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yJuly 5, 1938.
>Filed June 2s, 193s
l 2,122,952.
Patented July 5, 1938
2,122,92 A
Thomas De Witt Rivers, Portsmouth, Va.
Application June 23. 1936. Serial No. 86,889
1 Claim.
The device forming tlîe subject matter of this
' application is a brake, and the invention aims to
provide novel means whereby, through the in
strumentality of a novel arrangement of levers,
5 an equalization of the braking eñort may be
brought about. 'I'he‘invention 4aims to provide
novel means under the control of an operator
for actuating the brake, to provide novel spring
rmeans for controlling parts of the device, and,
10 generally, to supply an equalizlng means which
will be simple but effective.
It is within the province of the disclosure to
improve generally and to enhance the utility of
devices of that type to which the invention ap
(Cl. 18S-204)
pivoted at its forward end to the upper end of
the lever 83v and passes slidably through the'
housing plates 13 and 14. A second lever 92 is
fulcrumed intermediate its ends on the rear end
of the rod 9|. The second lever 92 is slidably 5
supported on a rearwardly prolonged extension
93, attached to the rear plate 14. Connections
94 are plvoted to the ends of the second lever 92
and are adapted to be joined to rear brake
mechanisms (not shown). Pull springs 95 are 10
connected to the lever 92, on opposite sides of its
fulcrum, and to the rear end of the housing ex
tension 93.
A forwardly extended link 96 is provided, and
the lever 83 is fulcrumed intermediate its ends 15
upon the link, below the guide bolt 84 of the
lever. A third lever 91 is fulcrumed interme
With the above and other objects in view, which
will appear as the description proceeds, the in
vention resides in the combination and arrange
ment of parts and in the details of construction _ diate its ends on the link 96, and, like the lever
92, operates transversely of the lever 83. Con
20 hereinafter described and claimed, it being un
nections 98 are pivoted to the ends of the lever 2o
derstood that changes in the precise embodi
ment of the invention herein dlsclosed,_may be 81 and are adapted to be joined to forward brake
actuating devices (not shown). Pull springs 99
made within the scope of what is claimed, with
out departing from the spirit of the invention. are anchored at their rear ends to the cross bar
88 of the housing and are connected at their
In the accompanying drawing:
forward ends to the lever 91 on opposite sides of
Eig. 1 is a horizontal section showing the in
its fulcrum.
'I'he shaft 16 is rocked by the arm 11 and the
Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the device shown
connection 18, or by the arm 19 and the connec
in Fig.v `1;
30 Fig. 3 is a fragmental top plan showing the tion 80. The arm 8i and the link 82 tilt the lever
83 on its fulcrum connection with the part 96,
mounting'for one of the levers.
Referring to the drawing the vehicle frame and the rod 9|, together with the lever 92 and
bars 12 form part of a housing and are connected
by a transverse front plate 13 and a transverse lever 83, the link 96. the lever 91 and the connec- .
a@ back plate 14. `There are bearings 15 on the bars tions 98 actuate the front brake. Equalization
l2. 'A first shaft 1B is journaled'in the bearings is afforded because the levers 83, 92 and 91 are 35
fulcrumed intermediate their ends on the parts
liti. The shaft carries at one end an arm 11, and that
carry them.
to the arm is pivoted a connection 18 adapted to
Having thus described the invention, what is
be joined to a hand brake lever (not shown). At claimed
opposite end of the shaft 18 there is an arm
it to which a connection 80 is pivoted. The con
nection 80 is joined to any suitable actuating
(not shown).
'A brake equalizer comprising a housing, a 40
guide carried by the housing, a shaft journaled
in the housing, means under the control of an op
erator for actuating the shaft, a first lever pro
with a depending arm 8|. Links 82 connect the vided with a part which has movement in the
guide in a direction transverse to the axis of the 45
arm 8l with a vertical first lever 83. 'I‘he lever
¿it carries intermediate its ends _a 'guide bolt 84 shaft, a second lever, means for connecting the
or the like, movable transversely in an elongated second lever fulcrumwise and intermediate its
ends to one end of the first lever, brake connec
slot 85 formed in the side portions 8,8 of a brack
et 81 secured to a cross bar_88 connected to the . tions assembled with the ends of the second lever,
sides of >an extension` 89 projecting ' forwardly a third lever, means for fulcruming the first le- 50
from the front plate L13 of the housing 80. The ver intermediate its ends on the third lever,
brake connections assembled with the ends oflever 83 operates between safety bolts 80, mount
ed in the sides 86 of the bracketV 81 and located the third lever, an arm on the shaft, and means
for connecting the arinwith the opposite end
at the ends of the slot 85 which receives the bolt of the first lever.
intermediate its ends, the shaft 18 is supplied
84 of the lever 83.
A rearwardly extended connecting rod 8| is>
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