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June 28, 1938.
Filed May 22, 1936
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
4.9 5/
‘ 147-7612014534
Patented June 28,, 1938
$ ‘ ‘
\ ' '- ijOhesterlA'. Basmussenhand ‘Charles. RhpButler,
' Long.‘ Beach, Calif., assignors to T‘robas, Inc.,
Long Beach,’ Gali?, a.‘ corporation of ~Galifornia
;,,~.~,Application May 22, 1936,!Serial .No; 81,171
vLOur;invention,.relatesyto casing heads used at - capsfor'closing the sealing means, instead of the
'qr-‘the upper ends of .wells, for‘ thepurpose of. closing ‘ :;b01t€dl clampingqring shown in Fig. 1.
iw-ilF-ig. 4' is aviewtshowinghow the form of casing
1of;_pipe or-casinggwhich are extended‘ downinto head or shell disclosed in Fig. 3 may be employed
' ._-and supporting ,the; vupper ends; of,’ separate strings
ether; well.
~ with slips tohold the pipe string during its in
1‘. In the.drilling;of~_ oil wellswandthe completion - stallation or removal, or with a tubing supporting
.tofwthe well» structure jafter drilling, strings of
-.~ pipe , or casing @ are; placed one @within“ the. other,
sleeve Lhavingthe packing compressing ring inte
grally formed thereon.
~ and after the-completion of the well it is generally
‘Fig. 5- is- an enlarged fragmentary section
through. the compressor ring shown in Fig. 1.
~ well structure through which'the production of
Fig. .6 is a sectional view illustrating the manner
' the wellis-carried to-;the surface-ofthe'ground. ;inwhich a plurality'of the supporting and seal
vGur 'presentiinvention provides a simple and ,ing units are associated in order tosupport three
no . customary
topextendgan oil string down into the
' effective means,_for hanging or. supporting-these .> or morev casings or tubings in a well.
15 ;various strings of easing, piping, or tubing in-the
. As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the casing head 15
pwelland for. closinggthe upper ends thereof so
provides a shelllor body I0 having a cylindrical
. that the; pressures withinthe. separate strings
7 wall II , the lower end of which is provided with
,. may. 1 be 1 controlled; ,i- Some ,of' these - strings are
threads l2 whereby itmay be attached to a pipe
, .;cemented in the well, andinsuch case the casing ' or casing string I3 which extends within the well.
I, 20y_hB8.d;:S81‘V(-3S_l7he mere purpose of closing the vupper
~ ends of thespacesaround- the, cemented strings.
V The body I0 is enlarged at its upper end to pro
vide an enlarged portion I4 from which a circular
1, It is any object of the invention to, provide a ?ange-i 5 extends radially. The enlarged portion
.casing- head of improved ,form by which-,theupper -14 is provided with a-counterbore I6 forming a
end of one pipe string may be supported'and
sealed at‘ or within the upper’ end of. anotherpipe
packingv recess for receiving a ring I‘! of what
This ring Il may
string, this casing headhaving a simple duplex _ be made from a material somewhat plastic in its 25
I sealing-means employingin combination a'gasket .nature which will expand in radial direction when
~,seal~of soft material and a'metal-to-metal seal. - placed under axial compression. A material suit
, Inthe preferred form of; the invention we employ . able for this purpose is rubber or rubber com
pound. The-counterbore I6 is de?ned by a cylin
3 0. a grooved?tting' at the upper end of the pipe
» string, a solidgcompressionand sealing ring, and
drical wall, I8 and a bottom wall I9, a portion of 30
‘a split ring for connecting the, solid ring to the which bottom wall is relieved so as to provide a
~grooved ,?tting _ so", that the {weight of the-inner > conical face 2|. At the upper end of the cylin
1-,» string of pipe may betransmitted ‘from the-?tting . drical wall I8 a conical seat 22 is formed. To
compress the packing ring I’! a compressor ring
...‘35 to the solid ring ‘which not only compresses the
soft packing, ring.1but..also=;makes.a metal-to
.may be termed f‘soft packing”.
- 23 is provided which has a lower portion 24 of
substantially thesame radial dimension as the
‘purpose by the shell of the casing head. 'jThe ‘ counterbore I6 and is adapted to project down
sealingmeans above ‘described not ‘only-seals - wardly into the upper end of the counterbore I6
around the upper end of the inner string but also so as to. compress the packing ring I'I. Above 40
. the lower portion.“ the ring 23 is provided with
=seals- off the space above" the sealing. ring.
