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July 5, 1938.
` ` H. P. wlcKl-:RSHAM ET AL
Filed May 10, 1935
2 Shee'cs-Sheeí'l l .
ow@ f
July 5, 1938. v I
P. wlcKERsHAM yE1- AL
' Patented July 5, 1.938
- Ñaizzìsz?
Harry P. Wickersham, Huntington Park, _and
_` Erwin Burns, Los Angeles, Calif.
I'Application May 10, i935, Serial No. 20.842
s claims.
(ci. isc-_ny '
This invention relates to equipmentl for use ~ plan elevation. Fig. 3 is „a vertical detailed sec
tional view illustrating the tubing landed or sus
o`n a well and has particular reference to a tub
ing head for application to the .upper end of a pended by the packing vassembly and showing
well casing.. A general object of this invention is » -the head section in position on the body and
5 to provide a simple, ' inexpensive tubing' head carrying a gate valve. Fig. 4~is a fragmentary 5 \
horizontal detailed sectional view taken as indi
‘ that is operable to, effectively suspend the tub
ing and close oli’. the upper end of the well, when cated by line 4_4 on Fig. 3. Fig. 5 is a vertical
desired. during the various phases of inserting detailed sectional view showing the tubing sus
pended from the landing plug and illustrating a'
_gate valve connected with the upper section or 10
head section. Fig. 6 is a View similar to Fig. 5
a tubing head that includes a simple one piece taken in a vertical plane substantially 90° to
the planev of sectioning of Fig. 5, showing a
bodythat is adaptedto carry slips for suspend
ing the tubing when the tubing is being run into gland or packing means on the head section 1_'
l5 or removed from the well and that is operable sealing about a sucker rod extending into the 15
to carry a packer -or packing assembly for sus y tubing and Fig. >'l is -a side elevation of a tool
pending the tubing and "sealing oil about the for handling the hold down ring.
The present invention includes, generally,a
tubing in the event that gas pressures develop
in the well while running in the tubing or in the tubing head body I0 adapted to be arranged on
upper end of a well casing C, slips II for 2g
'2o event that the well is ilowing into the head when the
arrangement in the body I0 to suspend a string
the tubing is being pulled from the well.
„ lAnother object of the invention is to provide ‘ of tubing T as it is being run into or pulled from
a tubing head of the character mentioned that the well, a packer or packing assembly I2 adapted
to be arranged in the body I0 for suspending
includes an upper section or_'head section to be
25 arranged on the above mentioned body and a and packing about the string of tubing T, a head 25
section or upper section I3 adapted to be ar
l novel landing plug- for arrangement in said head ranged
on the body I0 and a landing plug I4
vsection to suspend or land the tubing and close`
to be seated in the section I3 for land
Ä off the upper end of the well about the tubing. adapted
ing or suspending the tubing T from its upper
yand removing the tubing and during the diiîer
10 ent phases of ñowing and pumping of the well.
Another object of the invention is to provider`
Another object of the invention is to provide
30 a tubing-head of the character mentioned in
The tubing head body I0 is adapted to be ap
which the landing plug may be locked or held -plied to the upper 4end of the well casingC and
against upward movement oii‘ its seat in the is formed toreceive and carry the slips- II, »the
. head section.
packing assembly I2 and the lupper section I3.
Another object of the invention is to vprovide ' Thevbody I0 is preferably a simple >one piece 35
‘ 35 a tubing head that may bev easily and'quickly
_ adjusted or assembled to properly and depend
ably suspend the tubing when the headis under
. well pressures as well as when there is no flow
, l
from the well.
_ member of relatively 'small -vertical- dimensions.
