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Patented July 12, 1938
Henry Martin and Rudolf Hirt, Basel, Switzer
land, assignors to the ilrm I. It. Geigy S. A.,
Basel, Switzerland
No Drawing. Application May 1, 1937, Serial
No. 140,265. In Switzerland May 9, 1936
8 Claims.
(Cl. 187-37)
According to the present invention, textiles and
feathers and the like by impregnation from dam
rendered moth-proof by treating them with mix
age by moths. Even when used in very small
concentrations they impart a su?icient protec
tion to the treated materials. In practice they 5
tures or solutions ot'thianthrene and its deriva
5 tives and substitution products.
These agents
are used in the manner customary for insecti
will be used principally in the form of solutions
in water or cheap organic solvents such as hy
Many compounds of the thianthrene series
ed, for example, for protecting wool, hair, fur,
other materials liable to damage from moths are
suitable for use in the’invention are known. The *
10 following are some of them; they are given by
way 01' example and the invention is not limited
to their use:
, Thianthrene or 2:6-dimethylthianthrene (Be
richte, Vol. 29, pages 437-8.); 1:3:527-tetra
15 methylthianthrene (Berichte, Vol. 22, page 910);
2-chlorothianthrene or 2:7-dichlorothianthrene
(Annalen der Chemie, Vol. 381, pages 327 and
329) ; 2:7-dichloro-3z6 - dimethyl - thianthrene,
4:5 - dichloro -_ 1 :8 - dimethylthianthrene, thian
2° threnedicarboxylic acid or dimethoxythianthrene
drocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons. alcohols,
ketones or the like, or mixtures thereof.
goods to be protected may be treated by brush- 1o
ing or spraying or impregnated by immersion.
Furthermore, the thianthrenes may be emulsi
fled in oils, fats or creams, or they may be used
as additions to powders and, indeed, in all the
i'orms usual for insecticides. They may likewise 15
be used in combination with other agents already
known for the same purpose.
The following example illustrates the inven
tion, the parts being by weight:
20 parts of thianthrene or another-of the com- 20
(Chem. Zentralblatt, 1922, Vol. I, page 818):
pounds above-named, such as dimethylthian
2 : 3 z 6 : 7-tetramethoxythianthrene (Annalen der
threne, dichlorodimethylthianthrene or thian
threne-S-oxide, are dissolved in 980 parts of al
Chemie, Vol. 468, pages 162-201, Chem. Zentral
blatt, 1929, Vol. I, Page 1944) ; dinitrothianthrene
Furs, feathers or wool are immersed in .
25 (Bull. de la Soc. Chimique de Paris, Ser. 3, Vol. , the solution and then centrifuged and dried. The 25
15, page 423); 3-nitro-6-methylthianthrene, 3
goods thus treated are immune from damage by
nitro-8-methoxy-5-methylthianthrene, 8-chloro
moths. Even more dilute solutions sumce to im
part a satisfactory protection.
5:8-dichloro-3 - nitrothian
threne or 3-amino-6-methvlthianthrene hydro
30 chloride (Chem. Zentralblatt, 1924, Vol. I, pages
1035-8); thianthrenesulphonic acid (U. S. Speci
?cation No. 1,589,390 and Chem. Zentralblatt,
1927, Vol. 1, page 360) ;. naphthianthrene (Be
What we claim is :
' 1. A moth-proo?ng composition containing as 30
442); 2:6-dimethylthianthrene-S-oxides (Be
its essential active ingredient a thianthrene.
2. A moth-proo?ng composition containing as
its essential active ingredient a thianthrene-S
8. A moth-proofing composition containing as 35
its essential active ingredient a thianthrene sub
stituted by at least one halogen atom.
4. A moth-proo?ng composition containing as
its essential active ingredient thianthrene-S-. ,
5. A moth-proo?ng composition containing as
richte, Vol. 42, page 1174); 2:3:8z7-tetrameth
oxythianthrene-S-oxides (Annalen der Chemie,
its essential active ingredient dichloro-thian
richte, Vol. 42, page 1175) and so on, also the S
35 oxides of the above compounds, for example:
Thianthrene-S-oxide (Annalen der Chemie.
Vol. 381, page 321); thianthrene-S-dioxide (Be
richte, Vol. 44, page 758); thianthrene-monosui
phone (Annalen der Chemie, Vol. 381, page 823) ;
4o thianthrene-di-sulphone (Berichte, Vol. 29, page
Vol. 468, pages 162-201, and Chem. Zentralblatt,
6. A moth-proo?ng composition containing as
45 1929, Vol. I, page 1944) and so on, or thianthrene- _ its essential active ingredient dichloro-thian- 45
S-disulphides, . for example 3:7-dimethoxy-2z6
dioxythianthrene disulphide (Chem. Zentralblatt,
Vol. II, page 898) and the like.
The aforesaid thianthrenes are excellently suit
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