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July 12, 1938.
Filed Sept. 3, 1957
Patented July l2, 1938
Arthur I. Wightman, Belding, Mich., assigner to
Harry F. Hittle, East Lansing, Mi h.
Application September 3, 1937, Serial No. 162,393
2 Claims. (Cl. 138-25)
This invention relates to exhaust deiiectors
The baille or drip plate ï is shown as having
constructed to be attached to the exhaust pipes
its rear end in contact with the under surface
of steam or gasoline motors, and has for its >ob
ject the improvement of such dei'lectors in the 0f _the spreading end 2, and thel baille plate is
5 following particular condition of their operations. usually made with the- downwardly extending
Ordinarily, when an exhaust deñector of this sides t and 9 which are arranged against the 5
character is placed upon the end. of the exhaust sides of the spreading> end as shown. As illus
pipe of an automobile, the condensation creeps up trated in Fig. 4, a space iii remains between the
edge of the baiile plate and the inside of the
around the top of the deflector, resulting in cor
10 rosion. The chemical nature of the exhaust is spreading discharge end of the deilector. The
almost always liable to cause the plating or finish baille plate may be secured to the spreading end, 10
2 by spot welds ii, which do not injure the ap
of the deñector to become dlscolored, removed as pearance
of the deí‘lector.
a whole or in spots and the deñector to be ren
'It is thought to be apparent that the baille plate
dered unsightly, or tarnished, or partially de
may be formed integrally with the spreading end
15 stroyed and its external appearance made unde
sirable. This invention has for its object the of the deñector. In the sectional view Fig. 6 15
prevention of such corrosion in operation, by the spreading end i2 of the deflector has a por- '
means of a baiìie plate which is secured to the tion at. the edge i3 turned down and under, the
spreading end of the deiìector, usually by spot turned down edge constituting the bañe plate as
20 welding at the sides. 'I'he baille plate takes on illustrated.
ln operation the gases and ñuid vapors of the 20
the drip of the exhaust and the corrosion occurs
at the edge of the bame plate instead of at the exhaust pass over the edge of the baffle plate in
stead of in contact with the edge of the spread
edge of the deñector itself.
In the accompanying drawing the arrangement end of the deilector, and the injurious corroding
25 of the bailie plate in the deiiector is illustrated, substances are found to act upon the barile plate
showing one form and arrangement of the parts almost entirely, thereby protecting the deiiector 25
edges and surfaces.
Having now described this invention and its
Fig. 1 of the drawing is a side view showing all
parts assembled.
Fig. 2 is a sectional view lengthwise of the de-ñector with this invention applied thereto.
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view.
Fig. 4 is a front end view partly in section on
the broken line t-t of Fig. 3 of the spreading
35 discharge end of the deiiector showing the spaced
position of the baiiie plate.
Fig. 5 is a sectional view on the broken line
I5_5 of Fig. l.
Fig. 6 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
lo spreading discharge end of the deñector showing
a modiñed baille plate construction.
Throughout the drawing and description the
same number is used to refer to the same part.
As ~usually made the dei'lector has a hollowv
5 cylindrical body portion i, with a downwardly
bent or turned spreading or divergent discharge
end 2, having the downwardly extending sides
3 and il. The body l has the lengthwise opening
5 which permits the body to be secured upon an
D exhaust pipe by means of some device equivalent
to the clamp 6 shown in Fig. »5. The number and
vstructure of the boit clamps 6v are not parts of
the invention and may be of diiïerent form.
purpose, I claim:
l. An exhaust deiiector, comprising a body por
tion constructed to be attached to an exhaust 30
pipe, the said body having a spreading discharge
end, and the said end having attached trans
versely to its under surface a baille plate extend
ing downwardly adjacent to the edge of the said
discharge end of the deilector, the edge of the
bañe plate being spaced from the edge of the said 36
end of the deiiector whereby the end edge of the
deñector is protected from corroding exhaust
2. An exhaust deiiector, comprising a body por
tion constructed to be attached to an exhaust 40
pipe, the said body having a spreading discharge
end, and a baille plate located within said dis
charge end and transversely secured in contact
with the under surface of said end, said baille 45
plate being extended downwardly whereby the
lower edge of the baille plate-is spaced from and
protects the end edge of the deiiector from cor
roding gases.
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