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June 28, 1938.
- 2,122,234
Filed 001;. l, 1936
Patented June 28, 1938
Joseph Manning McAulii‘fe, Kelso, Wash, assign
or to Manning Laboratories, Kelso, Wash, a
copartnership composed of Joseph M. McAuli?e
and Frank P. C‘. Davis
Application October 1, 1936, Serial No. 103,619
1 Claim. (Cl. 128-260)
This invention relates to an improved appli
cator particularly designed for use in applying
medicinal powders and seeks, among other ob
jects, to provide a device adapted to expel a
cloud of light and ?nely divided dust or powder
directly into a cavity, passage or other part to be
treated, whereby the powder will be evenly dis
tributed without lumps or clots.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
10 device wherein the packing of the powder as it
takes position in the discharge tube of the de
vice ready to be expelled, will be avoided, wherein
the powder will be fed through a metering open
ing by gravity, and wherein spilling of the powder
or the exposure thereof to contamination will be
Still another object of the invention is to pro
vide a device wherein the powder will be pro
tected from the air, wherein the discharge tube
of the device will be adapted to selectively receive
any one of a number of entering tips of different
shapes and sizes, and wherein a used tip may be
readily removed and sterilized apart from the
device to thus avoid the clotting of the powder by
the introduction of moisture.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
device which will be operative to discharge pow
der only when the device is inverted so that the
use of the device will unavoidably involve the
-3 O
agitation of the powder by the inversion of the
A further and equally important object of the
invention is to provide a device which may be
used for applying medicinal liquids, wherein the
to wi liquid will be fed by gravity to the discharge tube
of the device in drops, and wherein a special drop
feeder will be provided to prevent the ?ooding of
the discharge tube to thus waste the liquid when
the device is inverted.
And the invention seeks, as a still further ob
ject, to provide a device which will be simple in
construction and which may be feasibly manu
factured ‘and sold at low price.
Other and incidental objects of the invention
45 will appear during the course of the following
description and in the drawing which forms a
part of this application,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved
Figure 2 is a longitudinal vertical sectional view
taken‘medially through the device.
Figure 3 is a detail section showing the plug
for the discharge tube.
In carrying the invention into effect, I employ
55 a container In which may be of any suitable size
and material and screwed over the container is
a removable metal cap I I, a suitable gasket being
interposed between the cap and container to
exclude moisture.
Integral with or appropriately attached to the
cap H is a discharge tube l2 which may be re
duced at its forward extremity to provide a ter
minal l3 and formed through the wall of the cap
and through said tube is a metering opening M.
Screwed into the discharge tube H2 at its rear 10
end is a valve unit [5 of any approved construc
tion but preferably having a stop ?ange it which
abuts the tube, and freely mounted in the ?tting
is a ball check valve ll movable rearwardly to
closed position and forwardly to open position.
Screwed over the rear end of the valve unit it
is a soft removable bulb l8 of rubber which at its
outer end is equipped with any suitable check
valve l9 adapted to admit air to the bulb but
which,'when the bulb is compressed manually, 20
will close so that the indrawn air will be expelled
past the valve ll through the tube 12.
Normally ?tting in the terminal I3 of the dis
charge tube I2 is a removable plug 20 which will
protect the medicament in the container N] from 25
the air and connecting said plug with the cap I i
is a suitable chain or the like. If desired, the use
of the chain may be omitted.
Removably ?tting over the terminal I3 of the
tube I2 is an entering tip 2|, ovate in cross sec- .
tion. Only a single entering tip has been shown
but it is to be understood that other entering tips
of different sizes and shapes may be provided for
selective use on the terminal I3 and, in this con
nection, it is to be noted that any one tip may ~
be readily removed and sterilized apart from the
tube l2 so that the introduction of moisture into
the tube with consequent clotting of the powder,
may be avoided.
It is to be noted that my device may be used to 40
expel medicaments in both liquid and powder‘
form. When it is to be used to expel a liquid
medicament I employ a drop feeder which is re
movably ?tted into the metering opening Hi.
The drop feeder consists of a member having a 45
cylindrical base 26 which is removably retained
by friction in the opening M. A conical end wall
21 extends from the cylindrical base into the
container I0 and an opening 28 is formed through
said end wall at the apex thereof. This opening
is of a size to admit liquid from the container I ll,
when the device is inverted, into the discharge
tube [2 drop by drop so that each time the bulb
of the device is compressed, a drop of atomized
liquid will be expelled through said tube onto the 55
parts to be treated. Thus, the drop feeder will
prevent ?ooding of the discharge tube.
In connection with the foregoing it is to be
noted that this device is inoperative unless in
As above pointed out the drop feeder is re
movably retained in the metering opening l4 and
verted which creates the necessity of inverting
the device for use. Consequently, the medica
the user of the device may easily apply or remove ment within the container ID will, in the prac
this member, it being used when a liquid medi
tical use of the device be caused to shift from
cament is to be expelled from the discharge tube
l2, and by unscrewing the container 10 from the one .end of the container to the other and thus
will be agitated and thoroughly mixed before
discharge tube carried cap I I the metering open
using. Hence, the user of the device by inverting 10
ing M is easily accessible for either the applica
tion of the drop feeder member therein or ‘its ' -it=before the medicament can be expelled there
removal therefrom. It is apparent, therefore, from causes it to be Well shaken and stirred.
that the user of the device may by employing This is essential in the use of certain liquid
the drop feeder vary the diameter of'the metering medicaments which must be well shaken before
opening hi; it may either be entirely unob
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
structed for the discharge of powder by the de
vice, or it may be varied to present a metering
‘A medical applicator, including a container, a
opening 28 for the discharge .of a ‘liquid medi
dischargeitube, a-removable cap engaging the up
cament from the container In.
per end of the container with the discharge tube
In use, the container i0 is ?lled with medica
ment when the tube I2 is inserted into the cavity,
passage or otherzpart to be treated. 'The device
is then rotated to inverted position so that the
container in is disposed above said tube when
the medicament will fall, by gravity-through the
opening 28 in the drop feeder into .said tube,
By compressing the bulb l8,'a blast of air will
then be expelled through the tube for expelling
the medicament in an atomized state directly
onto the parts which it is desired to treat.
Should the medicament fail to fall through’the
opening M, the container I0 may be lightly
tapped, when a new charge will be caused to
enter the discharge tube and, if necessary, this
35 operation may be repeated each time the bulb I8
is pressed. Thus, a predetermined amount of
medicament will be measured for each compres
sion of the bulb i8. After use, the device may
be righted when, by compressing the bulb, the
40 discharge tube may be cleared of any medica
ment remaining therein’.
permanently mounted thereon, the discharge 20
tube and .the cap having complementary meter
ing openings therethrough normally open and
unobstructed to communicate with the container
at the topthereof, whereby the applicator is 0p
verative only when inverted to dispose the con 25
tainer above the tube, and means for attach
ment to said discharge tube and cap comprising
a drop feeder to meter a liquid drop by drop from
the container, said drop feeder in attached op
erative position partially obstructing said open 30
ingsand-spaced from the walls of the container,
and the drop feeder having a cylindrical base
removably ?tted in the complementary openings
provided in the discharge tube and the cap, a
conical portion depending from the drop feeder 35
into the container formed at the apex thereof
with an opening of a size to admit liquid from
the container into said tube drop» by drop, and
means for expelling air through said discharge
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