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‘Patented July 5, 1938
2,123,025 '
Emanuel Ramirez, Mira?ores,
Application February 16, 1937, Serial No. 125,944
1 Claim. ' (or. 152-405)
This invention relates to demountable rims, I which normally rest in angular recesses 24 in the
and more particularly to a combined wheel and inner face of the felly It so thatwhen nuts 25
are screwed on to the outer ends of the bolts 22
demountable rim section which enables the re
moval and replacement of a tire in a minimum
5- of time.
and against the ring i'l, all the parts will be se
curely secured together and when these nuts are 5
removed the ‘partsmay be separated to permit,
The invention embodies many novel features
of construction and combinations and arrange
ments of parts, all of which will be more fully
hereinafter described and pointed out in the
In the accompanying drawing- '
the removal and replacement of a tire. '
10 claim.
Fig.1 is a view in side elevation of my im
proved wheel and demountable rim, the outer
cap or cover being removed; '
l5 , Fig. 2 is a view in transverse section on the
line 2--2 of Fig. l with the cap or cover in op
In order to bridge the gap of the recess IS in
the felly, I‘ provide an annular ring or hoop 28
which is located within the tire and fits around 10
the outer face of the felly, This hoop 28 is pro
vided with an opening 21 to receive the valve of
the tire, and the felly i0 is provided with a re
cess 28 which also accommodates the valve of _'
the tire and permits the removal of the tire.
28 represents a cap or removable cover plate
which is preferably of general concavo-convex
Fig. 3 illustrates in section the several parts of shape and is provided at its outer edge with an
inwardly turned portion constituting a bead l0 .,
my improved wheel and demountable rim; and
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view in section, the view which is adapted to spring into the bead It on 20
being taken through the recess portion of the the rim section I! and be'retained within the
rim section but can be easily removed by the in
wheel felly which receives the telly of the tire.
My improved wheel includes a felly III, which, sertion of a proper tool through a recess ii in
may be connected. by spokes ii with a central the disk 29.
While I have illustrated and described what I 25
25 hub l2, although, of course, it is to be understood
that the invention is not limited to this type of believe to be a preferred embodiment of my in
wheel as any form of wheel having spokes or vention, it is obvious that various slight changes
erative position;
disks of other construction may be employed.
a The felly III is made with an annular groove or
30 recess It so that the felly is of general channel
shape in cross section to lighten the weight of the
wheel as much as possible.
Av fixed rim section I4 is secured to or made
integral with the inner portion of the felly, and
- 35 a removable rim section II is located against the
outer face of the ,felly and at its outer portion is
of general compound curvature in section con
forming in general shape to the ‘shape of the fixed
' ‘ rim section I‘.
With this exception,v however,
40 the outer rim section II has its outer edge turned
' inwardly forming an annular internal bead l6.
l1 represents a ring which is located within
‘ the rim section I! and hes ?at against the inner
portion of said- rim section and conforms in
45 curvature to the outer portion of the rim section
so as to lie ?ush against the rim section through
out. This rim section i5 is formed at its inner
edge with an annular inwardly projecting ?ange
ll located within the felly l0 and against the in
50 ner face of the felly.
The felly Ill, the rim section II, and the ring
I‘! are formed with registered openings I8, 20
and 2i respectively receiving bolts 22. These
bolts 22 have angular heads 23 at their inner ends
may be made with regard to- the form and ar- ,
rangement of parts without departing from my
invention, and hence I do not limit myself to the 30
precise details set forth but consider myself at
liberty to make such changes and alterations as
fairly fall within the spirit and scope of the
I claim:
In combination with a wheel, a channel shaped
felly constituting an integral part of the wheel,
a rimsectionintegral with the inner ?ange of
the wheel felly, a removable rim section located
against the outer face of the wheel felly, a re- 40
movable tire supporting hoop located around the
telly between the rim sections, a ring located
against the outer face of the removable rim sec
tion, an annular ?ange on the removable rim
section located within the'wheel felly, said felly, 45
removable‘ rim section and ring having ,alined
openings therein, bolts in said openings, and
nuts on the bolts clamping the parts together,
said bolts having angular heads at their inner
ends and said felly having angular recesses in ‘0
its inner face receiving the bolt heads and pre
venting turning movement of the bolts when the
nuts are turned thereon.
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