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June 28, 1938.
(5. w. DURNO
Original Filed March 2, 1936
G6 W0a
W y
Patented June 28, 1938
George W. Durno, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Application March 2, 1936, Serial No. 66,729
Renewed September 9, 1937
1 Claim.
(Cl. 294—100)
The invention relates to a duplex tool and
more especially to a combination service cock
key and curb box cleaner.
The primary object of the invention is' the pro
5 vision of a tool of this ‘character, wherein a curb
cock or valve within a curb box can be readily
and easily operated irrespective of the accumu
lation of dirt, trash or foreign matter as may
be present within the box and often found there
' 10 in constituting ‘a barrier for access to the valve
or cock as such dirt or foreign matter can be
conveniently and easily removed for the‘ suc
cessful working of the valve, the tool being novel
in construction and is readily and easily handled
15 for service as a key or a cleaner.
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion of a tool of this character, wherein a sleeve
is employed and in the latter is slidably mount
ed a rod to which is detachably coupled a grip
20 ping tool having spring arms, these cooperating
with each other for removal of foreign matter or
the like from curb boxes and such rod is provided
with a terminal wrench serving as a key for op
erating a valve within the curb box, the rod
25 being readily movable through the sleeve for
the contracting of the spring arms of the grap
pling tool for the successful removal of dirt from
the curb box.
A further object of the invention is the pro
30 vision of a tool of this character, which is sim
ple in construction, readily and easily carried
from place to place, thoroughly reliable and effi
cient in its operation, strong, durable, and in
expensive to manufacture.
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists in the features of construction,
combination and arrangement of parts as will be
hereinafter mbre fully described, illustrated in
the accompanying drawing, which discloses the
40 preferred embodiment of the invention and
pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectional
view through a tool constructed in accordance
45 with the invention and shown partly broken
teriorly of the smaller end of said barrel is a
reinforcing collar II, it being ?xed in any de
sirable manner while the opposite larger end I2
constitutes a flare. Slidably ?tted within the
barrel I0 is a rod l3 and threaded in the smaller 5
end and its companion collar H is a binding
screw l4 which engages the rod 13 to hold the
same adjusted and this screw is formed with a
winged head l5. The rod l3 at its outermost
end has formed therewith a wrench head I6 10
providing a key for a service cook or valve with
in a curb box (not shown).
The inner end of the rod l3 carries a threaded
coupling collar I‘! for detachably fastening to
the rod the stem I8 of a gripper or grapple hav- 15
ing the outwardly arched spring ?ngers or arms
I9, these being approximately ?attened with
dished inner surfaces 20 to provide cavities
therein while near the outer free ends of the
?ngers or arms are inwardly directed teeth or 20
spurs 2| so that such ?ngers or arms will grab
a quantity of dirt, trash or foreign matter when
the said ?ngers or arms are active against the
?ared end l2 of the tube l0 when the rod I3 is
drawn upwardly therethrough.
The flared end l2 of the tube Ill acts upon
the outwardly arched ?ngers or arms l9 to move
the same together on the drawing inwardly of
the rod I3 in the working of the tool for the
grasping of dirt, trash or foreign matter from 30
within a curb box (not shown).
The tool is hand operated either for service
as a wrench or key and for extracting or re
moval of dirt, trash or foreign matter from with
in a curb box.
What is claimed is:
A tool of the character described comprising
a tapered tubular body open at opposite ends,
a collar ?tting the smaller end of said body and
having a ?at faced opening, a rod slidable in said 40
body and ?tting the opening in said collar for
holding said rod’ against rotation, a coupling
sleeve on the inner end of said rod, a stem de
tachably threaded in the coupling sleeve, op
posed outwardly divergent spring arms ?xed to 45
said stem, the arms being bent intermediate
Figure 2 is an elevation of the gripping or
thereof to have the outer ends of said arms
grapple end of the tool.
Figure 3 is an elevation of the tool and shown
50 gripping foreign matter.
straight and parallel with each other, spurs bent
from and extended inwardly of the spring
Similar reference characters indicate corre
sponding parts throughout the several views in
the drawing.
Referring toxthe drawing in detail, the tool
55 comprises a tubular barrel In which is of tapered
formation and of the required length while in
arms at their outer free ends, and means thread- 50
ed in the smaller end of the body and said collar
for locking the rod against sliding movement
therein, the spring arms being adapted to work
through the larger end of the body for expan
sion and contraction of said arms.
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