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July 5, 1938.
Filed Nov. 9, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet l
By???” 19m?‘
A itorneys
July 5, 1938.
Filed Nov. 9, 1956
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A iiorneys
Patented July 5, 1938
' Julian Buford Conner, Corpus Christi, Tex.
Application November 9, 1936, Serial No. 110,006
4 Claims. (Cl. 294-90)
The present invention relates to new and useful
improvements in elevators for oil or gas well rigs
or derricks and has for its primary object to
the guides 0 to 8, inclusive. Formed integrally
with the upper end of the guide 6 is an apertured
ear llv in which a lifting ring I2 is loosely
provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a
5, device of this character embodying novel means
, Ears l3 project from the guides ‘l and 8, as
for automatically centering the pipe in the well
casing while at the same time ?rmly securing said
Another very important object of the inven
shown to advantage in Figure 1 of the draw
ings, said ears having openings therein for registry
tion is to provide an elevator of the aforemen
tioned character comprising a pair of hingedly
connected complemental sections together with
novel means for releasably securing said sections
in closed position around the pipe.
Other objects of the invention are to provide
an elevator of the character described which will
be comparatively simple in construction, strong,
durable, highly efficient and reliable in use, com~
pact, light in weight and which may be manu
factured at low cost.
All of the foregoing and still further objects
and advantages of the invention will become ap
parent from a study of the following speci?cation,
taken in connection with the accompanying draw
ings wherein like characters of reference desig
nate corresponding parts throughout the several
views, and wherein:
Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of an
elevator constructed in accordance with the pres
ent invention.
Figure 2 is a view in side elevation thereof.
Figure 3 is a top plan view.
Figure 4 is a fragmentary View in vertical sec
tion, taken substantially on the line 4—4 of
Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary view in rear eleva
tion of the device.
Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will
be seen that the embodiment of the invention
40 which has been illustrated comprises a metallic
ring which is designated generally by the refer
ence numeral I, said ring including a pair of
complemental half sections 2 and 3 which are
hingedly connected at one end, as at 4. Pro
45 jecting from diametrically opposite sides of the
ring I are tapered guides 5, A tapered guide 6
projects from the hingedend of the ring section
2 adjacent the hinge 4,_while tapered guides 1
with each other when the ring sections 2 and 3 are
closed. The latch I0 includes a vertical cylinder
M in which a bolt I5 is slidably mounted. A collar 10
IB is provided on the lower portion of the bolt [5
in the cylinder M for engagement by a coil spring
I‘! for yieldingly urging said bolt downwardly.
As best seen in Figure 4 of the drawings, the
lower end portion of the bolt I5 is engageable in 15
the registering openings of the ears l3 for re
leasably locking the ring sections 2 and 3 in
closed position.
The latch I0 further includes a lifting plate l8
for the bolt 15 which is secured on the upper 20
end portion of said bolt. The lifting plate l8
comprises an upstanding integral neck [9 in
which the bolt I5 is secured by a pin 20.
It is thought that the manner of using the de
vice will be readily apparent from a considera 25
tion of the foregoing, particularly to those skilled
in the art to which said device pertains. A hoist
line (not shown) is attached to the ring l2 and
the ring sections 2 and 3 are closed around the
section of the pipe to be raised or lowered in the 30
well between the coupling or joint of the pipe.
The device is, of course, secured in closed posi
tion by the latch I0. The tapered guides 5 to B,
inclusive, engage the walls of the well casing in
a manner to automatically center the pipe therein. 35
When the bolt I5 is in lowered or locking position
the lifting plate 18 is engaged between the guides
'l and 8 in a manner to be protected thereby, thus
preventing said plate from being accidentally ele
vated and unlocking the device. In order to open 40
the ring sections 2 and 3 for releasing the pipes
the bolt I5 is raised and the bolt 15 may be held
in raised position against the tension of the coil
spring IT by swinging the lifting plate [8 over
the upper end of the guide 8. The reference
numeral 2| designates a suitable ?tting for
lubricating the latch l0. Hand holds in the form
of open rims 22 connect the upper portions of the
guides of the ring sections 2 and 3 in spaced
relation from said ring sections to facilitate plac
and 8 are provided on the free end portions of the
50 ring sections 2 and 3. It will be observed that
the guide 8 is spaced from the free end of the
ing said ring sections around the pipe.
ring section 3, thus providing a chamber 9 for
the reception of a latch which is designated gener
ally by the reference numeral lll. It will also be
55 observed that the side ‘guides 5 are wider than
It is believed that the many advantages of an
elevator constructed in accordance with the pres
ent invention will be readily understood, and al
though a preferred embodiment of the device is as
illustrated and described, it is to be understood
that changes in the details of construction and in
the combination and arrangement of parts may
be resorted to which will fall within the scope of
the invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:—
1. An elevator or" the class described compris
ing a ring including a pair of complemental half
sections hingedly connected at one end, means for
10 releasably securing the rings together in closed
position around a pipe, tapered guides projecting
from the ring forlcentering the pipe in the well
casing of a well, and a rim connecting the upper
free end portions of the ring sections and being
spaced from each other
a manner to de?ne a
said ' certain
guides having openings therein for registry with
each other when the ring sections are in closed
position around a pipe section, and a latch mount
ed on one of said certain guides and engageable
in the ears for releasably locking the ring sec
tions in closed position, said latch including a
cylinder, a‘spxgingactuated bolt mounted for ver 10
tical reciprocation in said cylinder, and a lifting
plate mounted on the upper end portion of said
bolt, said lifting plate being engaged in the '
portions of the guides in spaced relation to the chamber when the bolt is in operative position
ring sections, said rim constituting a hand grip.
and being engag‘eable on said one of said certain
2. An elevator of the class described compris
guides for holdingthe bolt in inoperative position. 15
ing a ring including a pair of complemental‘ half
4'. An elevator of the class described compris
sections hingedly connectedlatonesend, tapered; ing aringincllldziw-ngz apair of complemental half
guides on the ring for centering the same in a
well casing, a pair of the guides being on the‘ free
end portions: of the ringsections. and beingspaced
fromieach otherlin a manner tqde?ne achamber.
sections, hingedly connected at one end and en
gageable around a pipe, a plurality of spaced,
tapered guides projectingfrom- the ring- sections,
certain 01$ saidguidesbeing on the free endpprga
tionsot the ring, sections and spaced from; each;
other fer providing-a chamber therebetween»,‘_and
when the ring sections are‘ in, closed position a latch mounted in, said chamber for releasably:
around ai‘pipe section, an-d'a latch'mounted, on . locking the ring sections in closed position, said; 25
onei‘ot said certain guidesand engageable in the: latch including a spring actuated ‘reciprocating,
ears. for releasably lockingfther ring sections, in, bolt, and a lifting plate mounted on said bolt and,
ciosed. position,
being. engageable in. the chamber, between, said
3:. An elevator of, the- class described compris
certain, guides. whenthev bolt is in operative- posi.-.
ing a" ring including‘ a pair. of complemental half tion,vsaid plate further being engageable onloneg 30
therebetween, ears.‘ on said- certain guides having
openings therein for registry with each other
sections hingedly connected at one end, tapered
guides on the ring for centering the, same in a
well casing, certain of the guides being‘ onv the
of. said, certain guides for securing the» bolt in,
inoperative position.
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