The body I0 is tubular having a central longitudi
nal opening I5 which is concentric with or co
axial with-the opening of the well casing C. The
body opening I5 is preferably as large in diameter'` 40
A further object of the invention *s to provide ‘ as the opening of the casing C.4 .The body I0
a tubing head of the character -mentioned that
be attached to- the casing C lin any suitable
includes a'miuimum number of simple .sturdy may
manner._ In the particular case illustrated in
inexpensive `parts thatA form a compact unit of 'the
drawings the lower portion of the bodylll is
threaded to be directly~ screwed on 45
The various objects and features of our in
the upper end portion of the casing C.> 1n` ac-A
vention will be fully understood from ythe follow
ing detailed‘description of a typical preferred cordance with> the invention` a projecting radial
ñange I6 is provided on the upper >end of the
form and application of the invention, through
out which description reference is made to the body l0. The ilange I 6 may be continuous or
,annular and Vmay be provided' with spaced verti- ,50
50 accompanying drawings, in'which:
Fig. lis a vertical detailed sectional `view of ,
the head 4showing the tubing suspending slips
cal openings I1.
„ l
' The upper portion of the body opening I5 is
flared upwardly and outwardly or. provided with
inclined seat .I8 to carry the slips II and the v
detailed sectional view taken as indicated by line >an
65 2-2 on I‘ig. 1, showing `the body >_and slips in packing assembly I2. Where the tubing T to be >5s
.in position in the body. Fig. 2 is a transverse
handled is of large diameter the upper portion
of the body opening I5 may be increased in diam
eter so that the seat I8 is proportioned to carry
slips andffa packing assembly for handling the
large tubing. One or more spaced ports I9 eX
tend through the wall of the body I0 for the dis
charge of fluid from the well and for passing ñuid
in the well to kill well pressures, etc. In the par
ticular. embodiment of the invention illustrated
10 in the drawings there are two ports >I9 provided in
the body at diametrically opposite points. The.
bodies 21 of packing are cylindrically concaved to
form an opening 3U for receiving the tubing T.
The packing bodies 21 are proportioned to tightly
seal with the seat I8 and the tubing T when com
pressed. The collar sections 28 and 29 cover the
upper and lower ends, respectively, of the bodies
21 of packing. Bolts or screws 3| extend through
openings in the collar sections 28 and the bodies
21 of- packing and thread into openings in the
lower collar sections 29 to hold the parts'in the 10
proper assembled relation. The sections A and B '
inner ends of the ports I9 communicate with the of the packing assembly are preferably hinged
body opening I5 at points between theÍ upper end together as at 9 so that they may be readily
of the casing C and the active portion of the seat handled as a unit. When the packing assembly
15 I8. The ports I9 are inclined or curved upwardly
I2 is arranged on the seat I8 as illustrated in Figs. 15
and outwardly to have their outer ends adjacent 3 and 4 of the drawings, a collar or coupling 32
the upper'end of the body Ill.` This curving or I¿.on the tubing T may bear downwardly on the
inclination of the ports I9 allows the body I0 to ” upper collar sections 28 to suspend the string of
be of small dimensions and yet bring the outer ' tubing T and to compress the packing 21 so that
20 ends of the ports I9 in convenient locations. The
it effectively seals with the seat I8 and the tubing 20
body wall may be thickened at or around vthe T. The packing assembly I2 is proportioned so
ports I9 as at 20.~ Conduits or pipes ~2| may be that its lower end leaves the ports I 8 vuncovereclïwl
threaded into the outer ends of the ports I9 rto or open to allow the escape of fluid 1`rom~the_well"'conduct fluid to and from the head.
The slips II are adapted to be arranged in the
body I 0 on its seat I8 to grip and suspend the
tubing T when the string of tubing is being as
sembled and run into the well. The slips II are
arcuate or segmental members adapted to form
30 an annular assembly. The slips Il may be pro
vided in sets of three or four each. In the par
ticular case illustrated there are three slips I I
each being of substantially 120° extent.
outer> surfaces 22 of the slips II - are inclined
35 downwardly and inwardly and are curved to
`evenly cooperate with the body seat I8. The
inner sides of the slips II are substantially cylin
drically curved or cylindrically concaved and are
provided with upwardly and- inwardlyl facing
40 teeth 23 for gripping and holding the tubing T.
