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Filed Aug. - so. 1935 '
3% ‘j
Fig.5.‘ I
/ ll,
5, ‘1938 _.
V 2,122,791
\- ‘2,122,797
wmnsmnnn CLEANER
Products Corporation, Bull’
0, . Y. to
Erwin C. HortonyHamburg, N.
__ Application August 30,-‘; 1935, Serial No. 38,612
‘a Claims.
This invention relates to windshield cleaners
and particularly to improved means for attaching
the wiper blade carrying arm to the motor shaft
or other actuating or supporting part.
According to the-invention such shaft or part
. is provided with an extension with which a part
Russutn ‘
Oct 8- 1940
(01. 15-255) -
upper section of the wiper blade carrying arm of
which the lower section or arm proper is desig
nated by numeral 22, has an upper wall 23 ad
Jacent the end of shaft l4, front wall 24 adjacent
portion it of the shaft extension, lower wall‘ 25 '
adjacent portion IQ of the shaft extension and
lower front wall 26 which is formed to bear upon
the forward surface of portion I‘! of the shaft ex
cluding spring means, whereby; thesection con~ ' tension. The front surface of portion 26 has a
nected to the blade is moved relative to the semi-cylindrical projection 21 with axis of curva-_
,. of the wiper arm is engaged.
The arm comprises
two_ sections having an articulated connection in
. other section toward the windshield glass. The
connection between the extension from the sup
' - porting shaft or ‘part and the section of the arm
that engages the extension is such that the spring
ture extending transversely to and spaced radially
from the axis of shaft l4.
Arm proper 22, preferably formed of sheet
.15 means maintains it substantially rigid,'whereby~ metal, has a front wall 28 of which the upper.
portion 29. is curved to. conform to the curvature 15
during normal operation the extension and con
nected arm section move as a unit, although they
of projection 21 and is seated thereon. The up
per side walls 3|, 3| of arm 22 extend rearwardly
. may be disconnected without the use of special~
from wall 28, and embrace the side surfaces of
3 , tools or implements by manual movement of the 'shaftv extension portion l1 and lower wall 26 of
parts against the pressure of the spring means.
The latter, byreaction of the force urging one
,the casing section as shown in Fig. 4.
arm section toward the windshield glass, retains
thereover side wall portions 32 of the ‘arm as
shown in Fig. 5, is a resilient metal strip or leaf
spring 33, the free end of which presses against
portion ll of the arm extension. The lower end 25
of arm section 22 and the wiper blade 34 are pro
vided with suitable detachable connection means
35 whereby the blade may be moved with the arm
the articulated connection between the two arm
sections, although permitting’manual disconnec
25,. tion of the sections.
These and other objects and advantages will
Q, become apparent from the following description
I of the one typical embodiment of the invention
shown in the accompanying drawing, wherein:
Secured to‘arm 22, preferably by clenching
in ‘wiping contact with the windshield glass.
Fig. 1 is a side.elevation of a windshield cleaner
normal operation of the windshield cleaner 30v
assembly embodying the ‘invention and mounted ' theInspring
33 coacti-ng with arm section 22 clamps
upon the header and windshield construction of therebetween parts 28 and i1, thereby retaining
v Fig. 2 is a longitudinal-sectional view of the arm extension parts l4, l6 and I8 seated in re
cess 20 of casing section i9 so that the latter
35 connecting means and adjacent parts;
is keyed for movement with the shaft l4. Fur 35
Fig. 3 is a rear'view of said connecting means, ther, and because the point at which spring 33
I the shaft appearing in section;
presses against shaft extension portion I1 is be
Fig. 4 is a sectional ‘view taken along section low the axis of cylindrical projection 21, the arm
line 4-4 of Fig. v2; and,
22 is moved about the latter toward the wind
Fig. 5 is a.v section taken along section line shield, i. e., in a counter clockwise direction as the
5--5 of Fig. 1.
As shown in Figs. 1 and 2 a windshield clean
er motor H is mounted upon the header con‘
vparts appear in Fig. 2. Thus, the spring, in ad
dition to maintaining the keyed relationship of
the shaft i4 and arm section l9, and ‘maintaining
struction l2 above the windshield glass I3, the the articulated
connection 21,29 between ‘the two
45 motor having an angularly oscillatory shaft l4
arm sections I9, 22, also functions to retain the 45
extending forwardly through a tubular extension, blade
pressed into wiping engagement with the
l5 of the motor housing. The forward end of windshield glass.
shaft It is deformed to provide radially extend' The. arm section 22 may, of course, be readily
ving portions l6 and I‘! connected by a portion l8 detached from casing section l9 by moving the
50 that substantially parallels the end of the shaft portion 29 outwardly against resistance of the
spring and thence downwardly, and thereafter
The end of the shaft M‘ and the portions 16 and section l9 can be detached from the shaft by sim
I8 constitute a loop which is snugly received
within an elongated recess-20 formed on the rear
55 ward face of a casing section l9.
