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June 28, 1938.
Filed June 11, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
givers-3'25 I
(Exam-24.14 W;
June 28, 1938.
|_. FosTY El‘ AL
Filed June 11, 1956
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented June 28, 1938
Léopold Fosty and Théophile Laurent,- Belleview,
Manitoba, and‘ Frank Joseph‘ Laurent, Find
lay, Manitoba, Canada
Application June 11, 1936, Serial 'No. 84,654
(Cl. 254-153)
4 Claims.
Our. invention relates to ?re escapes. more par
ticularly having reference to escapes of a char
acter adapted for the suspension and lowering
of aperson at a regulated speed.
' - One of the objects of the invention is to pro
vide an improved device by which a weight may
be‘suspended and lowered at a regulated speed
through the mediumv of a drum and strap, the
device being more particularly adapted for use
lojias an escape from an elevation in case of ?re.
A further object of the invention is to provide
mechanism for automatic re-winding of the strap
on removal of the weight.
A still further object of the invention is to
uiiiprovide an ‘improved governor mechanism for
braking the operation of the strap drum during
lowering of the person.
The invention ‘contemplates provision of a
drum and a strap to be wound thereon, with I
,go‘hspring means to be tensioned by the unwinding
or similar projecting member that would be at
tached to the building in respect to which the
escape is to be used, a lateral projecting arm on
which the hook- members engage being more usu
ally employed for this purpose, such an arm
being common in the art.
Referring more particularly to Figures 1 to 4
inclusive, the end sections i and 2 of the frame
structure carry a ?xed shaft 6. The governor
assembly includes a brake drum 40 with inte
gral hub section 4| bored to be mounted onthe
shaft 6 ?xed thereto by a set screw 6'. Within
the drum 40, spaced from the hub section 4|
by an annular enlargement 42 on the shaft 6, is
a pinion 43 which is mounted to ‘rotate on said
shaft. Said pinion includes a hub section 44
to which is secured, or integrally cast, a series
of radial arms 45. To each of said arms is se
cured a plate 46 providing ears to which are
pivoted bell cranks 48—48, by pins 41.
The short arms of the bell cranks attach to
wind the strap ‘on the drum on removal. of. the ' shoes 49 mounted slidable on the radial arms
of, the strap and automatically operable to re
object being lowered. There is further provided
mechanism for braking the operation of the
25*winding drum and regulating‘ the descent of the
person or object suspended therefrom.
To this end there is provided the novel mech
anism as hereinafter more particularly described ,
and claimed, reference being had to the accom
30 panying drawings wherein like characters of ref
erence indicate like parts throughout the several
views and wherein:—
Fig. 1 is a detailed end View of a brake drum
with governor mechanism. .
.Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view of the
brake drum and governor mechanism disclosed
inFigure 1.
Fig. 3 is a side view in elevation of the pre
ferred embodiment of the device assembled.
Fig. 4 is an end view of same.
Fig. 5 is a side view in elevation of a different
form of ?re escape that includes the principal
features. of the preferred form,‘ certain parts
of the device being illustrated sectioned.
Having reference to the drawings, there is provided a frame comprising substantially triangu
lar end’ sections l and 2 which. are inverted and
provide upper horizontal bars and are connected
by side bars 3, the Whole forming a unitary
50 structure within which the operating mechanism
may be carried.
The end sections I and 2 include at their
upper‘ or horizontal portions ears 4 providing
suitable eyes by which hook members 5 may be
55 engaged for suspension of the device from a beam
45, said shoes being disposed in braking rela
tion to the inner circumferential wall of the
brake drum 40. The long arms of the bell 251“
cranks attach to ears 50 on governor elements
5|, said elements being in the form of spherical
members as commonly used for such purposes.‘
The elements 5! further include ears 52 to which
connect springs 53 attaching to the hub sections
44, said springs being tensioned to normally hold
the elements 5| with the brake shoes out of
braking relation with the drum 4!).
Rotation of the governor assembly through the
action of centrifugal force causes the’ elements
51 to travel in a path spaced from the ‘hub 44
relative to the rate of travel of the assembly.
Through the operation of the bell cranks 48 this
causes the shoes 49 to be moved into braking
relation'with the drum 40 and correspondingly 403.
reduce the rate of rotation of said drum.
On the shaft 6 is mounted a sleeve 7-. said‘.
sleeve being free to rotate thereon. Withv the
sleeve 1 is cast the hub l’ of a gear wheel I6..
From the top connecting bars 3 is suspendedv a
strap. hanger I2 providing a bearing, as indi
cated at» l3, in which is ‘rotatable alshaft I4.
On the shaft I4 is a gear wheel i5 meshing with
the gear wheel iii. The shaft 14 has keyed on
its other end a gear wheel ll meshing with the 50
pinion 43.
Fixed on the sleeve 1 is a drum 9 on which a
strap l0 may be wound, the one end of the strap
being ?xed thereto. Said strap includes a hand
Loose on the sleeve 1 is a casing 36 secured in
Having described and ascertained the nature
?xed relation to the frame structure by brace
of the invention and the manner in which the
same is to be used, what we claim and desire to
members 31. Within said casing is mounted a
spring 38 having one end secured to the casing
and the other end attached to the sleeve l where
by rotation of the sleeve may serve to contract
said spring. The unwinding of the strap ID on
drum 9, through rotation of the sleeve 1 imparts
the necessary tension to spring 38 to reverse the
10 movement of the sleeve when the Weight is. re
moved from the strap, and causes the strap to be.
re-wound on the drum ready for use.
