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July 19, 1938.
Original Filed March 1, 1937
Patented July 19, 1938
Dewey J. Emanuel, Kearney, Nebr.
Application March 1, 1937, Serial No. 128,387
Renewed June 15, 1938
1 Claim.
My invention relates to improvements in
wrenches and the main object is to provide a
wrench which is self adjusting to the size of the
work and by which a powerful grip may be ob
5 tained on the work.
Another object is to provide a wrench particu
larly suited for use as a pipe wrench and includ
ing a pair of work gripping jaws slidably con
nected and with a handle pivotally connected to
10 one jaw and connected by a draw bar to a cam
which operates against that jaw through the
shank of the other in such manner that the
normal pull on the handle to operate’ the wrench
on the work will cause a closing motion of the
15 jaws on the work while the opposite movement
will open the jaws and free the wrench from the
Another object is to provide a wrench of this
kind in simple, durable and inexpensive form.
With these and other objects in view the in
vention resides in the novel construction and
arrangement of parts as hereinafter fully set
forth and claimed, reference being had to the
accompanying drawing as showing a preferred
embodiment of my invention for purposes of ex
cleft formed at the forked end I6 of the handle
I5 outwardly of the pivotal connection I'l there
of. The other end of the draw bar I8 is forked
at ZI forming ?ngers 22 which straddle the ?xed
jaw shank ‘I. A pin 23 is passed through these 5
?ngers 22, through the slots ill and through the
notched portion of the movable jaw shank II,
this pin connecting the draw bar and shank II
but allowing the latter to still play freely in the
shank ‘I.
A draw cam or block 24 of triangular shape is
pivotally connected at one corner 25 to a link 26
which is pivotally mounted at its other end at
21 in the cleft between the draw bar ?ngers 22
rearwardly or outwardly from the shank ‘i. This 15
block 2!! is slidably mounted in the shank cl'eft 8
outwardly of the shank II and is held therein by
a roller 28 mounted in the outer end of the cleft
and journaled on a pin 29 extended crosswise
through the shank sides 9.
The adjacent gripping faces 30 of the jaws 5
and 6 are serrated or toothed as shown.
extremities of the draw bar I8 are both turned
at an angle from the medial section thereof as
indicated at 3| so that the bar will stand out in
substantially spaced relation from the jaw shank
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a side view of the wrench in opened
Figure 2 is an edge view.
Figure 3 is a side View of the wrench in closed
or work engaging position.
In carrying out my invention I provide a pair
of jaws 5 and 6, one (5) being hereinafter termed
35 the ?xed jaw and the other (6) the movable
jaw. The said ?xed jaw 5 has a shank ‘I turned at
right angles and the same is split longitudinally
to provide a cleft 8 parallel with the jaw and
extending from a point in alignment with the
40 jaw clear out through the end of shank. The
spaced sides 9 of the shank also have the nar
row aligned slots I0 extended longitudinally but
considerably shorter than the shank. The mov
able jaw 6 has a shank I I extended from its end
45 substantially parallel with its axis but offset lat
erally as at I2. The junction of the jaw 6 and
shank I I is notched out at I 3 on each side so as to
?t the cleft 8 and play slidably therein.
(Cl. 81-128)
structure is thus such that the jaws may be
50 moved together or apart as desired.
A handle I5 is provided and has its inner end
I6 forked and pivotally connected at H to the
end of the movable jaw shank I I. A draw bar I8
is pivotally connected at one end to a link I9
55 which in turn is pivotally mounted at 20 in the
In operation the handle I5 when swung to the
position shown in Figure 1 opens the jaws 5 and
6 or spreads them apart and they may be ad
justed to the work. Then when the handle is
pulled in the direction indicated in the arrow and
which is the direction in which the wrench is
pulled to operate the work the jaws are closed
on the work. This action is brought about by
the pivotal action of the handle at the point I?
which exerts a pull on the link I9 swinging the
outer end of the draw bar I8 in the same direc
tion and transmitting a pull through the link 25 to
the cam block 24. This cam block as it‘ is pulled
through the shank ‘i operates by its sloping face
32 on the roller 28 and its opposite face 33 forces
the movable jaw shank I I inwardly in the cleft 8
and moves the jaw 6 toward the jaw 5. Of course
the harder the handle I5 is pulled the greater
will be the force exerted on the jaws and the
tighter the grip on the work. As the handle I5
is pulled the outer end of the shank II is forced
upwardly (as viewed in the drawing) and the
shank rocks on the pin 23 also causing the jaw 6 50
to move toward the jaw 5 as indicated.
When this pull on the handle I5 is relaxed the
cam block 25 is released and the jaws may spread
as the wrench is removed from the work.
The wrench of course may be made in any size 55
desired and for use as either a pipe or monkey
While I have herein set forth a certain pre
ferred embodiment of my invention it is under
of the movable jaw, a draw bar pivotally connect
stood that I may vary from the same in minor
ed at one end to the handle, the other end of the
draw bar being pivotally connected to the shank >
structural details so as to provide a practical de
vice for the purposes intended, not departing from
the spirit of the invention and within the scope
of the appended claim.
jaw having a shank slidably extended out through
the said cleft at right angles to the ?xed jaw
shank, a handle pivotally connected to the shank
I claim:
In a wrench, a ?xed jaw, a shank extended at
right angles therefrom and having a cleft, the
said shank also having aligned slots, a movable
of the movable jaw through the slots in the shank
of the ?xed jaw, a triangular cam block connected
to the draw bar and slidably mounted in the cleft
in the shank of the ?xed jaw, and a roller jour 10
naled in the said cleft and con?ning the cam
block therein.
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