The tops or upper ends of the slips Il may be
iiat and horizontal. The slips II are preferably
proportioned so that their upper ends are sub
stantially flush with the upper end of 'the body
45 IIJ when they are in position on the seat I8 and
grippingthe tubing T. If desired the slips II
and to permit mud or liquid to be passed'into the `
, `
well to kill the well pressures.
Thehead section or upper body section I3 is
adapted to be applied to the body I0 when the
tubing T is to be landed or suspended by means of
the landing plug I4, as illustrated in Figs. 5 and
6 of the drawings. The section I3 is also adapted 30
to be applied to the upper end of the body IIJ
when the tubing T is suspended and packed about
by the packing assembly I2, as shown in Figs. 3
and 4, and fluid is flowing into' the head and
through the tubing. In accordance with the in-` 35
vention- the section I3 has an outwardly project
ing ñange 33 at its lower end adapted to oppose.
or seat on the body flange I6. Bolts 34 are passed
through the openings I1. and openings in the
flange 33 to attach the section I3 to the body III. 40
The invention provides means for sealing between
the body I0 and the section I3. An annular
groove 35 is provided in the upper face ofthe -
body I0 and carries a gasket or packing 36. An
annular projection or ridge 31 is provided on
the lower end of the section -I3 'to ñt in the groove
35 and compress the packing 36. The packing 36
sealing with the walls of the groove 35 and with
may be socketed or provided with openings 24 to
be light in weight, in which case their inner and
outer portions are connected by webs 25. The ` the ridge 31 forms a.Í tight ñuid seal between the50 lower outer corners of the slips II may be cut body I8 and the section I3.
away or bevelled as at l26 to lighten the slips and
The upper portion 38 of the’section I3 is of re
leave the ports I9 exposed. During the running duced diameter and is preferably cylindrical. 'The
of the tubing T into the `well the slips I I may be wall of the section I3 arches or curves upwardly
assembled in the body I8 tosupport the string and inwardly from the ~flange`33 to the reduced
55 of tubing While a section of tubing is being con*
portion 38. -The upper reduced portion 38 of the 55
necte'd with its upper end.
p `
Y section I3 is provided with an internal seat 39,.
The packer or packing assembly I2 is intended
to be arranged on the seat I8 to suspend thetub
ing T and seal off the upper end of the body I0 in
60 the event that pressures develop in the well when
running in or‘withdrawlng the string of tubing
The seat. 39 has, `^a downwardly and inwardly
tapered or inclined wall to receive the landing
plug I4. The tubing T is adapted to enteror ex
tend through the seat 39 with considerable clear
ance. The exterior of the -reduced portion 38 is
T. The packing assembly I2 is also adapted tov externally screw threaded so that ‘a gatev valve V
be employed to suspend the tubing T and seal off may be threaded onto it as illustrated îinf Figs. 3
the upper end ofY the body I0 when the welll is and 5 of the drawings‘and so that a gland may be '
65 flowing into the head while the tubing -T is being
threaded to it as shown in Fig. 6 of tl'redrawings. 65
pulled from the well. ,In the particular form of
The landing plug I4 is provided toïlsuspend the
theinvention disclosed in the drawings >the pack-v string of tubing T from its upperend when ‘the
Ving assembly I2 comprises two sections A and B ' string has been set or anchored in `the"wel1. The
each including a body 21 of packing, 'a collar-` sec
plug I4 is adapted to be arranged ion' the seat 39
70 tion 28 on the upper end of the packing body 21, l to carry or suspend the tubing Tand to form a
anda collar section 29 at the lower end of the - closure or packing member sealing'y between the
packing body 21. The bodies of packing 21 are tubing and the seat. p The plug I4 is a tubular'
arcuate being substantially 180° in-circumferen'- ' member having va central longitudinal opening 40.` `~
tial extent and have inclined outer vsurfaces for
75 sealing with the seat I8. The inner sides of the
The lower portion of the plug openìngf4`0 is f
threaded to receive the threaded upper end of the 75
- 2,122,827
tubing T as shown in Figs. 5 and 6. The upper
`portion of the opening 40 may be threaded to re
ceive the end portion of a pipe or iitting for
handling the plug or for carrying fluid from the
tubing. The exterior of the plug It is tapered
to compress the packing 52. A fluid discharge
opening‘may be provided in the gland 5I to allow
the discharge of fluid pumped.
