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July 5, 1938a’
Filed June 16, 1936
'72 6..’ 61140265,
Patented July 5, 1938
Robert C. Crates, Findlay, Ohio
Application June._16, .1936, SerialNo. 85,601
'2 Claims. ‘ (cL'24s-256)
My invention relates to improvements in com
bination shade and curtain supports.
.My invention is designed primarily to provide a
combination unitary support of this character
i 5
embodying shade brackets and both curtain and
over-drape brackets: ‘and extensible, as a unit, to
vary the distance between the shade brackets, for
differentlengths of shade rollers, and the length
of the curtain and over-drape brackets in ?xed
10 relation to accommodate curtains and over-drapes
Figure 5 is a view in section taken on the line ‘ _
5-5 of Figure 3 looking forwardly of said support.
> Referring to the drawing by numeral, the illus
tratedembodiment of my invention comprises a
pair of shade supporting brackets I each compris
ing an intermediate web part 2 designed to sup
port the shade roller 3 in the usual manner, a
right angled base flange 4 adapted to be attached
as by screws 5 to the window casing, indicated
at 6, and a right angled extension ‘I projecting
of different widths, the shade brackets being in , laterally from the web part 2 toward the outer
dependently adjustable to vary the distance be
side of the window casing. ,
tween the shade brackets without altering the
An extensible curtain bracket 8 is mounted
?xed relation of the other brackets and the length upon the shade brackets I as follows. The curtain
15 of the curtain and over-drape brackets being bracket 8 comprises a pair of ?at curtain support
variable without varying the distance between ing bars 9 connected together in aligned end to
the shade brackets so that shades and curtains end relation by means of the usual form of sleeve
and over-drapes of different lengths may be hung like coupling IE5 slidably connecting'the opposed
on the support and variations in draping effects
ends of the bars 9 for adjustment of said bars
being readily obtained with numerous widths of
endwise relative to each other. The opposite
ends of the bars S‘are detachably connected to
curtains and drapes.
Another object is to‘ ‘provide a unitary support
of the character and for the purpose set forth
equipped with means common to all the brackets
25 of securing the same to a window casing and con
legs I2 slidably supporting the said opposite ends
ets so that the latter may be used alone, or, the
of the bars 9.
over-drape bracket detached and the curtain and
shade brackets used together.
An extensible over-drape bracket I4 is mounted
upon the coupling members II as follows. The
over-drape bracket I4 comprises a pair of ?at
bars I5 connected together in end to end aligned
relation by means of a sleeve-like coupling I5’
similar to coupling Ill and in which the opposed
ends of the bars I5 are slidably mounted so that 35
said bracket is lengthwise extensible. The op
posite ends I6 of the bars M are bent at right
angles rearwardly and terminate: in sleeve-like
extremities ll. A pair of right angled bars I8
are mounted upon the rear legs I3 of the coupling 40
Other objects are to provide a combination sup
. Still another object is to provide-a combination
shade and curtain support having the character
istics above noted and in_ which all parts are
strong, durable, readily assembled and disas
sembled and comparatively inexpensive to manu
To the accomplishment of the above and other
objects presently appearing a preferred embodi
ment of my invention has been illustrated in the
drawing, and described in detail and de?ned in
front and rear legs I2 and I3 the rear legs being
slidably mounted upon the extensions ‘I for ad 25
justment parallel with the bars 9 and the front
structed so that the curtain and over-drape
brackets may be detached from the shade brack
port adapted for the purposes above set forth and
for adjustment of the over-drape bracket to and
from the curtain bracket.
the shade brackets: I by means of a pair of U
shaped coupling members II each comp-rising
the following description and claims, respectively.
In said drawing:
Figure 1 is a view in top plan of my improved
combination shade and curtain support.
Figure 2 is a view in front elevation.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view .in horizontal
‘ section, of one end of said combination support.
members II for adjustment lengthwise of the
bracket 8 and to provide forwardly extending ’
arms I9 spaced from the ends of the coupling
members II and slidably supporting ‘the sleeve
like extremities I'I whereby the over-drape 45
bracket is adjustable toward and from the curtain
bracket 8.
The bars: I8 are preferably mounted
upon the coupling members II by means of sleeve
like guide plates 25, secured to the coupling in any
suitable manner and in which the bars I8 are 50
mounted for sliding'adjustment to ?xed positions
Figure 4 is a view in transverse section taken on " by means of slots 2I in said’ bars, respectively,
the line 4-4 of Figure 3 looking in the direction and rivets 22 passing through the slots 2| and
indicated by the arrows, and drawn to an en
secured in said coupling members.
55 larged scale, and
The shade brackets I may be formed of any 55
suitable light weight metal and the curtain
bracket 8, over-drape bracket I4, and coupling
members II of the usual thin light sheet metal
rolled to form the sleeve-like ends on the legs
I2 and’ I 3 of the coupling members, the sleeve-like
extremities I‘! on the bars I5 and the coupling
members I0 and I5’.
As will be clear the shade brackets I may be
‘adjusted inwardly toward each other for sup
>10 porting shade rollers of different lengths with
out altering the ?xed relation of the curtain and
over-drape brackets 9 and I4.
By sliding the
coupling members I I on the curtain shade
brackets I the curtain and over-‘drape brackets 9
15 and I4 may be extended or contracted in ?xed re
It is to be understood, however, that the details
described in the foregoing are illustrative rather
than restrictive and that right is herein reserved
to modi?cations of such details falling within
the scope of the claims appended hereto.
What I claim is:
l. A combination shade and curtain support
for attachment to a Window casing comprising, a
pair of shade supporting brackets adapted to be
attached to said casing and having a ‘lateral ex 10
tension, respectively, an extensible curtain bracket
having its opposite ends slidably mounted on said
extensions, and a second extensible curtain
bracket having its opposite ends slidably mounted
on the ends of the ?rst mentioned curtain 15
2. A combination shade and curtain support
II and said coupling members on the curtain ‘ for attachment to a window casing comprising,
shade brackets I the curtain bracket 8 and over-_ a pair of shade supporting brackets adapted to
20 drape bracket may be independently extended or be attached to said casing and having a lateral
lation as regards relative length and by adjusting
the right angled bars I8 on the coupling members
‘contracted. By detaching the coupling members
-II from the shade brackets I both the curtain
and drape brackets may be removed as a unit
‘and "by detaching the bars“ I5 from the bars I8
25 ‘the over-drape bracket may be detached alone.
As will be clear the over-drape bracket I4 may be
adjusted toward and from the curtain bracket by
sliding its extremities I‘! back and forth upon
the bars I8.
The foregoing is a detailed description of a pre
ferred embodiment of my invention and it is be- ~
lieved that its construction and advantages will
be clear therefrom.
extension, respectively, and a pair of U-shaped
coupling members slidably mounted on said lat
eral extensions, respectively, and slidably sup
porting the opposite ends of a curtain rod in ad
vance of said shade brackets, and a pair of angled
bars, a guide member carried by each coupling
member for said angled bars to slidably support
said angled bars, for adjustment lengthwise of
said curtain support.
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