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June 2s, 193:3..y
Filed oct.l r1o, 193e '
Zlé .
Patented June 28, >1938l .
_ _ 2,122,040
J. Machovec,
_ , STEP.
'_ _
Application october-10,' V1936,»sarm1 rfa-105,024
v claim; " (o1. v2250-106): l. g '
tion when not in use. -
Figure' 4is a front View offythe extendedstep,
This invention relates to steps and particularly `
to a >step for automobile house trailers or the
like adapted to be folded into an out of way posi
_ and-.1“
‘_ Figure 5 «is a fragmental-.viewof
_ »
' showingtherocking linkand its spring.
_In carrying out my_invention I makeI _use ofr .a
An object' of the-inventionis to provide a step
for vehicles,'such~‘ as automobile: house trailers, frame, made ‘of .spaced ‘frame members, such asa
wherein the step is'held .fast b_oth in its extendedf . pair ofspaced angle bars 9 attached .to the under
and in its inoperative positions,v and which carlbe side off a-` floor board IIor the‘like bottom mem- n
berofa vehicle and particularly'fof` an vautomo
quickly and `easily moved into ‘and out of opera
The frame is located-¿near
tive position _belowthe door-:opening of said ve ' bilefhquseitrailer-I2.
a'v side of the trailer and»directlyfbelowthe'open
_ Another object of the invention is to.4 provideë a.: ing’ofv the’ usual door I3. IThe frame is fixed
foldable or collapsible; supportfor a'step» which relatively t__o the trailer I2 and'is concealed bef-_ .j
canv be attached conveniently, below lthe ‘door
_ neath‘its
.A treadfloor.
'I4 vis _ made__ of
~ v..
.~ coveredat
15 Aopening `of a vehicle, and'which vcan be easily
the top by asheet of rubber I‘I and held together
FromÍ «
clampsor clasps Or»__.the~lik'e, and in_«which the ' eachâside'. of the tread'lß extends an upwardly
manipulated .and positively heldv both ,in opera
tive and inoperative positions without the use of , by_.a.-rnarginal,„1ianged metal frame~ I8.
` ,
weight o_n the step assists in holding lit _still more
2oz `firmly unfolded.
Another; object of this inventionis to ‘provide
pivotedto _each bar 9 near the‘outerend Ao_f ¿thelattersoasto entend `downwardly androck in aA
a step »for vehiclesfsuch as trailers andthe like-1 substantially . vertical plane. The upper _ ,end >of»
which yis highly _useful and simple in construcf _ each link 2| is pivoted at 22 `to the _adjacent bary
tion. _Convenience of arrangement,.1i_ghtness and i ' 9.and the lower endof each link 2|Áis.pivoted1._1t_o...`
25 comparative inexpenseof manufactl'lre-are` f_ur the outside of the treadr Mata `_fulcrum 23near - u
therobjects which have beenborne in niindfin, to but spaced from the inner edge'of said vtread
the production and development `of-Uthe inven- ~ I4. ._f Thereisa rocking link 2| on each side of; the;r Í , `
tread I4.
I am aware that some changes may be made in,
The freeend- of yeach arm` I9 is pivoted at24> to _. _`
the _free end of a guideflink -26gwhich latter is
30 ¿the general arrangements-_and combinations~_of`
pivotednear its other' end at. 21 «totheverftical . '_
the several devices and> parts, as well. asv in tlîleA v_flange
of; the adjacent bar. 9 so that each guide
detailsof the vconstruction thereof _without `de-_`
parting from__ the scope of the present invention» link ’26 rocks in a planeparallel with the plane
as set forth inthe following speciñcation;-„and offthevertical` flange of-_the` bar 9 andwith the
plane _. >of Yrocking-’of _the link'sï,..2I. Each. guide
as deñnedinthe . following claims ;k hence I_ do not , . link
26..,_is Vc_¿apableof turning around its pivot 2'I
limit my invention to ‘_the exact arrangements and
al> half ‘circle turn belowthe frame `so that it
combinations» of the said-_device-and _p-artsas de-._v on
may project,” toward or away'from -the door I3
scribed in the said speciiication,v nor.do_._I~ confine in
its .opposite positions. As the _guide links 26
myself.; to the exact details‘of theconstruction -
-of vthe said, parts' as illustrated in'l the accom,
panying drawing."
