitable material.
It isnot necessary that it bevrubber or'even.’
resilient to the extent that rubber is. The wash
ersv I2 provide resiliency. The point I0 for ex-ample may be `made of fiber or s'tandardfootballl
Fig. 4 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 2, show
end thereof.
so as to destroy its utility. vBetween the plug I3 _
and the plunger 8l there is a space I'I of suffi
companying drawing which illustrates the two
preferred forms of the invention. .
happen to strike anyr person.' Also, due to the i '
resilient nature of the point construction, there
is little danger of the point being broken or bent
The plunger 8 carries a screw threaded member
A’SI that threads into the plunger so that it can
be removed. The member! also supports'a rub
In the form -ofthe invention shown in Fig. 4,
the point of the javelin is of a more permanent
construction, in that the ferrule 6 has the plung
er 8 permanently fixed therein by a plurality of 1
rivets I4, and instead of using a series of rubber~
washers around the member 9, we may use a mul-.
tiplicity of `fiberl washers I5. The rubber tip ’ I0
hasthe screw threaded metal sleeve I I, the same
as in the ñrst form. This form of the invention
does not have the same degree of yield under '
shock that the plunger type has, since the pri--`
mary yield in this case must come from the
rubber tip I0. In order to take up any uneven-v
ness, a brass bushing I6 may be inserted betweenv »
the plunger body 8 and the ferrule.
The present invention is capable of being ap- «
ber tip I0 which has molded therein a metal plied directly to an existing javelin by merely
sleeve II that is internally threadedto receive ' cutting olf the present dangerous sharp weighted' 50
the member 9. Interposed betweenfthe tip I0
and the plunger 8 are a plurality of resilient
washers I2 which may be constructed of any
suitable material, such as rubber, and a protec
tive member I3 that is hard enough to protect
the resilient washers from the adjacent edge
tip and applying this safety tip in its place. The
material of the plunger 8 in both forms prefer
ably should be light, such as for example, alumi
num alloys now on the market, in order tc- avoid ' l
concentration of weight in the plunger itself.
Having thus described our invention, what we
6. A javelin having a hollow ferrule and a point
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ent is:
comprising atip portion, spaced from the ferrule,
1. A javelin having a hollow ferrule, a point
for the javelin comprising a resilient tip portion
a plunger movably mounted in the ferrule and
fixed to said tip portion, and resilient means in
terposed between the tip portion and the ferrule.
and a light Weight body mounted in the end of
the ferrule and having means for fixing the _tip
to the ferrule.
2. A javelin having a resilient point mcveably
mounted with respect'to the‘j'avelin shaft, said
7. A javelin having a hollow ferrule and a point
comprising a tip portion, spaced from the fer
rule, a plunger movably mounted in the ferrule
and fixed to said tip portion, and resilient means
interposed between the tip portion and the fer 10
point comprising a plunger moveable in the for
ward end of the javelin, a threaded- member pro-3 rule, said resilient means including a rubber
jecting from the plunger and a resilient tip "--washen and means protecting the washer from
the adjacent edge of the ferrule.
mounted on the free end of said member.
3. A javelin having a resilient .point moveably>
L8. A javelin having a hollow ferrule and a
Acomprising a tip portion spaced from the
mounted Vwith respect to the javelin shaft, said. .l point
,-afplunger movably mounted in the fer
point comprising a plunger moveable in’the for`->>
ward end of the javelin, a threaded member pro; rule and ñxedto’said tip portion, and resilient
jecting from the plunger and a resilient tip » meansinterposedbetween the tip portion and
mounted on the free end of said member, said the ferrule, said resilient means being separated
resilient tipbeing separatedifrom the plunger by
from the ferrule by a plug at the end of the fer
a plurality of resilient washers. ..
rule and said plunger being spaced inwardly from
4. A javelin having a shaft _and a resilient point
ñxed tothe shaft, said point comprising a rub
ber body having a sleeve therein of metal, and
said javelin shaft having ascrew threaded mem
ber projecting therefrom to receive said sleeve.
5. A javelin having ashaft and a resilient
point fixed to` the shaft, said point comprising a
j rubber body having a sleeve therein of metaland
said javelin` shaft having a screw threaded mem
ber‘projecting therefrom ‘to receive said sleeve
and a plurality of ñber washers interposed be
tween the end of the javelin shaft and the resil
ient tip.
said plug to provide achamber in which weights
for balancing the javelin may be placed.
9. A javelin point comprising a tip- portion, a
mounting member projecting from said tip por
tion for'mounting it in spaced relation to the for
ward end of `va kjavelin shaft, means movably
mounting said Amember >in the end of the javelin
shaft, Yand resilient means around said member 30
between the tip portion and the adjacent end of
the javelin shaft.
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