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July 19, 1938.
Filed Nov. 18, 1936
5 Sheets-Sheet 1 ,
Jply 19, 1938.
Filed Nov. 18, 1936
5 Sheets-Sheet 2 >
\ - $37473”
July 19, 1938.
Filed Nov. 18, 1956
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
Patented July 19, 1938
John Crighton, London, England, assignor tov
American Machine & Foundry Company, New
York, N. Y., a corporation of ‘NewJersey
' Application
e In Great
1936, Serial
20, Nd.
‘ "
» 6 Claims.
‘ This invention relates to‘ packing machines for"
packeting cigarettes and like shaped articles and
has reference more particularly to the hopper
u device for accommodating the supply of .ciga
5 rettes or the like and to the means for controlling
the feed of the cigarettes from the hopper. [
In‘ such hoppers it is usual to provide some
means for controlling the ?ow of the cigarettes
I i from the body of the hopper to the discharge or
10 mouth whereby choking of the- mouth is pre
vented and ‘it is an object of the invention to
provide improved means for. this purpose.
A ‘further object is to provide improved means
for controlling the bulk‘ of the cigarettes in the
15‘ hopper while the predetermined number of ciga
rettes' is 'being'removed'by pusher of the wrap
II which terminate at theirilower edges in an
outlet, capable of delivering a predetermined,
number of cigarettes,simultaneouslylin a horizon-'
tal line. ‘The front'wall ‘is carried on brackets l3
by adjustable pivots _l‘_4 ‘and is held against ad-? 5'”
justable stop pins *l'5_by:means' of springs l6.
Located above the outletjand'adapted to‘ oscil
late about a' horizontal‘vv axis is a gate element
which is in the nature of "spaced superposed A
elements or plates H and it", ‘The plates of the
lower element I‘! are vtorined in onewith a mount
ing-l9 by which the gate‘device is carried upon
‘an oscillable shaft 20. The ‘mounting l9 ex
tends above the axis'of the‘shaft and is adapted
to carry the upper A element l8 which is attached it:
tothe mounting at the apex of‘ the A. ‘The angle
between the plates‘ oii'vthei'uppern element 18,
According to onefeature of'the‘ invention an may 'be'about:>100°"an‘d ‘the sides vor the A may‘
oscillating gate element or agitator is located terminate slightly below the axis of the shaft '20.
20" within the hopper above ‘the outlet therefrom These side plates‘may' 'be capable of extension‘
and is adapted to afford a two point control .of by adjustable end pieces 18a. so "that‘the space
ping means.
the ?ow of the cigarettes in the ‘hopper. J
The gate element oryagitator is preferably so
arranged that the ?ow of cigarettes takes place
v 25' from either side of the hopper.
‘The gate element may comprise a pair oi super-‘s
between the platesjan'd the'sloping‘ walls I2 of
the hopper may‘ be adjusted. “ 1
The angle between-tithe plates of the lower A‘
element 11; may be about 60°‘theangle of the A 251
coinciding more or' less‘ with the axis of the ‘shaft
20. The length of theplate's oi‘the lower A
element is such that thetspace‘b‘etween the plates:
posed VA shaped, elements or_ vanes spaced from
one another, the‘upper element controlling the
?ow of cigarettes to, the lower element which ‘ and the Walls ‘l2 of the‘hQDper permits a suffi
act-in turn controls the ?ow of cigarettes to the cient flow of cigarettes to "ensure an adequate. 3.01
supplyof cigarettesyatithe outlet.‘ ' ‘
mouth or outlet‘of the hopper.
The gate I1 and; I8 'isjjadapted to be oscillatedv
According ‘to a furtherfeature of the inven-‘
tion the chute of the hopper is provided with by any suitablemear'is'. “For example an' arm 2|
separate passageways by‘ a plurality of vanes and may be'provided‘ ?xed‘ tojthe‘ga'te' shaft 20, such
35‘; the receiving table is provided with similar vanes arm‘ being connected by van link ‘or connecting rod 35
?xed thereto and forming compartments of a 22'to a crank‘pin?fcarried by a‘crank disc 24
depth to contain a predetermined number, say _ which is rotated‘ by aydri'vin‘g shaft 25.‘ v
two, cigarettes and the vaned hopper is capable
‘of ‘displacement relatively to the table in order
40' to arrest the flow of, cigarettes while the prede
termined number located in the tablev compart
ment are removed by the pusher.
