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July 19, 1938.
.__ E. BAER
Filed July 17, 1937
¿aw/f ¿vice ¿ZT .Ede/4
Patented July 19, 1938
UNITED STATES rarest ortica
Lawrence E. Baer, Attleboro, Mass., assigner to
Swank Products, Inc., a corporation of Dela
Application July 17, 1937, Serial No. 154,233
1 Claim.
(C1. 2111-19)
This invention relates to Suspenders or braces
for supporting men’s trousers; and the invention
has for one of its objects the provision of sus
penders which will be so connected in the back
they may lie flat and yet will be permitted a
preferred means by which these advantageous re
sults may be accomplished:
With reference to the drawing, I0 designates
one shoulder strap and II the other shoulder
strap, each of which is provided with some means 5
to connect the front of the strap to the trousers,
Another object of the invention is the provision
of a connection for adjusting the relative position
of the straps which comprise the Suspenders te
1 O accommodate the straps to different positions of
unnecessary to illustrate herein. Back straps I2
and I3 are connected to the back of the trousers
movement one with relation to the other.
the wearer, for more comfort to the wearer and
less strain upon the straps than would otherwise
be provided.
With these ,and other objects in view, the in
15 vention consists of certain novel features of con
struction, as will be more fully described, and
particularly pointed out in the appended claim.
In the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a view of the back of the suspender
straps incorporating the invention and shown as
i4 by any convenient means such for instance as 10
by the tabs I5 connected through buckles I6 to
the back straps I 2 and I3.
In order to connect the shoulder and back
straps Il! and I2 on one side and the shoulder
back straps Il and I3 Von the other side and yet
prevent the straps on one side from spreading
with reference to the straps on the other side, I
have provided a pair of loop members I8 and I9
which are preferably formed of some stiif or rigid
material such for instance as metal, although
some other stiff .and rigid material such as fiber
applied to a person indicated in dotted lines;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmental view of the
connection at the back of the straps showing my
may be employed.
invention therein;
each other, as shown in Fig. 4, while a pivot pin
2| extends through the openings 22 in each of 25
Fig. 3 is a View similar to Fig. 2 showing a dif
ferent position of adjustment whereby one of
the straps is raised with reference to the other
and the different positions of the straps on the
such means being of a common form and thought
Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the connecting
Fig. 5 is a perspective View of one of the parts
of the connecting member;
Fig. 6 is a section on line 6_6 of Fig. 4;
Fig. 7 is a sectional View showing the connec
tion of one of the straps to one of the loop mem~
In the use of Suspenders it is desirable that the
straps extend over the shoulders and connect to
40 the back of the trousers by some arrangement to
prevent them from spreading .and at the same
time permit a maximum amount of relative
movement for comfort in wearing and for the
preventing of unnecessary strains upon the
45 straps; and in order to accomplish this object l
. have provided a pair of relatively rigid members
which are connected in such a way that they
will space the straps one from the other and yet
are so pivoted that they will be rockable one on
50 the other while the straps are connected to them
in such a manner that they may slide about the
loops of the members and thus a wide variety of
adjustments may be accomplished; and the fol
lowing is a more detailed description of the pres
55 ent embodiment of this invention, illustrating the
These loops are each provided
with an ear or projection 20, which ears overlap
these ears to pivotally secure the loop members
I8 and I9 together.
The lower end of the strap I0 and the upper
end of the back strap I2 are slidably connected
to the loop or ring I8 by means of tabs 23 and 24
each of which consists oi a piece of leather passed
through the ring i8 and folded upon itself at the
narrow bight portion with one ply extending along
one face of the strap and the other ply extend`->
ing along the other face of the strap withA stitch
ings 25 sewing the two plies 26 and 2l of the tab
together and also at the same time attaching the
tab to the strap Ill or I2, as the case may be.
Tabs 2S and 29 upon the straps II and I3 are of
a similar shape and similarly attached to these 40
straps as are the tabs 23 and 24 to the straps Iß
and I2.
Each of these tabs may slide freely around its
ring or loop member and the ring members being
pivoted one with relation to the other may rock 45
as one shoulder is raised and the other lowered
so that the relative position oi the straps may be
either the normal arrangement as shown in Fig.
2 or the arrangement such as shown in Fig, 3
where the parts have changed their relative posi 50
tion both by the tab sliding around the rings and
the straps it and ll on one side being raised or
relatively higher than the `straps II and I3 on
the other side. By this arrangement the parts
are Well supported and a maximum amount of 55
flexibility and relative change of position may be
had a-nd yet the arrangement is simple with the
parts easily formed and easily adjusted and
The foregoing description is directed solely to
wards the construction illustrated, but I desire it
having front ends provided with trouser engag
ing means, a pair of back straps provided at their
lower ends with trouser engaging means, a pair
of rigid metal rings, the back end of one shoulder
strap and the upper end of one back strap being 5
slidably connected to one ring, and the back end
to be understood that I reserve the privilege of
of the other shoulder strap and the upper end of
resorting to all the mechanical changes to which
the device is susceptible, the invention being de
fined and limited only by the terms of the ap
pended claim.
the other back strap being slidably connected to
the other ring, lateral extensions on each ring
overlapping, and a pivot pin extending through 10
said extensions.
I claim:
Suspenders comprising a pair of shoulder straps
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