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July 5, 1938.
Filed Feb. 18, 1937
Patented July 5, 1938
Ingolf Melvin Stensvad, Redwood Falls, Minn.
Application February 18, 1937, Serial No. 126,388
1 Claim.
(Cl. 131—52)
My invention relates to cigarettes as packed
and distributed in paper containers and provides
its stem end projecting at Sat slightly beyond the
end of the cigarette. The match stem is attached
for each cigarette a match attached thereto in a
to the side of the upper end of the cigarette, as
novel way, whereby there is not only a match
indicated at H, by adhesive material.
When the container is closed, the match ends
provided for the lighting of each cigarette, but
simple and efficient means for easily removing
the cigarettes from the package without damage
to the cigarettes.
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
10 ing drawing, wherein like characters indicate like
parts throughout the several views:
Referring to the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation showing a package of
cigarettes with the matches attached thereto in
15 accordance with my invention, some parts of the
container being broken away;
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of one of the removed
cigarettes with attached match;
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the cigarette and
20 match shown in Fig. 2;
90. will be under the cover, but when the cover
is opened, as shown in Fig. 1, there will be a
tendency for the cigarettes to move so as to pro
ject the match ends 9a. At any rate, these match
ends 9a, that are removed from the ignition heads
It), will always be available for engagement by 10
the ?ngers to pull the proper cigarette out of the
container without damaging either the‘ removed
or adjacent cigarettes. In these manipulations,
the ignition heads ID are not at any time engaged 15
by the fingers, and hence, they will not be dam- _
aged even if the ?ngers should be Wet or moist.
When the cigarette has been removed, the
match may be ignited and used to light the cig
arette. Of course no attempt should be made to 20
Fig. 4 is a side elevation of one of the cigarettes, light the match while it is attached to the ciga
the original position of the match being indicated ' rette. In actual practice the matches will lie
by dotted lines; and
Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the detached match.
The cigarettes 6, which, in themselves, are of
the usual construction, are contained in the cus
tomary paper container 1, which latter is pref
erably provided on one surface, such as its bot
tom, with a friction surface 8 for the lighting of
30 the matches.
The matches, which are preferably of the so
called “safety” type, comprise the customary body
portions 9 equipped at one end with the ignition
head Ill. The manner of attaching these
35 matches to the cigarettes is highly important.
Each match is attached to a cigarette with its
ignition head l0 located close to one side of the
intermediate portion of the cigarette, and with
very close to the cigarettes and the cigarettes
should be turned so that the heads I0 will come
in the more or less open spaces between the close- 25
ly packed cigarettes.
In actual practice the invention illustrated has
been found to be very convenient and desirable
for the reasons stated and for other reasons.
What I claim is:
A cigarette having attached thereto, at one
end only, the butt end of a match, with said butt
end projecting beyond- that end of the cigarette
and with the ignition head of the match in loose
contact with the intermediate portion of said cig- 35
arette, said match being directly secured to the
cigarette by adhesive means.
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