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July 12, 1938.
I w: M._Mll_.LER
Filed ‘Feb. 19, 1938
_ 2 Sheets-Shaet
July 12, 11938.
Filed Feb. 19, 1938
HH 8
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented July 12, 1938
William M. Miller, Omaha, Nebr.
’ Application February 19, 1938, Serial No.. 191,506
‘ ' 2 Claims." (01. 273-142)
This . invention, relates to an awarding ap
paratus and more particularly, relates to the
construction of, a spinning wheel used in award
ing‘gifts to patrons in connection with theaters or
, 51 moving-picture houses to'encourage patronage or
more, frequent attendance at the. entertainments
‘ and to- stimulate sales of merchandise in the
community where locally used, and incidentally to
induce patrons to prepare and deliver written
10 slogans pertaining to the entertainments for use
of the management for advertising purposes.
;One of the objects of the invention is to provide
a rotatable disc-wheel of such construction that it
will include radially disposed, character-indicat
15 ingvstrips which will be interchangeable.
Another object is to provide elongated inter
changeable strips bearing indicating characters
at‘longitudinal intervals and disposed radially on‘
a; rotatable discéwheel to form a plurality of rows.
20‘ of characters concentric with the axis of rotation.
Another object is to provide means carriedby
the disc-wheel for obscuring a greater or lesser
number of the concentric rows of indicating
characters normally appearing thereon.
25 ‘ ‘Still another object is to provide adjustable
features to permit disc-wheels of varying diam
eters to be used. Other objects of the invention
will‘ appear inthe description.
The invention consists of the new and useful
30 construction, combination and arrangementlof
parts ,as described herein and claimed, and as
shown in the accompanying drawings,~_it being
understood that changes may‘ be: made in form,
size, proportions and minor details, said changes
3 UK being withinlthe scope of the invention as claimed. '
‘1 In the drawings, Fig. 1_is a front view of the
device showing the radially disposed, inwardly
convergent, interchangeable strips thereon, the‘
indicating characters which are provided for said
40 strips, for the most part, being omitted.
Fig. 2 is a plan view of one of the character
indicating, detachable strips. Fig. 3 is a. sectional
view on line 3--3>of Fig. 2.
Fig. 4 is a view of the device taken at right
45 angles to the view shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 5 is a
broken away detail showing one of the preferred
holders for a ?exible detent-?nger. Fig. 6 and
Fig. '7 are plan views of obscuring-discs.
Referring now to the drawings for a more par
50 ticular description, I provide a standard 8 in
which an upwardly projecting-bar 9 is slidably
mounted and is provided with a spindle in, said
bar being under control of a keeper II as to its
The standard 8 is also provided with a second
adjusting-bar, indicated at 12, its upper end be
ing provided with an arm I3 having a holder M
of staple form, in which may be mounted a ?exi
ble ,detent or contact-member I 5.
The base. iii of the standard is provided with a 5
projection I‘! having a holder I8 of staple form
in which is mounted a second contact-member I9.
A disc-wheel 20 is axially mounted for rotation
on the spindle l0, and on account of the arrange
ment of parts as described, disc-wheels of various 10
diameters may be used, the bars 9 and I2 being
adjusted to suitable elevations for this purpose
and secured to the standard 8'by means of the’
keepers II and II’.
The disc-wheel 20 is provided with numerous 15
detent-pins 2| on its face near its periphery, said
pins being uniformly spaced ‘apart, the operation
as usual, being that the rotation of the disc-wheel
will cease on account of frictional contact of the . ’
pinsl2i with the ?exible ?ngers l5 and I9.
~ 20
The flexible?ngers l5 and I9 are disposed op~
posite to each other and operate as a single pair,
and in the operation of the herein‘ described ap
paratus additional pairs of ‘?exible ?ngers, simi
lar to those mentioned may be used, the ?ngers 2
of each additional pair (not shown) being dis
posed 180 degrees ap-art.
A plurality of indicatingstrips 22 of uniform
size are provided, each strip bearing, at longi-',
tudinal intervals, a variety of characters appear- 30
ing in spaces. a, 1), v0 and 11, said strips being of
elongated, convergent form and disposed side by
side radially of .the disc-wheel and‘ adapted to
cover, approximately, the outer part of the ‘face.
It will be understood that the characters on
the spaces a to d inclusive indicate awards to be
delivered to contestants, some of the awards being
cash. and other awards being speci?c kinds of
It will be noted that the spaces a are disposed
to describe a circular section concentric with
the axis of rotation of the disc-wheel 20, and that
the spaces b, 0 and d have the same arrangement,
and this arrangement is depended upon for the 45
several consecutive entertainments of a period.
For instance, for the ?rst entertainment of a
day a single article indicated in one of the
spaces a of the outer circular section will be ’
awarded, and at the next successive entertain- 50
ment an award of an article in one of the spaces
b will ‘be made, and for the third and fourth en
tertainments similar awards will be made from
the circular sections in which the spaces a and d
Since I have provided a plurality of ?exible
?ngers l5 and Is it is obvious that after one has
been used for four entertainments, the other may
be used for four additional entertainments, and
CR it is thought that the use of members l5 and IS
in alternation adds interest to the contestants in
conducting the awards.
