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June 28, 1938.
A. l.. WALL A
Filed July 24, 1957
' Patented June^28, 1938
~ 2,122,077 l
" nooFlNG coNsTaUc'rroN
Aym L. Wall, cleveland, ohio
„ This invention relates to rooiing construction
elements and rooñngs made therefrom, and more
particularly to the construction'oi.’` rooiing ele
ments such as shingle strips comprising a base
5 sheet of felt or like ñbrous material saturated
with liquid bitumen, such as asphalt.
As these strips are ordinarily constructed, a
coating of asphalt, or similar adhesive and water
prooñng material, is applied to the top of the
1_0 strip, and granules of slate or similar material
are embedded in this coating for the purpose of
increasing the weather-resisting qualities oi.' the
product. Where ornamentation is desired, this
result may be secured by using coloredl granules.l
15 As usually constructed, the shingle strips pre
sent a flat and unattractive appearance when laid
A upon a roof. It is the general purpose and object`
' , of my invention to impart a more pleasingap- `
pearance to these strips; to increase the strength,
20 rigidity, and wearing qualities thereof; and to en
y able the exposed portions the better to withstand
,L the'eiîects of weather and the lifting effects of
the wind.
I accomplish these objects in and through the
25 construction of a special form of so-called thick
butt shingle strips, which will be described in
Application July 24, 1937, serial No. 155,500
2 Claims. (Cl. 1084-7)
end of the strip approximately half the height or
width of the same. This coating has particles of
' granular material, such as slate, applied thereto
and embedded therein, Aas indicated ‘at 9. .
Each of the strips as thus constructed is pro- 5
vided with slots I0 extending upwardly from the
bottom edge thereof and terminating below the
upper end of the coating 8, 9. In practice, in
strips having a height or width of 12 inches, the
coating B, 9 extends upwardly about 6 inches 10
from the bottom of the strip while the slots I0
extend upwardly approximately 5 inches. This
will enable the bottom of a strip Ii in the next
uppercourse to extend downwardly as far as the
tops of the slots in the next lower course and pro- 15
vide at the same time a covering for the nails i2
by which the strips in such lower courses are se
cured to the roof frame. It will be noted further
that, when the strips are nailed in the usual
manner-at a short distance above the tops of 20
the slots Ill-¿the nails will not only be covered
by the bottoms of the strips in the next course`
above, but will be driven through the thickest
and strongest portion of each strip, as will be
f indicated at I2.
'I'he thickness of the coating is. exaggerated in
wherein Fig. 1 shows a section of a rooimade up
the drawing for purposes of illustration, and
_ connection
of composite strips embodying my invention; Fig.
y30 211s a plan View of one of the shingle strips shown
evident from Fig. 3, wherein one' of the nails is 25
the' exposed lower ends of the tabs in_Flgs. 1
and 2'are not stippled to indicate the granules 5. 30 y
It will be noted that a step is provided between
detail in section taken -on the line 3-'-3 of Fig. 2, the coating 8, 9 and the coating 6, 1, this step
the position the lower portions of strips in the ’being covered by the butt or butts of the shingle
courses above .leing indicated by dot-and-dash or shingles vin the next course above. Because of
this construction, the lower ends of the shingles 35
lines and showing the location of one of the nail
will hug tightly the roof and the tops of shingles
ing lines'.
Describing by reference characters ,the various in subjacent courses and will offer greater re
parts illustrated in the drawing,'i denotes a sheet sistance to the lifting effect ofthe wind than if
of ñbrous material, such as felt, saturated with the steps were provided upon the upper surfaces
f 40
liquid bitumen, as asphalt. Applied to the upper of the shingles.
surface of this sheet isa coating, 2 of adhesive ' In virtue of myinvention, I am enabled to pro
material, preferably asphalt, having embeddedv duce rooñng having not only all of the advantages
therein granules 3 of sand or similar material. I due to‘the use of the ordinaryA type of thick-butt‘
shingles or shingle strips, but also the advan-<
denotes another coating of similar adhesive ma
terial applied to and entirely covering the coating tages of extra strength and rigidity throughout 45
2 land having ‘embedded thereinV granules 5 of the thickened portion thereof, together ,with ex
in the preceding figure; Aand Fig. 3 is an emerged
slate or similar material.
6 denotes a coating gi.' asphalt or similar adhe
sive material which is'applied to and which com
'Y A50. pletely covers the under surface of the sheet I,
the said coating having finely divided mica par
ticles ’ll applied thereto and embedded therein, 8
denotes another coating of asphalt or similar ad
hesive material which is applied to the;bottom of
5s the coating 6, 1 and which extends from the lower
' tra wearing qualities and enhanced beauty oi’ ap-.
. It is obvious that nrv invention is applicable
to and may be embodied in individual shingles as 50
well as in elongated shingle strips having tabs
which simulate the exposed ends of individual
shingles. Hence the term “strip" as used in the
speciiication and claims hereof is intended to
cover a strip constituting an individual shingle 55
as well as alonger strip having a plurality of
tabs, except where the latter type of strip is spe
cifically identiñed by limitations peculiar thereto.
Having thus described my invention, what E
claim is:
1. A roofing element comprising a strip of sat
2. A rooñng element comprising a strip of sat- >
urated iìbrousnmateriai having a coating of ad
hesive material and granules entirely covering
the upper surface thereof, a second coating of
adhesive 7material and granules applied to the
' upper surface of the iirst coating and entirely cov- '
urated ñbrous lmaterial having a' -coating of ad-=
ering the same, a third coating of adhesive‘riia»`
terial and iinely divided granular .material ap
plied to and entirely covering the lower surface
a second coating of adhesive material and gran
oi’ the said strip, and a fourth coating of adhe 10
sive and granular' material applied to the third
ules applied to the upper surface of the ñrst coat
coating and extending from the bottom of the
ing and entirely covering the sameta third coat
ing of adhesive material and ñnely divided gran
strip toward but terminating short of the top
ular material applied to and entirely coveringÍ thereof, the said strip being provided .with slots
15 the lower surface ofy the said strip, and afourth extending upwardly from the bottom edge there-l
coating of adhesive and granular material ap
of to form tabs, the tops of the slots being located
plied to the third coating and extending from below the top of the fourth coating.
the bottom of the strip toward but terminating
short of the top thereof.
hesive material and granules applied to the upper
surface ,thereof and entirely covering the same,
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