A further object of the invention is to provide aradial rib 25 having a lower conical face 26 and
1 a casing-head which may beused not only in the . an upper conical face 21., The upper portion of
ordinary manner of easing heads, but also may be the ring 23 is-provided with an annular recess
. or counterbore 28 adapted to receive the outer
“ used, owing to the characteristic construction
metal seal with a‘ sealing face provided for this
thereof, in connection with slips for the support
. inguof the inner string while it is being lowered
portions of split ring segments .29 which are
.1 adapted to engage an annular groove 3I in a
sleeve coupling -32. The lower end of the sleeve
coupling '32 is provided with internal threads 33
for-engagement with threads .34 on~the upper .50
~-end of a pipe string .35 which extends vdown
ing. part of the speci?cation.
wardly through the bore of. the body I 0 and with
Referring to the drawings, which are for illus in the casing string I3 to which the body ID is
trative purposes only,
. secured, as shown in Fig. 1. The external face
. Fig. 1' is a. vertically
sectioned‘ view
showing a ch36 of the supporting member or coupling 32 is 0t
vor raised within the outer string.
,Further objects and advantages of the inven
tionwill be made evident throughout the follow
' l. preferred embodiment, of, our invention.
2 is a cross section on a plane represented
‘.by the line 2-,--2 of ,Fig. 1.
, such diameter that it will. just pass within the
.bore .31 vof the body 10. The face 36 ‘therefore
de?nes the inner wall ofv the counterbore or re
. Fig. _3 is a verticallylsectioned, view. ofan'alter . cess. I6 which receives the packing ring I1. The
vco, native .lform. of “our. , invention. employing a, screw ring segments 29 form a separable ?ange for the 60
coupling 32 through which the downward load
carried by the coupling 32 is transmitted to the
compressor ring 23. The downward movement
In Fig. 1 we have shown the form of our in
vention especially adapted for use Where it is
desired to mount an additional casing head
of the compressor ring 23 produces a compression
of the packing ring I‘! so that it will be expanded
thereon. As shown in Fig. 3, the same princi
ples of construction may be embodied in a cas
against the outer face 36 of the coupling 32,
ing head having ‘a screw-type clamping means
before the conical face 26 comes into engage
ment with the conical seat 22 of the body H].
instead of a bolted clamping means, which cas
The weight of the inner string 35 is transmitted
to the coupling 32 through the threads 134 and
33, and the load of the inner string is then im
parted through the shoulder 38 of the coupling
32 to the ring segments 29 which in turn engage
the upwardly faced shoulder 39 at the lower end
15 of the counterbore 28 of the compressor ring 23.
Threaded into the body 18 below the packing l‘!
are lateral outlet pipes 40 which communicate
with the interior of the outer casing l3 through
the space 53 of the body III.
The compressor ring 23 is forced downwardly
with positive pressure against the seat 22 by
means of a clamping ring 4! having a ?ange 42
which is forced toward the ?ange E5 of the body
H) by bolts 43. The member M has an upstand
ing cylindrical wall 44, and at the inner edge of
the lower face 45 of the flange 42 a conical seat
46 is formed for engagement with the upper
conical face 27 of the compressor ring 23. The
?ange I5, external threads 6| adapted to be
engaged by the internal threads 62 of a screw
type clamping ring 63 comprising a cylindrical 15
Wall 64 having an inwardly extending ?ange or
lip 65 for engaging‘ the ring segments 29 by
which a coupling 32 is supported so as to carry
an inner pipe string 35. The ring 63 may be
provided with a pair of extending arms or lugs 20
66 by which it may be turned for the purpose of
tightening it down on the threads Si or unscrew
ing it. The inwardly extending lip 65 engages
the upper faces 61 of the ring segments 29, and
the downward pressure exerted by the clamping
ring 63 is transmitted through the ring seg
ments to a compressor ring 68 which differs from
the compressor ring 23 in that it has only one
downward pressure of the bolts 43 is transmitted
conical face 69 for metal-to-metal engagement
through the conical seat 46 of the clamping
should the coupling 32 be moved upwardly. The
upwardly extending cylindrical wall 44 of the
with the conical seat ‘H formed in the counter 30
bore [6a intermediate the upper and lower ends
of the counterbore. The lower part 12 of the
counterbore is of smaller diameter than the up
per part 13 of the counterbore, and the lower
part 12 forms the recess for the soft packing ring 35
ll. In this form of the invention the piping
which extends upwardly from the packing head
is screwed into threads 14 in the upper part of
clamping member 4| is provided with threads 49
the coupling 32.
member M to the conical face 2? of the com
pressor ring 23. Within the lower part of the
cylindrical wall 44 above the compressor ring
23 is an inwardly extending rib Ill having a
downwardly faced shoulder 48 for limiting the
upward movement of the ring segments’ 29
40 and 5| to which additional elements of the Well
structure may be secured, such, for example, as
a nipple 52 which may be employed to support
an additional casing head of the type shown in
Fig. l, or as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, for carry
4.5 ing another string of pipe which is to extend
downwardly within the pipe string 35.