Numerals 23, 24 and 25 indicate obscuring
discs of greater or lesser diameters, and when the
10 apparatus is used for entertainments, in smaller
cities or towns where the audience may be small,
the large disc 23 may be used, and for large
deliver a written slogan to the manager of the
entertainment before receiving the award.
It will be understood of course, that no em
ploye or official conducting entertainments are
permitted to participate in the awards or to act
as a volunteer in the selection of tickets.
If the
person selected as a recipient declines to par
ticipate or refuses to deliver a slogan, another
volunteer is called for and the proceedings are
repeated until a gift is awarded in exchange for 10
a slogan.
While the indicating characters shown on the
audiences the disc 25 of limited diameter may be ibcircularly arranged spaces a, b, c and 11 appear
used. These discs may be readily interchanged to be few and inde?nite, it will be understood
after the handle 26 has been removed from the v‘that the names of classes or speci?c articles of
spindle l0. Numerals 21 (Fig. 1) indicate keep ;merchandise of various kinds may be used. Also 15
ers for securing the obscuring discs to the wheel in the awards which are made in connection with
20, and at 26' are indicated‘openings which'are ‘the invention, printed’ lists of goods are on ex
provided for the obscuring-discs adapted to _re-, ,hibition at the box of?ce showing various kinds
ceive said keepers.
- All. of the indicating-strips 22 are interchange
able, and are secured to the face‘ of the disc-wheel
20 by pressure of a disc 23,24 or 25 which may
engage the inner ends of said strips. The outer
ends of these indicating-strips are provided with
notches 21' (Fig. 2) adapted to receive a pair of
pins 2| which tends to resist centrifugal force
when the disc-wheel is rotated. Numerals 28 in
dicate curved projections or ledges which are
' provided vfor the‘outer ends of the strips 22, and
since. these strips have ?at surfaces the ledges 28
operate as‘ “?nger-holds” when lifting and dis
engaging said strips from the pins'2l.
The arrangement for the awards of, cash or
' merchandise v‘to contestants and reception of
slog-ans by'iu'se of the apparatus is very simple.
’~ Each person in the audience has been supplied
with-a vnumbered ticket, and aduplicate thereof
is retained ‘at the 'box- or?ce; The duplicate
tickets are: placed; in mixed condition, in a ‘jar
‘ or} other receptacle, and the manager of the en
tertain'm‘ent ‘calls for a volunteer’from the audi
ence to select- a ‘ticket from the receptacle. The
person in the audience holding the original ticket
bearing a number corresponding to the number
on the ‘duplicate ticket thus selected will be en
titled to receive the item appearing in one of
the spaces a, b, c or ‘d pointed out by one of the
of drugs, articles of clothing, groceries or other 20
classes ofzgoods, so that the person entitled‘ to
receive a gift of vany-article of .a certain ‘class
may‘ make a selection of anynarticle, on the
printed list, belonging to that class, and in ‘this
manner the names of the items appearing‘in 25
the spaces a, b, c and'd will be suf?cient for prac
' Ilclaim as‘myv invention,—'
1. In a spinning wheel, a standard; an'uprig'ht
supporting-bar provided with a spindle and slid 30
ably mounted. on the standard, a disc-wheel ro
tatably mounted on the spindle of the support
ing-bar and provided along its periphery with
detent-pins, a second upright adjusting-bar slid
ably mounted‘ on the standard and provided with
a ?exible contact-member for engaging the de
tent-pin'a'a plurality of elongated stripslprovidecl
With'indicating characters and disposed side'by
sidebetwe'en said detent-pins circumferentially
on the‘ face of the disc-wheel, and a detachable 40
disc on the disc-Wheel engaging said strips. ’
. ‘2. In a spinning wheel, astandard, an upright
adjusting-bar 'slidable .on the standard and pro
vided with a spindle, a ‘disc-wheel axially
mounted for rotation on the spindle and pro
vided at its periphery with uniformly spaced de
tent-pins, a second upright adjusting-bar pro
vided with a ?exible contact-member ‘for engag
?exible ?ngers l5 or H! at‘the termination of
ing "the detent-pins, ‘a plurality of ‘ elongated
rotation'o'f the disc-wheel 20.
strips bearing indicating characters at longitu
During this operation the‘ volunteer above
mentioned who selected the duplicate ticket from
the receptacle may rotate the ‘disc-wheel, or the
person ‘holding the original numbered ticket cor
' responding to the number on the selected ticket
may ‘rotate sa'id'disc—wheel. As above explained,
one gift vwill'be awarded for each entertainment
corresponding to the circularly arranged rows a,
b, c and d, and ‘the ‘recipient of each gift must
dinal intervals ‘and disposed side by side circum
ferentiallyand detach'ably on the'disc-wheel be
tween the detent-pins, and an engaging disc-for
securing the strips to said disc-wheel, the indi
cating characters of'said'rstrips being disposed
in rows ‘concentric with the axial mounting of
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