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Q July 5, 1938.
Filed Sept. 2'7, 1937
31/24/72!’ 2130/“ .sf/vm
Patented July 5, 1938
David '1“. Borgstrom, Los Angeles, Calif.
.vApplication'september 27,-1937, Serial No. 165,815
6 Claims.- (Cl. 126-125)
This invention relates to a reversible or rotat
able ?replace structure which is capable of being
installed'in a position wherein it ?lls an opening
through oneor more partitions in order that
5 the ?replace may be rotationally adjusted to pre
sent its open side to any one of a plurality of
rooms which are separated from each other by
thejpartition or partitions in which the ?replace
10 ' An'object of the invention is to utilize heat
in a ?replace structure by‘constructing the ?re
place‘in such a manner that while one room is
being heated by radiation of heatfrom-an open
fireplace, another room would be heated by the
15 conduction of'heat through a closure wall pro
vided ior'one side ‘of the ?replace.’
Another object of the invention is to provide
a ?replace structure ‘which while heating one
room by means of‘an open ?replace and heating
20 another room through a ?replace wall thus safe
guards children who may be occupying the lat
ter room from direct contact with the ?re within
the ?replace.
Among other objects of the invention is to
25 provide a superior mounting means for a rotat
able ?replace structure; to provide superior
means for conserving the heat produced in the
?replace; and to improve upon various details
of ?replace construction as will hereinafter ap
Referring to the accompanying drawing which
illustrates what is at present deemed to be a pre
ferred embodiment of the invention,
Fig. 1 is a front view of a ?replace structure
as the same appears within a room which is
heated by conduction of heat through the ?re
place wall.
Fig. 2‘ is a vertical mid-section taken on line
2—2 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a transverse section on line 3—3 of
Fig. 2.
Referring in detail to the drawing, the ?re
place is shown installed within a building struc
ture having a floor Hi and a partition I I, said par
45 tition being furnished with an opening l2 adja
cent to the ?oor. Above said opening I! there
is built into the wall a conically shaped hood 13
which communicates at its upper end with a wall
?ue I4.
In the lower portion of the partition opening
!2 is built a circular stationary base 15 of any
suitable ?reproof material. The rotatable ?re
place construction is mounted upon said base
and includes a circular base plate l6 which is
preferably supported upon said base by means
of antifriction balls or rollers I’! which travel
upon an annular track member l'lt. Upon said
base plate is mounted in a ?xed relation thereto
‘an angular ?replace wall structure 20 external
to which is a somewhat more than semi-circular
plate-or wall l8, said wall l8 extending up to a
point substantially on the level with the lower
edge of ‘the conical hood 13. By preference and
as shown the angular wall structure 20 is made
to simulate a brick wall ?replace interior, while
the convexed wall portion I8 is suitably orna
‘The rotary portion of the ?replace structure
is completed by a frustro-conical shell 22 the
lower edge of which vforms an upper continua
tion of said curved wall 2!, said frustro-conical
1partlcornmunicating at its upper end with a ?ue
tube 23 which communicates with the ?ue I4,
the outer wall portions and vthe top cross wall
lila. Vent openings I8a are provided to allow
heated air to pass through the wall l8 into the
room behind the open side of the ?replace.
As shown in Fig. 2 the stationary hood [3
does not taper upwardly as rapidly as the rotat
able conical member 22 and is also of a some
what greater diameter at its lower end than the
latter member. Also the inner angle of the ?re
place wall portion 20 is spaced a considerable
distance from the central portion of the convexed
wall l8. By this arrangement a hot air chamber 0
is provided between the walls I8 and IQ of the
rotatable ?replace construction, this chamber
having a lower base portion 24 and an upper
portion 25. In order to add to the amount of
heat conducted from the inner wall portion of
the ?replace the shell 22 is provided in its lower
portion and at the back side of the ?replace
with an alcove 26 produced by forming a two
part angular depression in the wall at this point.
A restricted angular throat results between the
two parts of said depression, thus producing more
efficient heat radiation at this point.
The stationary hood I3 is furnished with an
open grill work [3a thus affording tapered open
ings |3b in said hood through which the hot air 45
radiates from the conical part of the ?replace
freely into the rooms.
A variety of means may be used to rotate the
?replace structure manually or otherwise through
a semi-circumference for the purpose of revers
ing the position thereof so that the open side
of the ?replace may be transferred from one
room to the room on the opposite side of the par
tition H. In Fig. 2 of the drawing is shown the
?ue spout 23 having a wheel pulley 30 attached
externally thereto which is rotatediby a beit 3|
passing over a pulley 32 ?'xed to The shaft 33
of a motor 34. If desiredi'a crank 35 may be
added for manual rotation of the structure.
At each side of the rotatable ?replace structure
'a sealing member 33 may be provided, said mem
ber cooperating with the moving ?anges 311 which
croiwd up close to the wall to make a good closure
when the ?replace is turned into registeriwith
10 either of the rooms between which the partition
I claim:
hood having an opening fthrough its top portion
and said partition having a ?ue vertically above
said opening thriiugh said hood; and a ?replace
turnable? in a horizontal plane and occupying
said opening in said partition, said ?replace h-av- '
ing an open lower side portion and a'lconical
“top portion furnished with anrouter wall and
with an inner wall in an internally spaced rela
tion to said outer wall, thus providing a heat
radiating chamber, said. inner wall being fur 10
nished with a ?ne spout which projects upwardly
into the aforementioned ?ue in the partition in a
1. In combination, a building structure includ
turnable relation thereto, and means to turn said
ing rooms separated by an upstanding partition ?replace to present its open side toward the de
15 with an opening through it and a conical hood sired side of said partition, the ?rst recited hood 15
over said opening, said partition having a ?ue having openings through it to admit heat into
leading upwardly from the space occupied by the rooms. '
said hood, and a ?replace in said opening, said
4. The subject matter of claim 3 and, said
?replace having a conical top portion which com ‘?ue’ spout of said ?repiace having a wheel por
20 municates with said ?ue, said ?replace also hav
tion which forms a portion of said means for
ing a ?replace opening and being turnably ad
turning the ?replace.
justable to direct said opening towards a selected a
5. A ?replace structure positioned between ad
room of aforesaid rooms.
jacent rooms and including a conical top portion
2. In combination, a building structure includ
above a combustion space, said conical top por
25 ing rooms separated by an upstanding partition tion having an outer heat radiating wall and a 2,5
with an opening through it and a hood over said wall spaced inwardly therefrom, said inner wall
opening, said partition having a ?ue ieading
upwardly from the space occupied by said hood,
and a ?replace in said opening, said fireplace
having a top, portion which communicates with
said ?ue, said top‘ portion being positioned to di
rect heat against the inner surface of said hood,
and said hood having an open grill work to allow
conducting the products of combustion upward
ly from, said combustion space, said inner ‘wall
having exteriorly formed in it an alcove which
augments the amount‘ of heat radiated by said 3.9
inner wall into the space between the outer and
inner wall of said conical top‘ portion of‘ said ‘
the heat- to pass freely therethrough.
3. In combination, a building structure in
6. The subject matter of claim 5, and, said
alcove consisting'of two opposed angular wall 35
eluding rooms separated by an upstanding parti
tion having an opening through it, a hood in said
opening extending downwardly rom the part of
said partition which is above said opening, said
depressions having an angular throatbetween
them through which the products of combustion
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