Further features of the invention will be here
inafter described ‘and de?ned in the claims.
In the accompanying‘ drawings:
Figure 1 is a side view of the ‘hopper supply
shown in ‘relation to the table of a packing ma
Figure 2 is'an end view of the hopper alone.
The arm 2! is *slotted so‘that the point of con;
nection of the rod‘ '22'ift ‘eretomay be adjusted
whereby the amplitude; “the osciilations of the
gate element maybe varied: ' “I U" '
In operation,v Yas'thef gate member l1,‘ I8 is o‘s-j‘
cillated the‘ ends of the plates“ I] or the lower,‘ A
move'in paths'substa'ntially parallelto the sloping‘
walls l2 of the hopper 1while the ends of theplates,
l8 of the upper A ‘will move in'substantially‘ 'ver-‘
The upper A‘elem'ent l8‘support's the main body
of cigarettes in! thehopper' ‘and causes them‘to‘
Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-301‘ Figure 1.
flow outwardly 'towards the ends of the hopper,
In carrying the invention into effect according
while the oscillations of ‘such element will vcause
a ?owing of cigarettes‘ intothe'spaces I25 be
tween ‘the vA elements. The oscillations 'of‘ the
lower A‘ element l'lzwi'llscause a ?ow of cigarettes
into thespace 26 zbelowuthe lower A whereby an
to ‘one convenient mode as applied to a ‘hopper
feed for a cigarette packeting machine a hopper
is provided comprising a ?xed rear wall [-0, an
55? adjustable front wall H and lower inclined ‘walls
adequate supply of cigarettes will be available
for the outlet of the hopper without the possi
bility of choking up the outlet owing to the weight
of the cigarettes in the hopper. The A elements
will thus provide a ?ow controlling device by
is again actuated to permit the cam 33 to func
This however, is not intended to exclude other
arrangements for oscillation of the chute vanes,
in order to retard the ?ow of cigarettes, which
which there will be a two stage or two point con
may embody the basic idea of means herein
trol of the ?ow on either side of the hopper en
after claimed, which includes appropriate means
by which the chute vane‘ ends can be oscillated
bodily across the upper ends of the ?xed table
vanes, simultaneously, to retard the flow of ciga 10
rettes for the stated purpose.
suring the cigarettes ?owing down in ‘parallel
formation without risk of crushingvof the ciga;
10 rettes as they pass the gate elements I8 and I1.
Below the outlet from the hopper a chute 5D is
provided which is formed of aseries of vanes 21
Located between the hopper opening and the
to provide a series of parallel passages 28 ar
chute an agitator device is provided comprising
ranged vertically and of a length to contain each ‘ transverse bars or steps 4|], 4| mounted upon a
15 a number of cigarettes.
Conveniently there are ten passageways 28 .and
the lowest cigarettes are adapted to rest upon a
table or shelf 30 from which the desired number,
say two rows, or twenty cigarettes are delivered
20 axially by pusher elements to the packeting
bar‘-42~coinciding with the ?xed wall I0. The 15
bar 42 is connected to a reciprocable slide 43
which is provided with a roll 44 engaging a ro-i
tary cam 45 on the cam shaft 25. A spring 46
holds the roll 44 up to the cam.
By‘the provision of the agitator the flow of the 20
It will be appreciated that ‘in removing the
cigarettes into the passageways of the chute is
two lower rows a tilting of the cigarettes in the
next upper or third row will occur which may.