In the operation of the device rotation of drum
9 by the unwinding operation of the strap l0,
15 caused by weight of a person descending by means
of the escape, imparts a corresponding rotation
to the sleeve 1. This in turn through gear wheels
l6 and I5, shaft I4, gear wheel l1, and pinion 43,
imparts. a rotary movement to the governor caus
20 ing a braking action on the drum 40 by engage
l. A device of the character described includ
ing a frame, a shaft mounted in the frame, a
sleeve free to rotate on the shaft, a drum ?xed on
the sleeve, a weight lowering strap attached to
said drum to be wound thereon, a'casing ?xed in
the frame loose on the sleeve, a coiled spring in 1O
the casing, said spring having one end secured to
the casing and the other end attached to the
sleeve, a governor mechanism mounted for rota
tion on the shaft, braking elements associated
‘with the governor to be operated thereby, and a 15
shaft and gearing forming a driving connection
between the sleeve and governor mechanism.
2. A device of the character described includ
ing a frame, a shaft ?xed in the frame, a sleeve
free to rotate on the shaft, a. drum carried by 20
ment of brake shoes 49, this action being designed
‘the sleeve, a weight. lowering strap attached to
to regulate the speed of descent to a predeter
mined maximum rate.
the drum to be wound thereon, a governor
mounted for rotation on the shaft, braking ele
In Figure 5 is disclosed a variation of a gover
25 nor for braking purposes. In this showing the
pinion l8, which corresponds to pinion 43 previ
ously described, forms an-integral part of a plate
19. The plate l9 provides at intervals pairs. of
spaced ears 23, in each pair of which is pivoted an
secure by Letters Patent is:—
arm 2|.
The arm 2| carries a governor weight
22, each of said arms being connected by a. spring
23 to a collar 24 mounted slidable on the shaft 6.
The connections of said springs to the collar mayv
be made adjustable for variation in operation of
35; the governor.
Slidable on the shaft 6 is a plate 25, said plate
including a hub portion 26 through which a pin
2'! is passed, said pin being longitudinally slidable
in suitable slots 28 in the shaft 6. To the pin 21
40: is secured one end of a rod 29.
On the shaft 6 is a brake plate 30 with hub
section 3| carrying a transverse pin 32 longitu
dinally slidable in slots 33 in the shaft 6. The rod
29 connects to the pin 32 to provide for shifting
45; the plate 30 on the shaft 6 in conformity with
movement of the plate 25.
In opposing relation to the plate 30 is a plate‘
34 cast with the sleeve 1. The plate 30 is faced
with suitable brake lining material as indicated at
50 35
In the operation of this form of mechanism the
unwinding operation of strap l 0 imparts a rotary
movement to plate l9, causing the divergence of
the arms 2|,
The arms 2| include angular sec
tions or feet 2|’ adapted to bear against the plate
25 and impart an endwise shifting to the rod‘ 29.‘
This in turn shifts the brake plate 30 to contact
the plate 34 and brake the operation of the sleeve
7, serving to automatically regulate the speed of
60, descent of a person suspended from, the strap in.
While we have shown and described speci?cally
certain forms of the invention, it will be under
stood that this is for the purpose of illustration
and that many modi?cations may be made in the
various parts thereof, as Well as in the relation
of the invention in the art, without departing
from the principles as embodied in the claims.
ments associated with the governor to be actu
ated thereby, a drum providing a braking sur
face for engagement by said elements, means
forming a driving connection between the sleeve
and governor, and spring means tensionable by
the unwinding of the strap from the drum dur
ing lowering of a Weight and automatically oper
able on release» of the weight to rotate the drum
to re-wind the strap thereon.
3. In a device of the character described in
cluding a frame with shaft mounted therein, and
a drum rotatable on the shaft, said drum being
adapted to have a weight lowering strap wound
thereon, a. governor for controlling the rotation
of the drum, said governor comprising a brake
drum ?xed on the shaft, a hub in the brake drum
rotatable on the shaft, a series of radial arms
mounted on said hub, brake shoes slidable' on
said arms in braking relation to the circumfer
ential wall of the brake drum, a governor mecha
nism carried by said arms, means forming an
operative connection between the governor mech
anism and brake shoes whereby said mechanism
may operate to move said shoes into braking
relation with said wall, and‘means forming a
driving connection between the weight lowering
drum and governor.
4. In a device of the character described in
cluding a frame with a shaft mounted therein and
a drum on the shaft, said drum being adapted to
have a weight lowering strap wound thereon, a
brake drum ?xed on the shaft, a combined gov
ernor and braking mechanism in the brake drum
rotatable on the shaft, said mechanism including
brake shoes frictionally engageable with ' the
brake drum, a second shaft carried in the frame, ‘
means forming a driving connection between the 691B.
weight‘ carrying drum and second shaft, and
means forming an operative connection between
the second shaft and the governor and braking
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