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June 28, 1938.
Filed oct. 29, 195è
#èmes Ä. Ma'?c'hel] '
A ííorneys
Patented June 28, 1938
James A. Mitchell, Indianapolis, Ind.
Application October 29, 1936, Serial No. 108,296
1 Claim.
This invention relates to toilet articles and
more particularly to a box for powder and a puff,
the object of 'the invention being to provide a
receptacle for containing therein powder and a
5 puff or applicator, and involvingv a structure
which will facilitate the application of a powder
to a portion of the puff as is desirable, for sub
sequent applicaticn of the powder to the body of
the user.
As is well known, in applying powder to the
body through the medium of a powder pui-i“, it is
desirous of first covering but a portion, substan~
tially half of the puff with powder instead of
covering the entire surface oi the puii as the
15 latter results only in waste of the powder and also
in the waste powder falling onto the clothes or
To facilitate therefor the application of pow
der only to a part of the powder puff is one of
the salient features and objects of the present
The present invention together with its objects
and advantages will be best understood from a
study of the following description taken in con
nection with the accompanying drawing where
Figure 1 is a plan View of a powder box with
the cover removed.
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional View through
3 O the box with the cover in position on the box.
Referring to the drawing by reference nu
merals it will be seen that the improved powder
and puff box comprises a receptacle 5 which may
be made of any suitable material and which is
preferably cylindrical. The box 5 which is open
at its top has the peripheral wall thereof formed
to provide a shoulder 6 and above the shoulder
the box is provided with external screw threads l.
Also for the box there is provided a removable
40 puff compartment 8 which latter is in the nature,
'in the present embodiment of the invention, of
a circular shallow tray provided with a depending
skirt internally threaded as at 9 complemental
to the threads 'I whereby the compartment 8 may
45 by readily screwed onto the wall of the receptacle
5 with the end of the skirt abutting the shoul
der 6. Also the skirt is provided internally with
a shoulder I0 to abut the uppermost edge of the
wall of the box 5 when the compartment is
threaded home onto the box.
The box or tray 8 is provided with a bottom I I
from which a segmental portion is removed to pro
vide a substantially segmental-shaped opening I2.
For the opening I2 there is provided a sub~
55 stantially segmental-shaped closure I3 which has
(Cl. 132-82)
wipingcontact with the under side of the bottom
II and is pivoted to the bottom I I as at i4. This
closure constitutes the adjustable means for gov
erning the amount of powder which may be de
sired to be applied to the puff.
To facilitate the shifting oi the closure I3 into
and out of position across the opening i2 said
closure I3 is provided with a handle or knob I5.
The removable box section or compartment 8
is adapted to receive and accommodate a con
ventional powder puff I6.
For the box there is also provided a cap or
closure I'I having a depending skirt adapted to be
sleeved onto the removal section 8 as shown.
The receptacle 5 is adapted to contain powder
I8 to the desired level.
When it is desired to apply powder to the body
cap I1 is removed.
The puit I6 is caused to con~
tact the powder I8 by slightly depressing the puff
through the opening I2 or by slight, gentle up
ward thrust of the box with the iingers holding
the puir in position over the opening I2.
It is thought that a clear understanding oi
the construction, utility and advantages `of the
invention will be had without a more detailed 25
It is to be further understood that while I have
herein shown and illustrated a preferred embodi
ment of the invention that it is in no wise in
tended to limit the invention to the specific de- ‘
tails of construction herein illustrated and de
scribed other than may be required by the scope
of the appended claim.
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed is:
A powder and puff container‘comprising a re
ceptacle, a partition member in the receptacle
dividing the same into a lower powder receiving
chamber and an upper puff receiving chamber,
a cover for the puif chamber, said partition hav
ing an opening therein of a size slightly less than
that of half of the partition, said opening being
located to one side of the center plane of the
partition, and a closure plate for said opening
movably supported on the under face of the par
tition, for entirely closing the opening or closing
the same to any desired extent, whereby by ad
justing the closure member any desired part of
half of a puiî placed in the puri chamber can
receive powder from the powder chamber by ñrst 50
adjusting the closure, then putting the puff in
place and then shaking the container to cause
the powder to contact the exposed under part of
the puiî.
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