with thaforegoing ‘and other objects' in_viem
which will be made manifest in thefollowing de
f tailed description andspecii'lcally pointedßout'in
appended claims, reference ishad. tothe ac-_- ._
V45 I the
companylng drawing `for-_the illustrative- embodij- ~
-ment `of- the invention, wherein: . «
Arock""f'1'“"c`>1`n one extreme position rto the other the 40
pivoted ends'ofthe -arn1`s^|9 are caused to move
on an arcuate path and the arms I'9îand the tread s
Mlare moved 'as auniteither inwardly and _up'_-. I
wardly into thel concealed' position- shown >in Flg- .
ure 2 ,ï or., outwardly`~ and 'downwardly ` into.l opera
vtivepiosition. as shown in Figure 3.„ jÍ I
’ In. korderito kavoid ¿the necessity of vpulling or'. _
the tread' I4`_ through'its full movement,
Figure lisa fragmental .perspective view _of;a , pushing
and "in iorder to >prevent, accidental> folding or un-V "
vhouse _trailer showing my step inoperative posi- - folding, ,a coil> spring „is provided on» each baril..V
50 ;
_ '_ Figure Zisa sectionalview, 'showing .thefstep n Each ` coil "spring 28 extends'in' substantial __paral
the adjacent linkï26 and in a direction _
collapsed or folded under its frame inv anïout of'. `lelismwith
Aaway from theldoor' I3.. _The _inner end,_n'amely _
Figure 3 is a sectional View, showingfthe step
"55 sin. extendedzoperatíve, posfltiarl.'e.;-
" '
thee-nd for each spring 2s ‘farthest from Athe doorv
I3.insm’fl'xedlyA secured the adjacent, bar 'andi
the outer end of each spring 28 is hooked on a
bracket 29 which latter is so fixed on the link 26
that its spring holding point is between the pivot
folded or unfolded with the exertion of very slight
directional force. The device is simple in struc
ture, it does not require any adjustment or any
27 and the free end of the link 26 and is offset to
tying or clamping in its various positions yet its
one side of the center line of the pivot 21.
accidental folding or unfolding is prevented. _
offset of the point of the bracket 29- is such that in
Having thus described my invention what I
the concealed or collapsed position of the step
the point of the bracket 29 is below the pivotal
center line of the link 26, and in the operative or
now claim and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ent is:
«1. In a foldable step, the combination `with
afframesecured on a: vehicle-,f of "as tread,
unfolded #position ‘of’ :the stepfçthe " point> `>of f k the -
bracket 29 is above said pivotal center line. ,Con
a'jpair off; rocking links.. extended from the
sequently after the link 26 is initially turned past frame downwardly and being pivotally connected
its vertical position in either direction the coils. to__»the opposite sides of the tread to provide a
spring 28 urges and automatically snaps the link__ shiftable fulcrum therefor, a fixed arm on each
15 26 to the complete end of its turn in the respective* side of the tread` being extended upwardly sub
directions and tends to hold it fastfthereyag-ainstj
the frame. The relative positions of the bracket“
stantially from..=the fulcrum of said tread, an
other pair of spaced links on the frame adapted
29 are shown in detail in Figure-5,V-> wherein theM for substantial1y~aha1f circle rocking and being
position when the.. step is unfolded is _»shown‘in » pivotallyconnected to the respective arms, and
20 full lines, and the position when the step is con
a springI to4 urge each of said second links to
cealedfis shown inYbroken-’lines?' i
' »
Wardtheiframeswhen said Vsecond links> are. moved
In operation the entire unit is attached under; past substan'tiallyfèa- quarteriturn‘: in ’either direc
neath` thelfloor‘of 3the‘trail'er- and in alignment
with the `door sol that-ïthë‘framefis entirely'con- i
cealedf; The tread» I4 ¿and the' arms?r lil> ‘actJasï a,A
2, In a
of the character xdesïcribed," the
combinationwith framem‘embers, of a >support 25.