It is believed that the features and uses of the
invention will be readily apparent from the fore»
The head involves
an assembly of parts that may be easily and
to evenly engage the seat 39. In accordance with . goin-g detailed description.
the invention means is provided for sealing or
packing between the plug Id and the seat 35i. ` ßquickly adjusted and assembled to suspend the
Spaced annular grooves 4I are'provided in the
10 exterior of the plug Ièi and carry packing t2
which is adapted to seal with the seat 3Q.
It is preferred to provide means for holding the
landing plug I t against upward movement to pre
vent it from being raised from the seat 39 in the
event that high pressures develop in the well.
tubing T during the insertion and removal of the
-tubing and during the various phases of íiowing 10'
and pumping of the well. The simple head iii
is formed to properly carry the slips Ii and the
packing assembly i2 and is adapted to directly
carry the upper section I3. The slips Ii are
easily assembled on the seat It to suspend the
.Theupper portion of the plug Iii is of reduced ` tubing T'during the running of the tubing into
external diameter to have an upwardly facing or out of the well. In the event that well pres
annular shoulder d3. A threaded opening or sures develop when the tubing is being run into
or removed from the well the packing assembly i2
‘may be quickly inserted in the body Ill to sus
pend the tubing and seal off the upper end of
the, body. The upper section i3 may be easily
attached to the body Iû when the packing assem
seat 39. A sealing gasket 62 is engaged by the bly I2 is _in the body as4 shown in Fig. 3 and may 25
v be secured to the body to carry the landing. plug
25 lower end of the ring M to seal with the shoulder
lli when the tubing T is to be finally landed. The
43, the shoulder 5I and the lower end oi the ring.
plug Id is asimple sturdy part which dependably
The ring ‘it may have a crown or portion pro
suspends the tubing 'I' and forms a tight seai
jecting above the upper end of the section i3 pro
vided with notches ‘35 to facilitate the turning with the seat 3d. The tubing head of the present 30
invention is inexpensive to manufacture and oc
30 and threading of the ring. The invention pro
cupies a minimum space at the upper end of the
vides a novel means _for handling the ring Mi.
The notches 45 are substantially T shaped hav
socket 6E) is provided in the upper end of the
20 portion 38 and its lower wall forms an upwardly
facing shoulder 6I. A hold down ring lill is`
threaded into the socket E@ to bear downwardly
on the shoulder lit and hold the plug it on the
ing oppositely extending lateral branches @t at
their inner ends, A tool 66 is provided for han
35 vdling and turning the ring ¿ifi The tool @d is
preferably tubular and has substantially T shaped
lugs @l on its lower end. The lugs @i are adapted
to enter the mouths of the notches and their
arms ` t3 are adapted to cooperate with the
40 branches 65 whereby the ring tét- rnay be turned
in either direction and carried by the tool iid.
When the tubing T is landed in'the head by the
plug it and the well is flowing through the tubing
T the gate valve V is preferably provided on the
45 head to control the iiow and to carry the Christ«
mas tree assembly (not shown). In most in
stances it may be desirable to directly thread
the lower end of the valve V on the reduced up
. per portion 38 of the section i3. It is to be under
50 stood that adapters or other parts may be thread
ed on the‘portion 3% if desired to connect with
a gate valve, or the like. In accordance with the
invention the plug It, the ring Mi and the tool 66
are proportioned so that they may be passed
55 through the valve V whereby the plug Iii may be
screwed and locked in place and removed from
the head without disturbing or detaching the
valve V. When the gate G of the valve V is in its
open position the tool 66 may be passed through
the passage ‘III and the yseat of _the valve V to un-A
screw the ring 441 whereupon the ring may be
withdrawn through the valve on the tool. A pipe
or like object may then be inserted through the
valve V and threaded in the upper end of the
65 plug I4 for the purpose of removing the plug I4
through the valve V. The plug IB and thering le
may be inserted through the valve V and ar
ranged in position in a similar manner if desired.
