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July 12, 1938.
Filed Jan. 23, 1957
Patented July 12, 1938
èU Nli
'S T "ÈE S
Nathan Raizner, New York, N. Y.
Application `llanuary 23, 1937, Serial No. 122,044
1 Claim. (Cl. 40-125)
The present invention relates to an illumi- to chipvan'd‘sharp'corners ~are-thercfore`objecnated advertising device preferably adapted for
use with com controlled Scales,
of the new device are receivable Within this ccn
_The primary object cf the invention is the pron
5 vision of an advertising device adapted to be
attached to the back of scales and positioned in
Such a marmel- that the advertising matcrial ap-
pearing thereon will be readily noticeable to the
user of the scales,
A further object of the invention is to provide
an advertising device including a frame for use
in conjunction with a casing of essentially rec-
tangular outline and having substantially ver_ tically positioned grooves formed in edge portions
3è) thel‘gof, Such as the Conven‘âiona]
of scales
Casinâ sal-_d frame having d pan. of depending
legs or supports extending therefrom, receivable
in said grooves and disposed ¿n thc same plane
but at a very small angle more than a right angle
20 relative to the body of the fram@ so that the
legs are spaced further apart at their distal
than at their proximal ends, thereby facilitating
attaehmcm cf thc frame tc thc casing by p0si_
tioning said legs in said grooved casing edge p,0r_
25 tions.
The invention will be fully and comprehensively
understood from a consideration of the following
detailed description when read in connection
with the accompanying drawing which forms part
30 of the application.
The legs of the frame forming a part
Cel/ed POrtîOn and attached thereto as illus
trated in Fig 2 0f the drawing.
Referring t0 Fig 3, it Will be Seen that the de- A
vice includes a substantially rectangular' frame
e having integral therewith the depending legs
or supports l!) and il, said legs being substan
tially triangular in cross-sectional outline and 10
disposed in the seme Plane but et e Very smell
tingle more than e right angle relative t0 the
frame’ es Clearly illustrated’ whereby the legs are
spaced further apart et their distal than dt
their proximal ends, thereby
attach- 15
ment of the frame to the casing by positioning
said legs in Seid grOOVed Casing edge lGOrtíOnS 3.
hereinbefore referred to. Mounted within the
frame 9 is e» transparent glass Panel l2 and e
backing strip I3, preferably provided with letters 20
or other advertising matter adapted to be mount
ed thereon- A rear panel le is removably et
tached to the frame 9, and positioned between
said panel and the backing strip I3 is a packing
strip l5, the rear panel being attached by screws 25
er the like le which extend into the frame 9 and
are r eedïly remnveble therefrem, aS illustrated in
Flg- 4 0f the d_retWlrlg-
The advertising device herein disclosed may
be illuminated in any desired manner.
How- 30
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating the de-
ever, a preferred means of lllummating
the sign
meld-des the use 0f d neon ges tube ll arranged
vice attached to a conventional form of scales,
between the _panel l? and baeklng Strrp I3, Seid
a portion of the Scales being also Shown in pel-_
35 speci-¿Va
Fig. 2 is a sectional view being taken substan-
muy en une 2-2 of Fig.v 1 and illustrating the
manner in which a leg portion of the device is
attached to the Sca1cs_
3 is al perspective View Of the device apart
from the Scales; and
Fig. 4 is a sectional View taken substantially
on une 4__4 cf Fig 3_
R fendu tc the drawin for a more dctaücd
45 description thereof, a conventional type of scales
neon tube being carried by the insulating mate
rial I 8, which material is supported Within the 35
frame in any desired manner Preferably forming
e Spacer between the elements l? and |3- The
insulating material I8 which enc1rcles the neon
tube Il is preferably of a Width larger than the
tube and Serves t0 protect
the tube and the 4;()
glass panel l2 from breakage. Current is sup
plied te the neon tube thru the Wire l@ extending
from the rear of the frame, which Wire may be
attached to a conveniently located outlet fixture.
When attaching the device to the scales, the legs 45
casing is indicar-,cd generally by the numeral 5
and includes a coin slot 6 and Weight-indicating
diei 1 which rotates upon the deposit or a com te
I0 and H are forced into the concaved portion 8
0n the rear 51de _0f the SCele- _Fastening members
20 Serve te fetale the less Withln the grooves e
indicate the correct Weight of the user. In a
'50 scales casing of this type, each of the back edges
and lllJOrl tlghterllng thereof Said legs are caused
is usually provided with a grooved or inwardly
_ being
employed on each leg, 1t
understood that a
concaved surface 8, see Fig. 2, for properly ñn-
ishing the casing edge and to present a rounded
corner. As is well known, scales casings are us55 ually constructed of a material which is liable
to expand and to be further forced and retained 50
within the groove.
Two or more fasteners are
threaded opening 1s provided Within the body
portion of the scales for receiving the fastening
elements. The fastening members 20 project 55
thru a cylindrical extension formed during the
casting of the legs at the points Where said legs
therein as do not aiïect the spirit of the invention
are drilled to receive the members.
appended claim.
What is claimed as new is:
'I‘he cylindri
cal extensions indicated by the numeral 20' per
Ul mits counter boring at these points without mate
rially weakening the leg structure. v By this man
ner, the device is firmly attached to the scales and
the advertising matter appearing within the
frame and the means for causing illumination
thereof are securely protected. The frame may
be made up of various designs so as to render the
same more attractive to the individual scale to
which it is to be attached. rI'he material for
forming the frame and depending legs may be the
same as that used in the manufacture of scales or
may be of metal or other suitable material.
It is to be understood that this improvement is
capable of extended application and is not con
ñned to the exact showing of the drawing nor to
the precise construction described and, therefore,
such changes and modifications may be made
nor exceed the scope thereof as expressed in the
The combination with a scales casing having 5
substantially vertically positioned grooves formed
therein- in edge portions thereof, said grooves
being in the same plane but disposed relative to
each other in another than parallel relationship,
of a display panel adapted to being superimposed 10
upon said casing and including a pair of depend
ing leg-like members forming a counter-part of
said grooves and adapted to being received there
, in, said legs being disposed in the same plane but
at a very small angle greater than a right angle 15
relative to said panel and spaced further apart at
their distal than at their proximal ends, whereby
said panel is firmly held in position due at least
in part to said spacing of said legs.
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