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June 28, 1938.
Filed June 29, 1937
GUn’cher Dieclr‘ich,
‘ by F?!H i‘
' 2,122,280
Patented June 28, 1938
assignor to
cumm- Diedrich. steam. Germany,
General Electric Company, a corporation of
New York
Application June 29, 1937, Serial No. 151,017
In Germany July ‘I, 1936
1 Claim-
(Cl. 122-24)
The present invention relates to elastic ?uid
generator arrangement of the type which includes
a boiler and auxiliaries for operating the boiler
and driven by a gas turbine receiving combustion
5 gases dischargedfrom the boiler. More specifi
cally, the invention relates to arrangements in
cluding in .addition to the gas turbine for driv
ing the auxiliaries another prime mover such as
an internal combustion engine.
vThe object of my invention is to provide an im
proved elastic ?uid generator arrangement
, whereby better eiliciency is attained and quick
starting of the boiler assured. This is accom
intermediary of the gas turbine shaft Ho. The
engine 25 has an’exhaust conduit 26 which in
accordance with my invention is connected to the
nozzle box 22 to discharge exhaust gases into
said box and thereby to permit utilization‘ of the 5
available energy of these exhaust gases.
‘ In the arrangement of Figs. 1 and 2 the ex
haust gases from the engine and from the boilen
are "mixed in the nozzle box whereby the tem
perature of the exhaust gas from the engine is 10
lowered and that of the boiler raised. Both of
these effects are desirable in that ?rst they pre
vent the setting up of high stresses in the gas
turbine due to the high temperature of the ex
haust gases from the engine and second they 15‘
plished'by my invention by the'provision of an
15 arrangement in which the exhaust gases dis permit emcierit operation of the boiler in that
charged from boththe boiler 'and the internal the available energy in the combustion gases of
combustion engine are utilized for operating a
single gas turbine.
For a better understanding of what I believe
20 to be novel and my invention, attention is di
‘ rected to the following description and the claims
appended thereto in connection with the accom
the latter may be utilized to a greater extent in
the boiler.
\ .
The available heat energy in the gases dis- 20
charged from the'gas turbine through a conduit -
21 is utilized to preheat the air conducted to the
Qinlet of the blower l8. To this end a heat ex
28 is provided through which the gases
In the drawing Fig. 1 represents a diagram changer
discharged from the gas turbine are conducted 25'
matic view partly in section of an elastic ?uid to effect heat exchange with air ?owing from the
generator arrangement embodying my invention; vatmosphere through the heat exchanger to the
Fig. 2 is a sectional view along the line 2-2 of inlet of the blower [8. The preheating of the
Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 illustrates a modification ofa air to be forced by the blower it to ‘the burner
part of Fig. i.
I‘ I
l2 dfacilitates starting operation in that it re- 30
30 ‘ The arrangement as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 duces the starting period.
comprises a boiler in including a heating element "
During starting the auxiliaries l4, l6, l8 are
II for heating liquid to be evaporated and a
driven by the gas turbine 20 which during this 4- ‘
burner l2 for supplying a mixture of fuel and air condition
is operated by gases discharged from
‘to the boiler. The heating element II has an the engine 25. As soon as the boiler I0 is started 35
'35 inlet connected by/a conduit I! to .a pump it for and combustion gases are formed these gases are
forcing, liquid through the element I I. - The burn
conducted to the nozzle box 22. as an additional .
er has an inlet conduit ii for receiving fuel from power supply for the gas turbine. During nor-r
a fuel pump l8 and another inlet conduit l‘l for mal operation and low load condition the engine
receiving air from a blower or compressor l8. _
'25 may be disconnected. The exhaust conduit 40
The blower l8 together with the boiler feed pump
I4 and they fuel pump I‘ 'are arranged on a com
26 of the engine 25 is preferably arranged so that
the gases discharged from thenozzle box are di
mon‘ shaft I! which is driven by a gas turbine 20..
ozzles 23 and in ad
The latter has a bucket wheel 2i secured tc'a rected directly towards, the.
conduit 26
shaft 2m and a nozzle box 22 forming a rowof is preferably amused to formexhaust
a nozzle and there- 45
nozzles 28 for properly directing gases from the by to cause a suction e?ect on
the combustion
nozzle box to the buckets of the wheel 2|. The gases in the boiler. The advantage of creating
nozzle box 22 is connected by a conduit 24' to the a ‘suction e?ect by the exhaust gases of the engine
boiler to receive combustion gases discharged is especially noticeable during the starting period
therefrom; The turbine shaft 2la is suitably ; of the boiler during which fresh air will be rap- 50
50 coupled to the shaft is of the auxiliaries.
idly drawn through the boiler as a result of
As a means for starting the auxiliaries and as‘ - the injector action even before the blower is cou
an additional drive means. for the‘ auxiliaries all
internal combustion engine 28 is provided'and
, pied to the exhaust gas turbine. Y
suitably connected to the drive shaft is for the
“\Iwith nozzles ii‘ and other nozzles 32. In ad- 55
gux?iarieslignithe p esent instance
‘ The modi?cation in Fig. '3 shows a nozzle box
dition the box includes a partition 33 arranged
to form two spaces in the nozzle box so that the
combustion gases discharged from the boiler
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
Letters Patent of the United States is:
through the conduit M are conducted to one of
the combination of a boiler, auxiliaries for oper
ating the boiler, a gas turbine with a nozzle box
and an internal combustion engine for driving
the spaces including the nozzles 3|, whereas ex
haust gases from the engine 25 are conducted to
the other space including the nozzles 32.
In this a the auxiliaries, conduit means for conducting
arrangement no mixing of the two kinds 0t gases
takes place.
Elastic ?uid generator arrangement including
combustion gases from the boiler to the nozzle
box, and conduit means forming an ejector with
Having described the method of operation of
my invention, together with the apparatus which
in the nozzle box to discharge gases from the 10
I now consider to represent the best embodiment
gases from the boiler.
thereof, I desire to have it understood that the
apparatus shown is only illustrative and that the
invention may be carried out by other means.
engine to the nozzle box and to e?ect ejection of
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