When the well is being pumped a pump oper
70 ating sucker rod 50 extends downwardly through
the string of tubing T. The rod 50 passes through
the landing plug I4 and a gland 5I is .threaded
on the upper portion 38 of the section I3 to carry
packing 52 for sealing about the rod. A follower
75 53 is threaded in the upper end of the gland 5I
Having described only a typical preferred form
and application of our invention, we do not wish
to be limited- or restricted to the speciiic details 35
set forth, but wish to reserve to ourselves any
variations or modifications'that may appear to
those skilled inthe art tor fall within the scope
of the following claims:
Having described our invention, we claim:
l. In combination a tubing head body applied
to the upper end of a weli casing, said body
being formed with a central unobstructed open
ing, a section applied to the upper end of said
body and lying in a plane substantially entirely
above the end face of said body and forming a
sealed closure for the body, a tubular extension
forming a part- of and projecting upwardly from
said upper section and being formed with a ta
pered seat therethrough, an internally threaded
tapered plug adapted to iit within said seat and
to provide a threaded.- connection for the upper
end of a tubing, and a ring nut threaded into
the mouth of the tubular extension of the upper
member and engaging the tapered plug to hold
the same on its seat.
2. In combination a tubing head body applied
to the upper end of a well casing, said body being
formed with a central unobstructed opening, a
section applied to the upper end of said body
and lying in a plane substantially entirely above
the end face of said body and forming a sealed
closure for the body, a tubular extension forming
a part of and projecting upwardly from said up
per section and being formed with a tapered seat
therethrough, an internally threaded tapered
plug adapted to fit within said seat and to pro
vide a threaded connection for the upper end of
a‘tubing, the mouth of the tubular extension of
the upper member being counterbored and 70
threaded, said counterbore terminating with a
square shoulder, the upper end of the tapered
plug being reduced in diameter with a square
shoulder lying substantially in the plane of the
square shoulder „of the counterbore, packing
‘ 4
I means disposed upon said shoulders and sealing
the joint therebetween,” and a ring nut threaded`
into said counterbore and sealing the space oc
curring between the reduced portionl of the ta
pered plug and the counterbore whereby packing
pressure will be exerted against the packing
‘ groove in the body member to form a seal there
with, means clamping the two sections together,
` an upper passageway in said upper section
through which a tubing string may extend, and
a packer assembly adapted to seat within the ta
pered opening of the body member, said packer
assembly comprising a yieldable central pack
3. In combination with a well casing, a tubing Iing element having a central opening to receive
head adapted to,be.. applied to the upper end the tubing Vstring and split radially lat one side
of said casing, comprising a bodydìtted to said so- that it may be sprung around the tubing string
casing and having‘ a central passageway there
and the upper and lower plates between which
through substantially corresponding in diameter the packing element is positioned, said plates
with the mouth of the well casing and centrally
having a central opening to accommodate the
aligned therewith, and having upwardly and out-x ’ drill string, said plates being secured together
wardly tapering walls, a horizontal i'ace upon through the> packing, and each of said plates be
the upper end thereof formed with a circular
packing groove, ports formed in the wall of said
body member and extending radially thereof to
accommodate a ñow of iluid from the. casing, an
20 upper section mounted upon said body section
and having an annular lip extending into the
ing formed in two semi-circular halves, which
>halves are hinged togetheron the side opposite
to the split in they packing element.
20 Í
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