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July` l2, 1938.`
v Y |-|~ F_ SMITH
Filed March l0, 1936
rarement July _12, laas
TN *
mehr nnrtaorrno nevica
Hobart Frederick Smith, llms Angeles, Calif.
`.imitation Maren it, ieee, serai no. sacos
ll Claim.
This invention relates to a novel and useful
light reflecting device adapted to be worn on the
coat sleeve of 'a pedestrian or automobile driver
so as to reñect the light from the headlights of
y, an approaching automobile to warn the driver of
` the latter of the presence of the pedestrian, or
to reflect the light from the headlights of a fol
lowing automobile so that the driver of the latter
may readily discern and `identify the various
motion and direction signals given bythe hand of
the automobile driver wearing the present device.
The primary object of the present invention,
therefore, is to provide a light reflecting device
(Gl. 88u30)
Figure "7 is a fragmentary section through the
light reñecting element as constructed in all
forms of the invention, the device being drawn
on an enlarged scale to more clearly illustrate
the construction.
Generally stated, the present invention includes
a light reflecting elementin the form of a ilexible
strip~like member adapted to be applied to the
sleeve of a coat at or adjacent the cud of the
sleeve, and being of a length t'o extend substan
tially or at least half way around the coat sleeve
for reflecting light rays striking the same at
various angles from the front, rear, or outer side.
adapted to be worn by pedestrians or automobile
This light reilecting element consists essentially
drivers to promote their safety and safe driving at
of a translucent or transparent light transmitting
ilexible strip of material such as colored celluloid.
This strip is indicated at li and is provided on its
night time.
A more speciilc object of the present invention,
is to provide a safety light reñecting device of
rear surface with a suitable light reflecting ma
the above kind adapted to be readily applied to
terial t, such as a coating of bronze paint. Also,
the strip 5 is preferably embossed to provide sub 20
stantially throughout its entire area a series of
20 and worn on the coat sleeve of a pedestrian or
automobile driver at or adjacent the cuff of said
sleeve, and embodying a light reflecting element
of strip-like form and of a length to extend sub
-stantially or at least half Way around the coat'
25 sleeve so as’to be illuminated by light rays strik
ing the same from the front, rear or side.
A still more specific object of the present inven
tion is to provide a light reilecting device of the
above kind including means for securing the light
30 reflecting element on. a coat sleeve so lthat said
element may be readily removed from sight when
not required for use.
Still another object of the present invention is
to provide a light reflecting device of the above
35 character which is extremely simple in construc
tion and economical to manufacture, emcient in
use, and easy to apply to a coat sleeve.
Other objects and 'features of the present in
vention will become apparent from the following
do 'description when considered in connection with
the accompanying drawing, in which:
similar small prismatic portions arranged in
transverse and longitudinal rows so as to not
interfere with> the longitudinal flexing of the
strip. lBy providing these prismatic portions, the 25
reflecting element will reflect light striking the
same from practically every angle, as is generally
well known in the art. If. desired, the light
reflecting element may be carried by or stitched
to a cloth backing sheet 'l of similar form and 30
Associated with the light reflecting element
above described, is a means for attaching said
light reflecting element to the sleeve of a coat
so that such element may be readily‘removed 35
from sight when not required for use. For this
purpose, the light reflecting element may be ap
plied to the coat sleeve so as to be completely
removable therefrom. Securing means suitable
for this manner of use may consist of an elastic
strap 8 stitched at its ends to the ends of the
Figure l is a fragmentary elevational view of light re?lecting‘element or its cloth backing 'l as
a coat sleeve provided with a light reflecting shown in Figure 2. With this arrangement, the
light reflecting element and the strap t combine
device embodying the present invention.
Figure 2 is a transverse _section on line 2--2l to form a band adapted to snugly and completely
encircle the coatv sleeve e at 'or adjacent the
of Figure l.
Figure 3 is a. View somewhat similar to Figure 1 cuil it.
The device may also be applied directly on the
of a modiiied form of the invention.
Figure 4 is a longitudinal section on’ line 4_4 cuff of the coat sleeve so as to be removable there
from, in which case suitable spring clips Il may
50 of Figure 3.
Figure 5 is an inside elevational View of a still 'be attached to the back of the reiiecting element
further form of light reflecting device embodying at the ends of the latter for 4engagement with
the curl of the coat sleeve so that the reflecting
the present invention.
-Figure 6 is a section on line 64-6 of Figure 5; element willbe conformed with the cuff and held
thereon in an obvious manner.
Another method of attachment may consist in either by warning the driver of an automobile of
providing the light reñecting element -with a pro
the presence of a pedestrian wearing the device,
jecting flexible tab I2 along one longitudinal edge or by enabling the driver of an automobile to
adapted to be stitched to the inside of the cuil? of readily discern and identify signals executed by a
a coat sleeve adjacent the lower edge of the cuff wearer of the device when driving another auto
as at I3 in Figure 4. This arrangement permits mobile.
the light reflecting Aelement; to be placed outside
While I have shown and described certain spe
the cuff as shown by full lines in Figures 3 and 4. cific embodiments and details, it will be apparent
or inside the cuiI where it is removed from sight,
10 as indicated by dotted lines in Figure 4. In either
cas/e, the light reflecting element Will remain in
its/adjusted position due tothe attachment of the
tab I2 and the curvature of the cuiî of the coat
„sleeve and the reñecting device at this point.
'I'his form of the invention also provides for re
moval of the reñecting element from sight al
though not permitting detachment thereof from
the coat sleeve. The tab I2 may consist of an
integral extension on the cloth backing 1, which
20 backing is preferably used to afford a measure of
protection for the coat sleeve and to provide dur
able means of attachment for the strap 8, clasps
II or tab I2.
With the device applied to a coat sleeve as i1
lustrated, it will be readily seen that light from
the head-lights of approaching automobiles will
be eiîectively reflected so as to promote safety,
that the invention is susceptible of various
changes and modiñcations such as fairly fall 10
within the scope of the invention as claimed.
What I claim as new is:
The combination with a coat sleeve, of a light
reflecting signalling device comprising a lustrous
ñexible strip-like light reñecting element con 15
forming to and extending atleast half way around _
said coat sleeve, and means securing said light
reflecting element on the coat sleeve so that said
light reflecting element is- readily removable from
sight, said last-named means including a ñexible 20
tab carried by the light reflecting element along
one longitudinal edge of the latter and stitched
to the inside of the coat sleeveadjacent and
along the lower edge of said sleeve, whereby the
light reflecting element may be disposed at the 26
outside or at the inside of the sleeve.
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