The‘latter, the
ply moving it‘ forwardly. It will be understood
that the terms "upper”, "lower", and the'like are
used herein and in the appended claimsfor con 55
'venience of description alone and not in any re
strictive sense, since the windshield cleaner may
be mounted in many different angular positions,
strip having one end secured to the arm and its
other end bearing upon a rear face of said part.
5. In a windshield cleaner, a shaft 'havingat
the forward end thereof a projection constituting
a pivot and a part extending radially beyond said
pivot, an arm having a portion disposed forward
ly of and bearing upon said pivot, and a resilient
strip having‘ one end'secured to the arm and its
other end bearing upon a rear face of said part,
the resilient member urging movement of the arm 10
relative to the shaft about said pivot toward the
,as, for example, at the lower or.side edges of
windshield rather than at the upper edge as il
I claim:
1. In a windshield cleaner, a shaft having a
depending projection with forward, upper and
10 lower ‘surfaces; a member detachable upon said
depending projection of the shaft and having sur
‘faces engaging said forward, upper and lower
windshield and retaining said portion of the arm 1
bearing pivotally upon said pivot.
surfaces; a wiper arm having an articulated con
6. In a windshieldcl'eaner, a shaft having at
nection to said member whereby the arm may
15 move about the point of connection toward the
windshield, and spring means acting between said
projection and arm for urging the latter about
its pivot toward the windshield. and to retain sai
member upon said projection.
the forward‘ end thereof a depending part, a wiper 15
arm having one end bearing upon the forward
surface of the depending part at a point above
the end thereof,'said arm and depending part at
said point being formed to constitute an articu
lated connection when the arm is pressed against
said depending part, a leaf spring secured at one
end to said arm and having its other end resilient
2. In a windshield cleaner, a shaft having a
radial extension, a casing member engaging the
._ outer end of the shaft and said extension to pre
1y pressing against thev rearward side of said de
pendency at the-end thereof, whereby said artic
ulated connection is maintained and the arm is
urged about said connection toward the_wind
clude relative movement about the axis ‘of the
shaft proper between the, casing member and
25 shaft, an arm having an articulated connection to
the casing member aboutan axis transverse to
shield glass.
, the axis of the shaft proper ‘and spaced there
from in the direction of extent of said radial ex
tension, and a‘ spring member carried by the arm
30 and engaging a rearward surface of said exten
;toward the windshield, the secured end of the
‘spring being received within ‘the channel of the
arm and the side walls‘ of the channel being
3. In a windshield cleaner, a shaft having a
radial extension adjacent the forward end there
nection to said member for vmovement relative
armfor bearing against such supporting part for
urging ‘the arin- about the axis of the bearing
toward the windshield surface, and to clamp the
of, a ‘member detachably seated upon the exten
sion and having surfaces bearing upon a for
ward, an upper and a lower surface of said ex
.40 tension, a wip'er arm having an articulated ,con
nel cross-section having bearing means at the
upper end thereof for ‘pivotally bearing upon a
supporting part,‘ and a leaf spring secured to the
sion for urging relative movement between the
casing and arm about said axis to urge the arm
casing member to said extension.
'7. Ina windshield cleaner, a wiper arm of chan
8. In a windshield cleaner, a shaft having. a
radiallyv extending part, a casing member detach
. V. able from“ the shaft and engaging the outer end
thereof, an arm having an articulated connection
thereto toward and away from the windshield
surface, and a spring acting between the wiper
to ' the casing member for movement relative
forward end thereof a projection constituting a
movethe arm toward the windshield and to hold
the casing member engaged with the arm.
thereto about ‘an axis transverse to the axis of
I arm and said extension to urge the wiper arm to‘ v the shaft, and spring means effective between
said arm» and said part for urging relative move
45 Ward the windshield glass and to clamp the cas
between the casing member and arm about
,ing member to said extension.‘
of said articulated connection tending to ‘
_ 4. In a windshield cleaner, a shaft having at the
pivot and a part extending radially beyond said
pivot, an arm having a portion disposed forward
ly of and bearing upon said pivot, and a resilient
1 Eawni o. HORTON. 1
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