rigid unit, It` is "to-»bef'noted VthatJ-the upper' element,v aftread formed oniuthe outside' end of>
corners of v’the-armslQ‘abut against thef-fr'am'e, the element, the'lin‘ner vportion .1 of said .element-v
members, 'also that »the =ï pivots '24 ¿inf this? folded j being "arrangedatian ¿obtuse angle‘¿from `the inner
position »are-slightlyï-above- the pivots‘- >>27 so -„thatv
end! of.: the!y tread I toward ¿fthe ï frame, a»A rocking -\
the links-26 -arefinV compression and-'are ¿further
prevented» fromA turning »by thelspring’s 123;" AThus
fulcrurnî.substan'ti'allyîatÍ the-'meeting line of vsaid 30:A
treadiand said obtuse inner portion, and rocking-Í
the-1_ entire unit» isvßheld- in its> concealed- positiön ï means pivotally: connected, to" thejinner end lof
without >any rattle and without any »dangerfof ' the ïobtuse'l ¿inner ~portion* td guide ‘~ said fendV i into ‘
accidental‘unfolding or dropping.
yIni‘order ¿to move -th'e >tïre'a'diflß‘l ~‘into operative
position it; - is merely_`neces_sary _ tog reach insidef
under >the vtread‘gl 4 and‘pullits inneredge; namely
the edge _farthest "from the `>door ’l _ddw’nw‘ardlyf
thus theends‘of Íthe-_guide l-lin'k ¿26' are turned be?
low_tl`1_epivots`~2l‘ against theactionïïof the `springs Ã
28 and the lentire “unit‘ movesfdownwa'rdly »andV
awayjfrom‘jrame;toward theoutside.A After the
abutting relation togsaid iframe on veither side «of
the'pivot of 'therockingùsupportf»
3. In‘a step ofthe character»describedïalframe,
a lever, v‘a‘ tread- formeçifom _the »outer >portion òf -
said lever,` the inne1j‘~portion of said lever being
extendedupwardly-toward lthe frame, `a i shiftable
fulcrum for s_aidlever sc_arranged‘that »weight
on-{Lthè <1201) loftheßtr‘ead in -operative’position
pushes» the inner' end of «the ïlever ¿against _ theV
links ¿26' `are. _moved fpastf substantially a_--quarter ‘ frame» and a substantially upwardly exerted forcev
circle turn the springs 28;'s'napth'e same outward
on the outer. portion of theï'lever -mo'vés the inner
45 ly and >upwardly.thereby fm'oving-_the‘ arms I9 " end lofftlieîlever‘ away from-¿the g frame, `means of _ 45
toward the' outside;v ,Thegr'ocking-„links 2| cause connection- betweenithe inner fend-*of ’ the' ~ tread _
the ~fulcrum 23"to 'shift downwardly and outward-f` _i and-ï‘saidframe to~>cause~said lever `to movel‘fromï-
ly _away from the__frame until the treadflël pro;->~
jects _ì beyond,4 theîl side“ :of the ‘ ‘trailer Abelow> fthe.,4
its‘operative position inwardly toward the framewhen îsai`d~upward- force-is> exerted andY to -move
dooril‘ë as Lshown in‘Figures ‘1 and 3.§_ In this-oper
fromv- its folded#position-outwardly iand‘away‘
ative ‘_or. extended position. any_weight' ¿onf the:` from saidjframevwhen _a downward force is ex-y
tread ¿I4 ‘exerts al downward force and‘theleverg' erted "on <the inner portion of'the` tread, andaction around the Afulcrums‘zt; transmits an upf means to; urgeV «the inner jend of the lever against»
ward 'force‘to the. free “ends .of ,thej‘arms ` l 9„Qwhich thejframè ~in~ theh4 folded >position of theV tread.
in .turn _ firmly abut` i against ¿the underside >of` the .' .
et.v In a step ofthe character described,‘a frame, 55.
