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July 5, 1938. -
Filed Aug. 3, 1936
A 'ad Il” /l ll‘
.Ju/¿as ¿am Mê'z‘œr
...- .. „Mmmm
Patented July 5, 1938
Julius Leon Weiner, New York, N. Y.
Application August 3, 1936, Serial No. 94,008
4 claims.
This invention relates to new and useful -im
provements in a thermos carrier.
The invention has for an object the construc
tion of a thermos carrier which is characterized
5- by a box shaped container and cover >associated
(ci. 224-45) '
including heat insulating material Illa and Ila,
respectively. The container IU has an innerwall
lining I0" of waterproof soft material, preferably
sheet rubber. The outer .surface of the container
Iß is covered with a layer of sheet metal ma-- 5
therewith, and including heat insulating material.
terial Illc o'ver which there is secured a layer of ‘
.With this construction it is possible to store vari
ous bottles of beverages and other material within
said carrier for maintaining their' initial tem
canvas or other clothvmaterial Illd. The con-.
tainer I0 may also .be manufactured with un
covered metal with any suitable ñnish on its
- outer surface.
‘A further object of the invention resides in
providing the carrier with unbreakable external
The cover II is very similar in design to that
of the container. The inner face of the cover
material so that if the carrier is accidentally
has sheet rubber material I Ib which is adapted
to engage against portions of the material Illb
for hermetically sealing the container when the l5
dropped there will be little or no damage to it.
l5 especially to the contents 'contained therein.
Still further the invention proposes to provide
an arrangement whereby when the cover of the
carrier is closed, the interior thereof is hermeti
cally sealed and so prevents the radiation of air
20 from the interior to the atmosphere with a con
cover is closed.
The cover II also has an outer
layer of metallic material IIc which is covered
by a layer of canvas or other cloth material Ild.
This cloth material IId preferably is a continu
ation' of the cloth material IIld at one side of 20 i
sequent change in temperature.
.the container. namely, the 'side ID’ and forms a
A further object of the invention resides in the hinge for the ccf'er. The remaining three sides
provision of rubber or the like partitions within' ‘ are provided with hook fasteners I2 by whichthe
the carrier for dividing off compartments, and
25 prevents the various bottles from breaking whe
the carrier is roughly handled.
Another lobject resides in the provision of a
shelf element and an arrangement whereby the
shelf element may be fixed in various positions
"l0 in the carrier to divide ofi’ compartments of dif
ferent sizes;
For further comprehension of the invention,
and oi' the objects and advantages thereof, ref
erence will be had to the following description and
ß accompanying _Y drawing, and to the appended`
claims in -which the various novel features of the
invention are more particularly set forth.
In the accompanying' drawing forming a mate
rial part of this disclosure:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a thermos'carrier
constructed according to this invention.V
Fig. 2 is a plan view of Fig. 1 illustrated with
thecover open.
Fig. 3 is a sectional view as though taken on
ß the -line 3_3 of Fig. 2 but illustrated with- the
cover closed.
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig.' 4 but illustrating
» .
tainer -dividing off compartments for -various ob
jects. For example, there may7 be a compartment~
fora' bottle of seltzer l5, a bottle of milk I6, and a 30
bottle of water or soda il. For each compart
ment a small shelf element I8 is provided which
may be rested upon refrigerating material I9
placed into the compartment. 'I'his refrigerating
material may be carbon dioxide snow or ice, etc. 35
In Figs. 5 and 6 a modified form of the inven
tion has been disclosed in which a shelf element .
I8’ is shown which may be'supported in various
elevated positions in a novel manner. More par
tlcularly, opposed walls of the container are' 40
formed with a plurality ,of horizontal and spaced
.grooves 20.". These grooves are normally hid from
view by the sheet rubber material IIlb. The sheet
rubber material normally merely extends over
the grooves 20 so that when the inner'wall of the 45
Several slidable elements 2| have stem por
ards 22 mounted on the bottom face of the shelf
element I8'. Springs 23 act between the stand.- 50
Fig. 6 is a sectional view taken on the line 6_-6`
tions ZI.. which slidably engage through stand->
50 a modification of the invention, and » '
of Fig. 5. .
