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June_28, 1938.
R. KovAc
Filed Nov. ‘ 15, 1935
Patented June 28, 1938 I
Rudolph Konc, Chicago, 111., minor to Ameri
can Automatic Devices 00., Chicago, 111., a‘ cor
notation of Illinois
Application November 15, 1935, Serial No. 49,868
lclalm. (Cl. 240-43)
- My invention relates to lamps'of a type adapted
to be lighted by current from the storage battery
of a truck for use at one side of the truck, or in
any other suitable position as desired, and it has
5 for its object the provision of a new and improved
form and arrangement of parts in a device of
this character by which the lamp may be readily
secured in position below the body of a truck
its forward end adapted to act as a stop for lim
iting the backward movement of the member
or the like so as to be held normally in balanced
through the ring Ill. The casing member I9 is
held in position in the ring by a plurality of ribs 10
2| pressed outwardly in the metal of the member
in rear of the~ ring I0 as is clearly shown in Fig. 3.
The front end of the casing member I9 is closed
by a dished lens 22 which fits in the enlarged
portion 20 of the casing member IS, a gasket 23 15
being interposed between the lens and the casing
member, and the lens being held in position by
means of a resilient split ring device 24 which
bears against an outwardly turned ?ange 25 on
the lens and against the inner face of the en- 20
larged portion 20 of the housing. At its rear
0 position below its support and so'as to be capable
of yielding for swinging out of such balanced
position when it comes into contact with an ob
otherwise has ' pressure
It is another object of my invention to improve
the construction of a lamp of this type by reason
- of which the parts can be produced and assembled
with a minimum of trouble and expense. It is
I another object of my invention to improve de
“50 vices of this type in sundry details hereinafter
pointed out. The preferred means'by which I
‘ have accomplished my several objects are illus
trated in the drawing and are hereinafter speci?
cally described. That which I believe to be new
{,5 and desire to cover by Letters Patent is set forth
in the claim.
In the drawing,—
Fig. 1 is a side viewof my improved lamp in
cluding the means for mounting it in position;
bend very readily ?atwise in either direction
while serving to hold the ring fairly rigidly
against movement edgewise.
In the construction illustrated, my lamp com
prises a dished casing member l9 formed of sheet 5
metal having an enlarged annular portion 20 at
Fig. 2 is a front face view of the lamp as shown
in Fig. 1;
. Fig. 3 is a central vertical section through the
preferred form of my lamp; and
Fig. 4 is a rear face view of the support by which
35 my lamp is hung in position.
Referring now to the several figures of the
drawing, in which corresponding parts are indi
_ cated by the same reference characters, Ill indi
cates a ring formed of sheet metal and having a
40 lug l I extending upwardly therefrom, the ring be
ing arranged for supporting the body of the lamp
as hereinafter described. Attached to the lug
II and rising therefrom is a ?exible strap 12
formed of ?ber or other suitable material, a
45 bracket l3 being secured to the upper end of the '
strap l2 for mounting it in position beneath the’
body of a truck or the like. The strap I2 is se
cured to the lug Ii and the bracket l3 by vmeans
of rivets l4, plates I 5 and I6 being employed on
50 the rear face portions of the strap l2 for rein
face, the casing member I9 is provided with a
forwardly extending sleeve 26 into which an elec
tric light bulb 21 is adapted to be mounted oper
atively so as to have electrical connection with 25
the casing member l9 and with an electric wire 28.
By the use of my improved construction, with
the lamp mounted in balanced position below the
?exible strap l2, the lamp is normally supported
in such balanced position while being at the same 80
time free to move either backwardly or forwardly
to a considerable distance in case it should come
in contact with an obstruction or in case pressure
should otherwise be applied thereto. By the use
of the arrangement as shown and described for 35
connecting the parts together, I have provided
a structure which can be very quickly and easily
assembled so as to keep down the cost of con
struction of the lamp as a whole. '
While I prefer to employ the form of con- ‘0
struction as shown in' my drawing and as above
described, it is to be understood that the inven
tion is not. limited specifi- ally to the arrange
ment shown, since it will be understood that
changes might well be made without departing ‘5
from the spirit of my invention.
I claim:—
In a lamp of the type described, the combina
tion of a bracket, a flat strip attached at ‘0
forcing the structure. Between the plates I5 and one end to saidv bracket'a'nd adapted to bend
I5 I have provided an electrical conductor ll to readily flatwise but comparatively much more stiff
serve as a ground from the body of the lamp to edgewise, a casing connected to the other end of
the bracket 13 and thence to the body of the said strip, and a ?exible conductor also. in the
55 truck or other framework, such electrical con
form of a ?at strip and bent ?atwise into the 55
duetor in the arrangement shown being in the , form of a loop and connecting said bracket with
form of a band braided out of copper wires and said casing for establishing an electrical ground
bent upon itself so as to provide a loop portion l8
connection from the casing to the bracket.
therein. As will be readily understood, the strap
60 I2 and the looped conductor II are adapted to
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