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ju?y 5, 19.
Filed March 51 , 1957
HOW/1RD C. 5TER/vBE/eq
Patented July 5, 1938
Howard C. Sternberg, Akron, Ohio
Application March 31, 1937, Serial No. 134,040
2 Claims.
This invention relates to protectors, and more
especially it relates to body protectors such as
commonly are Worn by athletes for protection to
the shoulders, elbows, and knees.
The chief objects of the invention are to pro
vide an improved knee pad that may be Worn
Without binding or other discomfort; that will
not move out of place While in use; that is nat
urally shaped to fit the knee of the wearer; and
10 that is inherently resilient longitudinally so as
to ?ex freely and thus to yield to movements
of the wearer’s limb. Other objects will be mani
fest as the speci?cation proceeds.
Of the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the protector, in its
preferred form, in applied position upon the
knee of the user;
Fig. 2 is a rear elevation thereof,'on a larger
scale, parts being broken away for clearness of
Fig. 3 is a section, on a larger scale, on the
line 3—-3 of Fig. 2; and
Fig. 4 is a side elevation of a resilient element
of the protector structure.
Referring to the drawing, particularly Fig. 1
thereof, there is shown a complete protector com
prising a frontpiece or knee pad III, a. retaining
strap II, and a back piece I2. The knee pad
I0 is of general scoop shape, that is, its upper
30 portion is concavo-convex both longitudinally
and transversely, its lower portion being con
cave-convex only in a transverse direction. It
is designed to fit snugly over the knee as shown,
being held in place by the strap II that encir
35 cles the leg below the knee and above the calf,
the back piece I2 being mounted upon said
The outer or convex surface of the knee pad
ID consists of pliable leather, and is constructed
40 of two pieces or blanks of leather I4, I4 that are
stitched together along one margin of each piece
to form a seam I5, said margin being arcuate in
part so as to impart a natural concavo-convex
shape to the assembled leather parts. The leath
45 er pieces I4'are slit at I6, I6 to permit the strap
to be threaded therethrough, in a direction
transversely of the seam I5. Upon the inner
or concave side of the seam I5 is positioned a
resilient stiffening member or stay N that may
50 be of bone or celluloid, but preferably is of spring
steel in strip or ?at form.
As is shown most
clearly in Fig. 4, the member I‘! is arcuate in
(Cl. 2—22)
part and thus conforms to the shape of the as
sembled leather parts I4. The member I1 is held
securely in place by a leather strip I8 that over
lies said member I‘! and is stitched to the leather
parts I4.
The concave side of the pad is faced with
sheepskin 26 with the ?eece side exposed so as
to be next to the skin of the wearer, the sheep
skin preferably being adhered to the leather I4.
The peripheral margin of the pad has a binder 10
2| of leather or cloth stitched thereto, which
binder covers the exposed edges of the leather
I4 and sheepskin 20, and gives the pad a ?n
ished appearance.
Like the knee pad ID, the back piece I2 may
be constructed of a single piece of leather that
is lined with sheepskin, and is suitably slit to
receive the strap I I. The back piece prevents
the strap from cha?ng the leg.
Because of the natural scoop shape of the pro
tector, it closely hugs the knee of the wearer
and does not slip down even during the most
violent exercise. Because of the natural tend
ency of the pad to stay in position, but one at
taching strap is required, and freedom of flexure
of the knee is not hampered. The stay I‘! nor
mally retains the pad in its preferred shape, but
does not hamper ?exure of the pad incidental
to normal use thereof. The protector is light in
weight and achieves the other objects set out 30
in the foregoing statement of objects.
Modi?cation may be resorted to without de
parting from the spirit of the invention or the
scope of the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
1. A knee protector comprising a ?exible pad
ded structure that is longitudinally arcuate in a
portion, at least, of its structure, and a resilient,
longitudinally arcuate stay in said structure ex
tending longitudinally thereof and yieldingly
maintaining the longitudinally arcuate shape
2. A knee protector comprising a flexible pad
ded structure that is longitudinally and trans
versely arcuate in the portion thereof that is dis
posed above the knee and transversely arcuate
in the portion that is disposed below the knee,
and a resilient longitudinally extending stay po
sitioned centrally within said structure, said stay
being arcuate in the region thereof that is dis
posed above the knee.
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