A pair of straps I3,are attached to the con-- 25
tainer I0 by which it may readily be carried.
Several partitions i4 are formed within the con
receptacle is viewed it is absolutely straight.
Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view taken on
the line 4-4 of Fig. 1.
cover may be closed.
The thermos carrier, according to this inven
tion, comprises a box‘sha‘ped container Il and a
Il cover II associated therewith, each of these parts
ards 22 and are coaxial on the'stems 2l and act
against head elements 2l formed upon the outer
ends of the stems for normally retracting the
elements 2|. .The head elements 24 are forced
against cams 2l which vare fixed to stems 28 55
rotatively mounted in the shelf element I8'. The
upper ends 28' of these stems are squarek in
transverse cross 'section and disposed within
recesses 21 in the top face of the shelf element. ,
The stems 2i may be turned so that the cams
25 move the holding elements 2l outwards and'
force portions-of` the rubber layer I0" into certain
of the grooves 20 for holding the shelf elements
in fixed positions. The cams 25 may be turned
10 to other positions in which the springs 23 will
retract the holding elements 2i.
'I'he vertical partitions i4 may extend to cover
comprising, in combination with a container and
top having inner linings of sheet rubber and in-`
termediate linings of thermal insulating mate
rial, a removable shelf mounted in said casing'.
said shelf having at least one bar slidably at
tached thereto. said bar being slidable between
two positions, in one of which the end of said
-bar extends beyond the edge of said shelf to en
gage the inside of said box, spring means for
normally urging said bar to retract to its other MD
position, and a cam having a control accessible
trom the top of said shelf for forcing said bar
‘ i I and be of heat insulating material to permit to an extended position.
3. A device as set forth in claim 2, the inter
, the keeping of the various compartments in the>
_ mediate lining of said container being provided 15 thermos carrier at different temperatures.
with a recess on the side adjacent the sheet rub
While I have illustrated and described the pre
ferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be ber lining, into which the end of said bar may
understood that I do not limit myself to the
precise constructions herein disclosed and the
20 right is reserved to all changes and modifications
coming within the scope of the invention as de
ñned in the appended claims.
*Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new, and desire to Secure by United
v25 States Letters Patent is:l
1. In a thermos carrier, a container having
engage, said rubber lining being bent into said
recess by said bar whereby a smooth surface is
presented by said rubber lining when said shelf it@
is removed.
4. In a thermos carrier. a container having
substantially horizontal grooves along the inner
face of the side walls, a lining material for the
inside oi said container and having bendable por»
tions normally engaging over said grooves, a
substantially horizontal grooves along the inner shelf slidably mounted within said container,
faces of the side walls, a lining material 'for the bearings fìxedly mounted on the underside of
inside of said container and having bendable lsaid shelf, bar elements slidably mounted in said
portions normally engaging over said grooves, a
bearings, resilient means on said bar elements 30
shelf slidably mounted Within said container, ’ ior normally urging them inwards, and cam ele
bearings ñxedly mounted on the underside oil
said shelf, bar elements slidably mounted in said ments adapted to engage the inner end of said
bearings, resilient means on said bar elements bar elements and having a key portion thereof
extending through said shelf by which they may
35 for normally urging them inward, and cam ele
ments adapted to engage the inner end vof said be turned to extend said bar elements against the
bar elements and having a key portion thereof normal action of said resilient means to force
extending through said shelf by which they may the bendable portions of said lining materlai into
be turned to extend said bar elements against
, the normal action of said resilient means to force
the bendable portions of said lining of material
into said grooves so hthat said bar elements main
tain their extended position holding said shelf in
2. A water-proof heatl insulating portable box`
said grooves so that said bar elements maintain
their extended positions holding said sifieli7 in 40
place, said resilient means. comprising springs on
said bar elements acting between headed portions
on the inner ends of said bar elements and said
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