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July 12, 1938`>
- w. J. coMBs ET AL
Filed Jan. 2l, 1938
l WZZfZ/¿œm
attentati ¿girly Hä.
Ni'rrn STATES-@PATENT orifice
William J’. Combs and @scar 0. Mann,
ßtterbein. lind
` Application January 21,. -1938, Serial No. 186,216 i
3 fC. (Cl. 18S-26)
Ii'fhis invention relates lto the art of removable
In the modified form
of the'device
supports or posts .and its object is to provide a _ Figure 4- the upper post portion i9 is shown as
support or post that may be easily replaced and an 'H or an I beam and the openings I8 in the
quickly and easily removed from its position, such. cap portion i1 are shaped to correspond to a
removal in no way impairing the’stability of the cross section ofthe post portion It. _
post assembly,
Other suitable shapes may be used so that
Another object is toprovide a removable post strength of the post portion may bemaintained
assembly having a iixed socket -portion‘and a without greatly addingv to the weight of the post.
removable upper portion with the socket portion
It should be `apparent from the invention as
of such construction as will not easily or readily described that a post assembly is provided in l0
nbecome clogged with dirt or other matter, and »which the upper portion may be removed and
with the socket portion of such construction that one in which means are provided which prevents
when the upper portion is removed the socket 'dirti or otherA obstructions from entering the
will not offer any obstruction to traiiic or to other socket portion of the post assembly. 'I’his'is
vehicles passing thereover.
particularly advantageous when the post isreá l5
A still further object is to provide a post as
moved to -permit the removal of snow along a>
sembly with means for locking the portions oi'l roadside by the side of which the post assembly
the assembly together.
may be placed. v The narrow slits in the cap will
Other objects and advantages will become ap
permit only small bits of dirt `or other debris
20 parent from the description which follows:
i to fall into the socket portion of the post. The 20
_ Referring to the accompanying drawing which little that does fall into the socket will not in
is made a part hereof and on which the same terfere;
reference character refers to the same or> corre-f'
In Figure 5 is shown a form of the device in
_ sponding part thruout,
Figure 1 is a view in elevation oi‘ the device
showing the upper and lower >parts of the post
Figure 2 is a vertical section of the post assem
bly with the parts together,
Figure 3 is a section on line 3_3 of Figure 2,
Figure 4 is a view showing a modiñed form of
upper post portion, in the form of an H or an
I beam with a cap having an opening corre
sponding to the cross section of the upper por
tion, and
In the' drawing numeral il) indicates a lower or
socket portion of the post assembly which is
adapted to be driven into the ground or 4set in
cement when this is desired. To facilitate driv
ig the socket into 1_the >ground the lower end is
sharpened as shown at il. A cap it is screw
46 threaded or votherwise secured on the upper Aend
of the socket portion. The cap is provided with
an opening il having the shape oi a cross section
of the upper post portion M. The upper portion
is provided with holes to secure bolts or other
50- fastening means by which a sign or other object'
carried by the post is attached.
screw 25 which passes thru an opening 26 in the -
cylindrical portion of the cap 21. The opening
2t preferably is madel considerably larger than ' -
the screw threaded opening 24 so as to render
assembly of the parts easier. The slight rotary
Figure 5 is a still further modiñed form show
ing a locking and positioning means for the upper
post portion.
which the4 cap portion is more easily removed
from the socket portion and 'yet one in which
this cap cannot 'be removed when the upper por
tion is held in place.
lin this form of the invention the socket por
tion 23 `is provided with a threaded opening 2l
adapted to receive the threaded end of an eye
V ,
displacement oi' the head or cap with respect to
the lsocket portion due to the larger opening 26
will not cause any serious disadvantage.
IThe upper portion of the post 28 is provided
with spaced openings 29 adapted to receive a 40
lock 30'. This lock is preferably connected by
means of a. chain 3| with the head of the eye
screw 25. The lock may be fastened in any one
of the several holes 29 so as to position the upper
post portion at any desired height. The Weight 5
of the post portion it rests -upon the shank of'
the lock. It will be apparent also that since the
chain 3i is relatively short it will prevent the post ‘
from being lifted out of the socket. Since the
end of . the chain 3l' isl attached to the head of
the socket portion to serve as a drain. It is so
positioned 'that little dirt will be forced into the
the eye 4screw 25 it prevents rotation of this screw,
thereby ~making it impossible to remove the cap
from the socket portion when the upper portion
socket when this socket isdriven into the ground.
is lòcked in position.’
An opening it is provided at the lower -end of
' 55
There are many uses to which this invention
may be put. One oi' the important uses is as a
post for supporting signs along highways. y With
the ordinary signs it is diiiicult to mow the grass
along the roadway.
In order to cut the grass
around the sign posts it h_as to be done by hand.
Usually it is left uncut thus leaving unsightly
spots along the roadway. With our device the
posts bearing the sign may be removed, the
10 ground cut over and the post replaced without any
delay or interference with the work. In winter
snow removing machines are usually used to re
move the snow from the roadway. This snow is
frequently shoved well over the sides of the road
15 way. Signs along the roadway often interfere
with removal of this snow. With our device there
will be no interference with the work. The upper
posts can be removed, the machines pass over
with no interference. The small slits in the top
20 of the caps will permit little snow to fall into
the sockets so that the upper portions of the posts
can readily be replaced after the ground has been
cleared of the snow.
Among the posts often found along the road¿
25 sides are mail boxes. Our invention furnishes an
, especially useful support for mail boxes for it not
only furnishes a removable support but one that
cannot be removed without unlocking it.
Other uses are for supporting clothes line posts.
These are an ever present obstruction in back
yards. Our invention provides an easily remov
able post which can be as easily replaced without
in any way‘iínpairing its stability.
These and many other uses will he apparent
from the description and the drawing forming,
What we claim is:
1. A support comprising a lower socket por
tion having a cap removably secured thereon, and
having an angular slot in its upper end, a load
be‘aring post> having an angular cross section of
the same shape as the said angular slot, said post
being extended thru said slot into the interior of
the said socket, means for securing the said cap
on the said socket portion, means for positioning
the said post vertically in the said socket por
tion, and means cooperating with said last named
means for preventing removal of the said cap-se
curing means.
2. A support comprising a socket portion hav
ing a cap thereon, said cap having an angular 15
slot therein, a post passing thru said slot Iand ex
tending down into said socket portion, means for
vertically positioning said post in said socket por
tion, means for removably securing said cap on
said socket portion,-means for locking said post 20
against displacement from said slot and means
cooperatively associated with said locking means
for preventing removal of the said cap securing
3. A post assembly comprising a socket portion
having a removable cap thereon. said cap having
an angular slot in its end, a post passing thru
said slot and extending into the said socket por
tion. said post having a plurality of vertically
spaced openings adapted to receive means for 30
supporting the post in adjusted vertical position,
a lock adapted to be positioned in one of said
openings, the said socket portion having
threaded opening adjacent its upper end, the _said
cap having an opening adapted to register with
the said threaded opening in the socket, a screw
the disclosure of the invention.
adapted to pass thru the opening in the cap and
It will be obvious to those skilled in the art to` _ be threaded into the said screw threaded opening
which this invention pertains that many changes in the socket, and means for attaching the said
may be made in the device without departing lock to the said screw whereby the said screw is
from the essence thereof, we therefore do not ' secured against removal when the said lock is
limit ourselves to the invention as shown and as fastened in the said openings in the said post.
specifically described but only as set forth in the
appended claims.
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