frame... Anyjlateralforce on‘the outerg‘edgejof " a leven-‘a tread formed on the-outer ‘portion of>
the tread l4,is alsoîresisted‘byithe linksZlìg’i Thus said lever, the inner `>part-ion of 'said lever _being
the step is‘heldjfast in;its' operative position,u ,
_ extended-upwardlytoward; the >frame, a shift
In order to jag'ain fold _th-ejsÍtepi _into'jconcealedj ablehfulcrum for__ said- >lever so' arranged that
>position itis' necessary toA applylanjllpwa'rdïand 1 weightJ `on` the~~top of the tread l‘in‘ operative po 60
inward push to' the >lowerrlouter `edge ofthe tread sition pushes _the inner _end lof the -lever toward
I4'. ASuch directed folícepreferably j_applied'by the . the__ frame and a Ásubstantially Vvupwardly4 exerted
foot; turns' _the lso.-.called _lever around ‘the ful-_ force onthe outer ~portionwof the lever moves they
crum ,23 j‘so as Ato _move th'ejendsjof the arms I9 _
65 downwardly" and‘on anmarc. inwardly as the links.
innerendjoffthe lever~awayfrom the frame, and
means’of-'fçonnection betweengthejinner end of
2_6 turnwaroundftheir" pivots ._2T.", After passing
the lever and'said frame _to'cause said tread and
the vertical position. around the pivots. 214 the _
leverl to move inwardly fro-m'said operative po-`I
sition towardthe frame whensaid upward Vforce
springs 28`.snajg>.tl'reA entire unitj'into thei‘olded,
concealed position., . During _ _this folding" move- _
»ment the‘rocking or .spacing glinks 2l also swing,
. The step heretofore described is'easily„.attached`
in place andwhileit is selflocked'in its extreme
'íäßconc'ealed‘and extended positions yet ’it can’be
is exerted ‘and to‘move outwardly from-the folded
positionand away from said frame when a down
ward force'is exerted l‘on-the inner vportion of
the treadgand‘resilient yieldable means to urgel
said lever tocompleteits motion from fuil o_ut
ward to 'full'inward " position anclvicel versa after
a` predetermined initialwmovement voi" the lever.
5. In a step of the character described, a frame,
a lever connected tol the frame by a shiftable
Íulcrum, an end of -the lever in extended position
extending beyond the fulcrum outside and be
yond said frame and the other end of- the lever
extending upwardly, lloelow and toward the frame
so that weight‘rested on said outer end of the
lever urges the inner end toward and against
said frame, a tread formed on said outer end
the lever, a rocking connection on the frame be
ing pivotally connectedV to the inner end of the
lever so as to guide the inner end of the lever
outwardly or inwardly as the tread is pulled out
from below or pushed in under the frame re-r
spectively, said shifting fulcrum being adaptedy
tov move downwardly away from the frame as
the tread is pulled outwardly, and to move up-v
wardly and toward» the frame as the tread is
pushed inwardly under the frame, and means to 10
10 of the lever, and means of connection between
the inner end of said tread from the extended ' urge the inner ‘ end of the lever against said
position and the frame to urge the lever inwardly frame both inthe outer and inner position of
and upwardly toward-the frame after an initial said lever. ‘
upward turning of the tread around said 'ful~ ` 7. In a Ío'ldable'step, a horizontal support, a
tread, rocking means extended from the support
15 crum, and to urge the lever outwardly and down~
wardly from its folded position after an initial downwardly and being pivotally connected to the
outward pulll and turning of said tread portion tread to provide >a shiftable fulcrum therefor, a'
fixed arm on each side of the tread extending
of the lever around said fulcrum.
6. In a step of the character described, a frame, upwardly substantially from the fulcrum of said
a lever connected to the frame by a shiftable tread, a pair of spaced links pivoted on the sup-` 20
fulcrum, an end of the Alever in extended position port and adapted for substantially a half -circle
« extending beyond the fulcrum outside and be
yond said frame and the other end of the lever
extending upwardly, below and toward the frame
so that weight rested on said outer Áend of the
lever urges theinner end toward and against
said frame,- a tread formedon said outer end of
rocking movement, and beingV pivotally connected
to the respective arms, and a spring to yurge said
links toward the supportwhen they are moved
past center in their pivotal movement in either 25
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