The space between the compressor ring 23 and
the outer face of the coupling 32 is effectively
sealed by the soft packing ring ll. The space
50 around the exterior of the ring 23 is sealed by
the engagement of the face 26 with the seat 22
and the face 21 with the seat 46. Accordingly,
the upper end of the space 53 is sealed not only
by the soft ring l‘! but by the metal-to-metal
55 engagement of the face 26 with the conical seat
22. The lower end of the space 54 within the
nipple 52 is sealed by the packing ring H’ and
by the metal-to-metal engagement of the. face
21 with the seat 46. The packing ring Ill, when
60 compressed in place as shown in Fig. 1, has a
lip 55 projecting downwardly into the conical
space formed between the conical wall 2| and
the outer face 36 of the coupling 32. This lip
may be formed by the material of the packing
65 ring ?owing into the conical space, or where
the ring is molded from rubber the lip 55 may
be formed thereon.
In many instances it may be desirable to pro
vide auxiliary sealing means consisting of a
70 packing ring 56, the lower and upper portions of
which extend respectively into annular grooves
5'! and 58 in the confronting faces of the ?anges
ing head is especially suitable for supporting the
?nal piping or tubing string. In this form of
the invention a casing or body 68 is provided 10
which is similar to the body l8 shown in Fig. 1
with the exception that it has, instead of the
l5 and 42. This packing ring 56 is disposed in
the space between the compressor ring 23 and
the bolts 43.
As shown in the left half of Fig. 4, the ring 40
segments 29 and the compressor ring 68 shown
in Fig. 3 may be replaced by a solid ring 80
which is formed integrally with a sleeve or ?t
ting Bl adapted to support a tubing string 82.
The ring or ?ange 80 of the ?tting 8! extends 45
downwardly into an upper counterbore 83 in a
body or shell 84, and compresses a soft packing
member 85 into a lower counterbore 86. Be
tween the upper and lower counterbores 83 and
86 a conical seat 81 is formed against which the 50
ring 88 ?nally comes to rest after compression
of the packing ring 85. The screw-type clamp
ing ring 63, shown in Fig. 4, bears downwardly
against the upper face of the ring 89 and posi
tively presses the same downwardly into its 55
proper position of use shown in Fig. 4. The
upper end of the ?tting 8| has external threads
88 and 89 to which either an outer pipe 9| or
an inner pipe 92 may be connected as shown.
The invention also provides, in combination with 60
the counterbored body disclosed in Figs. 1 to 4,
a means whereby slips may be used to support
the inner pipe string during the lowering and
raising thereof. As shown in Fig. 4, a plurality
of socket segments 93 are provided which, when 65
?tted together in the counterbore consisting of
the upper and lower counterbores 83 and 86, will
form a conical socket face 94 for receiving ta
pered slips 95. Preferably, there need be only
two of the socket segments, which may in this 70
case be made semi-cylindrical in form. Each of
the segments 93 has an upper, large diametered,
arcuate wall 96 with a downwardly faced shoul
der 9'! at the lower end thereof for engaging the
bottom wall 98 of the lower counterbore 86 so 75
that the weight of the tubing indicated at 82a,
which is transmitted through the slips 95 to the
socket segments 93, will be in turn transmitted
through the shoulder 91 to the body or shell 84
of the casing head. It will be readily seen that
such socket segments can be applied to the
counterbore I6 disclosed in Fig. 1 and to the
counterbores ‘I2 and ‘I3 of Fig. 3.
This ?nal part of the invention is especially
10 suited for use with a casing head adapted to
carry the pump tubing of a well structure, which
pump tubing is ordinarily pulled at frequent in
tervals in order to replace worn parts of the
pump supported at the lower end thereof. The
15 structure shown in Fig. 4 not only provides
means for hanging the tubing 82 in the well
during the operation of the pump but also pro
vides for the pulling of the tubing without neces-a
sity of procuring a separate spider and jacks to
20 hold the tubing, since the slips 95 and the re
quired socket means therefor may be readily
applied to the upper end of the casing head
Referring to Fig. 6 we illustrate the manner
25 in which three or more casings, such as the outer
casing I3 and the inner string 35, illustrated in
, Fig. 1, and an auxiliary string I00, may be sup
ported and sealed o? in a well. In this embodi
ment of the invention we show an auxiliary shell
or body IOI adapted for positioning directly above
the body I0, the shell IOI having a lower ?ange
I02 and an enlarged portion I03 similar to the’
?ange I5 and enlarged portion I4 of the body
I0 and being adapted for securement thereto by
'35 bolts I04 substantially in the manner shown.
