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July 5,' 1938.
'. 2,122,576
Filed Jan. 21, 1938
Patented July 5, 1938
Aigot Larson, New York, N. Y., assignor to Unique
Balance Company, New York, N. 1., a corpora
tion of Illinois
‘Application January 21, 1938, Serial No. 186,065
2 Claims.
(01. 16—19'l)
1 This invention relates to window sash balances
of the general character of that shown in Letters
Patent of the United States No. 2,041,646, dated
May 19, 1936, granted to Unique Balance Com
5 pam as the assignee of Algot' Larson, in which
each sash is counterbalanced by a coiled spring
or coiled springs with which is associated a metal
tube for the purpose of preserving the slim
ment of the spring or springs andin which in
o the movement of the sash there is more or less
relative movement in contact as between the
tube and the spring or springs. It has been
found that in the operation of such window sash
balances that in the movement of the sash there
15 is some grating noise caused by the relative
movement of the spring or springs and the
tube in contact and some condensation of mois
The‘window frame, in which the present‘ in- ‘
vention is to be embodied, may have as usual‘a
head or lintel a, a jamb a1 with a parting strip a2
and a sill a3, the upper sash b and'the lower
sash b1 being arranged to move vertically in the
frame. For each upper sash and each lower
sash there is provided at each side a. counter
balance which, as fully explained in said Let
ters Patent, is connected to the respective sash,
such counterbalance comprising an alining tube 10
c, an internal torsion spring (2, a long spiral
member e, and an external supplemental ex
- tension spring a.
The alining tube 0 is formed of a metal strip
01, whichhas secured to it, as by cement,.before 15
rolling, at one side, as shown in Figures 2 and 3,
a lining sheet c2 of paper or other similarma
ture on the surface of'the tube, either internal - terial, or as shown in Figures 4, 5 and 6, at the _
or external, which tends to cause corrosion of the
20 spring or springs. It is the object or this inven
tion to provide means for deadening the sound
other side also, a similar lining sheet 03. Tough
paper is found to be a suitable material for the 20
_ and, as well, for absorbing such moisture and in
It will now be understood that such lining of
the tube, whether internal 'or external, serves to
deaden the sound due to the relative movement
in contact of the adjacent internal spring or ex- 25
ternal spring or both, as the case may be, and
serves also to absorb such moisture as may gath
er on the adjacent surface of the tube and so pro
tect the spring or springs from corrosion.
accordance with the invention there is provided
for such tube, either externally or internally
25 or both, a lining, as of ‘paper or other similar
material, whichin practical operation has been
found to overcome the difficulties referred to.
In the drawing, in which the invention is il
Figure 1 is a view, partly in elevation and
’ partly in section, of a window to which the in
vention is applied. .
Figure 2 is a view in perspective of a strip
of sheetmetal, adapted i'or‘the formation of the
3-5 tube, with the paper-like lining applied thereto.
partly broken away.
' ,
Figure 3 is a cross-section or the same on a
larger scale.
Figure 4 is a view in cross-section of a tube
40 with thelpaper-like liningsapplied thereto.
Figure 5 is a detail view of the same in'vertical
‘section, the counterbalance springs and spiral
being also shown, andv
Figure 6 is a detail view similar to Figure 3.
5 but showing the lining applied to both sides of
themetal sheet from which the tube is formed.
I claim as my invention:
1. In a window sash balance, the combination
of a counterbalance spring, and a metal spring
30 I
alining tube, the tube having adjacent the spring
a lining of paper-like material whereby the sound
of relative movement between the spring and the 35
tube is deadened and provision is made for ab
sorption of moisture. ,
2. In a windowsash balance, the combination '
of a metal spring-alining tube, a torsional‘ spring
within the tube, and a tension spring outside the 40
tube, the tube having on each side a‘ lining of
paper-like material whereby the sound of rela- ' '
tive movement between the springs and the tube
isdeadened and provision is'made for absorption
of moisture.
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