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~ Enicst'O. Crocker, neimtntzana-miwaramniu-i =
lngs, Acton,~Mass., iasslgnors to Arthur-=1).
Little, Inc., a corporation of Massachusetts
1 Ne Drawing. Application April- 10, 1934.
Serial No. 719,894
- 12 Claims.
(01. 1831-45)‘ , ,
‘Our invention relates to ?lters and ?ltering7 '7 portions of the ingredients maybe varied to suit
'materials' for use in?ltering air and'other gases. . the particularrequirements of each case; we, have
More particularly,it relates to materials or sub " found that, for example, 100 parts by weight each
stances: of an oily nature to which dust or the like of tricresyl, phosphate and water, together with
5 ‘will ‘adhere, such substance being applied ‘to , about 2 parts of'soap, make a- satisfactory emul
sion. After applying the emulsion, by any de
. glass wool or othermaterial forming the base or
supporting mediu'm therefor.
' sired means, to the glass wool or other base, the
_ therto, the so-called adhesive or dust catch-. , water. contained in the emulsion is driven off. .
,e .
ling and retaining material used on ?lters has been
it) typically a. petroleum oil, more or less thickened
,This results in the ?rm attachment of the tri
cresyl‘ phosphate to the ?bres of the base, by 10
, by the solution therein of soaps or similar sub- ‘ .. means of the soap or other emulsifying agent.
Such a material is effective as a dust . I If tricresyl phosphate isused alone on glass
wool or similar base,lit does not adhere closely,
catcher and retainer, ‘but suffers from two serious
defects: ?rst, oil drains slowly away from the
and drains off more or less in the course of time,
thereby damaging the’ product as regardslboth 15
life of the ?lter, making for unsightliness and effectiveness and. appearance. ' When applied in
‘fire hazard; and second, if ?ame reaches an air. 'the manner of this invention, however, the tri
cresyl phosphate is dispersed in and on'the emule
?lter‘, serious ?re may result’ from the combus
15 ?brous base during a considerable portion of they
tion of the oily‘ adhesive ?nely dispersed over the
20 ?brous base.
' ‘
Attempts to lessen this hazard have been made
' by use of very heavy oils, which are relatively less
‘sifying agent, and is well attached so that ‘the
tendency to drain away'over a period of time is
largely eliminated. The emulsi?er should have
thiscapacity'to disperse and to hold the dust
catching medium, and shouldalso' be capable of
in?ammable, though freely combustiblewhen ig
coating or wetting the ?bres of glass or other
nited. This results in lowered dust-collecting ef
25 ?ciency, for such heavy oils, by virtue of their ex
treme viscosity, are poor adhesives. Other ate
material instead of collecting, along their length 25
in a series .of spaced droplets characteristic of
tempts have.‘ been made to, securenon-i'n?am- "
materials which do not .wet the glass‘.
mability by the addition of highly-chlorinated
The non-in?ammable properties of‘ the ad
hesive material are-apparently ‘due to its break-_
down, when exposed to ?ame, whereby smoke or 30
gases consisting largely of fully oxidized (and
hence not further combustible) "materials are
produced.’ In the case of tricresyl phosphate
(Lindol), this oxidized material is rich in P205
organic compounds to oils of moderate viscosity.
30 All ‘of the. trulyv ?ame-proof chlorinated come
~ .. pounds, such asj-the chlorinated naphthalenes'
-,and the chlorinated -diphenyls,-are themselves
' “ 1i 'so1ids,'and when used‘in su?icient amount to se
. cure reasonable ?re-proofness, render the oil a
_35 pasty solid which has very low dust-catching ef
“ ?ciency, and usually has decided. odor.
‘ . - \
which apparently acts to blanket the flame and
- prevent‘ it from. spreading __further.
object of‘ our invention is to overcome the
‘ . In cases where ?ame-proof characteristics are
above noted drawbacks to dust catching materials ' of little importance, thin petroleum oils may be
, heretofore ‘in use, and to provide a non-in?am
40. rna'ble, odorless and inexpensive'material to which
usedin the same way and with practically the
same effectiveness as tricresyl phosphate." ~Simi
dust will readily adhere and having a large capac , larly, mixtures of the‘latter‘with such voils may
ity-for ‘holding-dust and which, moreover, is ‘ be used, where some ?ame-resistance is desired.
' adapted-to-be' appliedto glass wool or other
w J ?brous-materials used for air' ?lters.
45 '
We claim:
‘ -
1_. A ?ltering Imaterial comprising‘ a ?brous‘
We have discovered that tricresyl phosphate,‘ base, and a coating of tricresyl phosphate.
'_ {which is-available commercially as “Lindol”, is a
2. A ?ltering ‘material comprising; a ?brous
' ’ material having'thedesirable- properties herein
.bas'e, anda coating of tricresyl phosphate ?nely
' ._ ‘before set'forth and adapted to the purposes. of
dispersed and ?rmly anchored to said base.
" our invention.
Tricresyl phosphate, although of ' ' » 3. A ?ltering materialcomprising glass wool,
5o relatively low ,ViSCOSltY, can, by the method of . and‘ a coating ‘of tricresyl phosphate anchored
this invention, be caused to adhere ?rmly to the
4. The. method‘ which comprises emulsifying
ingio'ut this invention, we ?rst prepare an aqueous _ tricresyl phosphate with a water-soluble agent,
emulsion of the'tricres'yl phosphate, using a suit- I applying the emulsion to a base of ?brous mate
' ‘ glass wool-or other base of the‘ ?lter.
rInv-carrye- '
55' able emulsi?ersuch as common soda soap. Pro; 1‘ rial, and driving off the‘ water contained in the
emulsion, leaving the tricresyl phosphate adhering
v as a coating‘ to said ?brous base. .
8. A ?ltering ‘material comprising a ?brous base,
and a coating thereon compriainga' mixture or
5'. The method 01'. forming a ?ltering material - petroleum
oil and tricresyl phosphate. " n
vwhich comprises emulsifying tricreayl phosphate
‘with a soda soap, applying the. emulsion to a base
‘of ?brous material, and driving oil’ the water from‘
said emulsion, leaving the tricres'yl phosphate as
a coating adhering to said ?brous material.- 5
> i 9. Aillter comprising ‘a base. and a coating
1. thereon 01' an ester oi’
an acidlot phosphorus.
' '
10. A nlter comprising av base, and a coating
thereon‘of tricresylphosphate.‘
’_ _.
6. A ?ltering material comprising a base or ' ' 1.1. A gas ?ltering material-comprising a porous I
10 glass wool, and a coating thereon of oily mate
?brous base, and a coating thereon‘ or tricreayl
rial comprising‘ tricresyl phosphate‘ ?nely died
persed and adhering to the wool.
I I '
7. "A ?ltering material comprising'anbrous baae; ’ '
a 12. A gas ?lter ‘comprising-a porous base: and‘a
coating thereon oftrlcresyi phosphate. ‘ '
‘and a coating thereon or an; ester oi.’ an'_‘acid oi’ ‘
- nowann J.BH.L1N_GS.‘
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