The enlarged portion I03 is provided with a
counterbore I05 having a relieved portion form
ing a conical seat I06, the counterbore being
symmetrical with the counterbore I6 of body I0,
so that the opposed conical seats 22 and I06
respectively engage the lower and upper conical
faces 26 and 21 of the ring 23 to form a metal
to-metal seal between the body I0 and the aux
In this embodiment of our invention the pack
ing ring 56 of Fig. 1 has not been shown but may
be included in installations where it is deemed
desirable to provide packing means in addition
to the packing I1 and H6 and the metal-to
metal seals afforded by the rings 23 and H3 and
their associated seating surfaces.
We claim as our invention:
1. A casing head of the character described,
including; a body having means for connecting
it to the upper end of a casing, said body having 15
a vertical bore therethrough with a counterbore
in the upper end of said bore and an upwardly
and outwardly ?ared conical seat in the upper
part of said counterbore; a tubular member sub
stantially completely ?lling said bore of said 20
body and extending within said bore past said
counterbore so that a packing recess substan
tially closed at the bottom is formed at the lower
part of said counterbore; a soft packing ring in
said recess; a compressor ring extending down
wardly into the upper part of said counterbore
to compress said soft packing ring, said compres
sor ring having a conical face for sealing en
gagement with said conical seat after said soft
ring has been compressed, and said compressor -
ring having an upwardly faced conical sealing
face; and a clamping ring adapted to be secured
to the upper end 9f said body, said clamping
ring having an inwardly and downwardly faced
conical seat adapted to make sealing engage
ment with said upwardly faced conical face of
said compressor ring and to force the same
positively downwardly to compress said soft
packing and press said downwardly faced coni~
cal face thereof into sealing engagement with 40
said upwardly faced conical seat of said body.
2. A casing head of the class described for
use with an outer well casing and an inner string
iliary body IOI.
of tubing, said casing head having: a body adapt
The internal diameter of the shell or body IOI
is such that when the tubing shown threaded
to the upper end of the sleeve coupling 32 in
Fig. 1 is removed, the body IOI extends down
wardly over the upper end of the coupling 32 in
ed for connection to the upper end of the casing, 45
said body having a vertical bore therethrough
the manner shown.
Directly above the sleeve coupling 32 lateral
outlet pipes I0'I are threaded into the body It",
so as to communicate with the interior of the
tubing 35 through the coupling 32.
ner shown and having a conical seat II9 engag
ing the ring to provide a metal-to-metal seal be
tween the body IOI, the ring H3, and the cap
The upper end of the body IOI is provided
with a radially extending flange I08 and an en
larged portion I09, in which is formed a coun
terbore IIO having a relieved portion forming a
conical face I I I.
The auxiliary casing or pipe I00 extends
through the coupling 32 and is threaded into the
lower ‘end of a sleeve coupling II2, which cou
pling is identical in form to the coupling‘ 32 ex
,cept as to diameter, and has associated there
with a ring II 3 and split ring segments I I4 which
are identical in form to the ring 23 and segments
29 associated with the coupling 32.
The ring H3 is adapted to compress a packing
II6 within the counterbore IIO to sealthe space
between the coupling I I2 and the body I 0|.
The ring II3 seats on a conical seat II'I pro
vided on the body and is compressed thereon by
a cap member II8 bolted thereto in the man
with a counterbore in the upper end of said bore,
the bottom of said counterbore being beveled to
taper downward toward said bore, and the upper
edge of said counterbore being beveled to pro 50
vide a conical seat; a tubular member adapted
for connection with the inner string of tubing,
said tubular member extending within said bore
past said counterbore with suf?cient closeness of
?t with the bore to form a packing recess hav 55
ing a closed bottom at the lower part of said
counterbore; a soft packing ring in said recess;
a compressor ring extending downwardly into
the upper part of said counterbore to compress
said soft packing ring and wedge the ring into 60
the beveled lower end of the counterbore, said
compressor ring having a conical face for seal
ing engagement with said conical seat after said
soft ring has been compressed, said compressor
ring being dimensioned to ?t said tubular mem 65
ber sufficiently close to completely close said re
cess, thereby entrapping the soft ring; and a
clamping ring adapted to be secured to the upper
end of said body and to‘ force the compressor ring
positively downward.
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