The sides of the passageways 28 in the chute
are closed by strips 52 and 53 the latter being
have the effect of disturbing the flow of the
mounted as a block to pivot upon the bar 41 so 25
cigarettes down the passageways. '
that they may be lifted to getat the passage
In order to avoid this disturbance it is desirable
to stop the ?ow of cigarettes down the passage
ways 28 while the lowest rows are being removed,
and for this purpose a chute isv adapted to co
operate with the vaned lower pasageways 29
formed of a height to take two cigarettes in each
Ways should a stoppage occur or for any other
The vanes 28a forming the passageways 29 are
?xed to the table 30 upon which the lowest row
of cigarettes is adapted to rest.
reciprocate. horizontally, the amplitude of the
reciprocation being about equal to one half the
_ v
The side strips 52 are retained in position by
It .will be appreciated that the rotation of the
cam 33 will be synchronized with the pusher ele
ment of the wrapper device so that the chute
of the, hopper is moved to stop the ?ow of ciga
rettes whilst the pusher operates to remove the 35
predetermined number of cigarettes from the
The table passageways 29 are permanently ?xed
but the vaned chute 50 is mounted so that it can.
pitch of the vanes.
When the vanes 28 of the chute are moved out
table passageways.
It is to be noted that the improved agitating
feed means and the improved mouth of chute
constructions may be utilized independently of 40
one another.
I claim:
of register with the vanes 28a of the table, the
1. A hopper’ for supplying cigarettes or like
lowest cigarettes in the chute will rest upon the shaped articles to a packing machine, said ma
chine having a packing table provided with ?xed, 45
45 vanes 28a. of the table and thus the ?ow of the
cigarettes will be arrested during which period upright, compartment-forming vanes, said hopper
the pusher will remove the cigarettes from the having a vaned chute provided with passageways
pasageway 29 between the tablervanes 28a.
_ through which the articles are delivered to cor
It is convenient to arrange the vaned chute responding compartments on the packing table
50 separate from the body of the hopper and to said compartments being of a depth to contain a 50
hang it upon links 3| which are pivotally con
predetermined number of articles, said chute
nected to the framework 5| so that the desired being, mounted for lateral reciprocation to move
reciprocation may be effected. The reciprocaq
tion maybe obtained in any suitable way and
55 conveniently by connecting the chute to an arm
32 associated with the crank shaft 25 by which
the gate device 11, I8 is oscillated such shaft hav
ing a rotary cam 33 engaging a roller 34 on said
arm so that the cam imparts a thrust to the
60 arm, the return movement being effected by a
spring 35 or springs.
The end of the arm is
slotted and supported upon the crank shaft. The
cam 33 may also at the same time be'adapted.
to impart a vibratory movement to the suspended,
chute to assist the passage of‘ the. cigarettes
through the chute.
It may be necessary to arrest the supply of
cigarettes to the plunger for adjustment pur
poses or otherwise and forv this a manually oper
70 able cam 36 is provided adapted to be pivoted
upon the shaft '25 by the handle 3'! with a posi-.;
tion to engage a pin 38 on the bar 32 to impart
a movement to the ‘chute.
7-5 1
The cam 36 has a
the passageways out of register with said com
partments and into register with the upper ends
of said ‘?xed vanes, thereby to arrest the ?ow 55
of articles through the chute, while the articles
are removed axially from said compartments.
2. A hopper for supplying cigarettes or like
shaped articles to a packing machine, as claimed
inrclaim 1, wherein the vaned chute is pivotally 60
supported upon links and means are provided for
oscillating the chute to effect the desired rela
tive displacement.
3. A [hopper for supplying cigarettes or like
shaped articles to a packing machine, as claimed 65
in claim 1 wherein the vaned chute is pivotally
supported upon links and reciprocation thereof is
effected by a rotary cam engaging a roll carried
by a link coupled to the chute.
4. A hopper for supplying cigarettes or like 70
shaped varticles to a packing machine, as claimed
in claim 1 wherein the vaned chute is pivotally
supported upon links and reciprocation thereof
recess 39 into which the'pin 38‘ seats to ‘hold
is effected by a rotary cam engaging a roll car
the parts in the desired position until v‘the handle
ried by a link coupled to the chute, and wherein
‘ a manually operable cam is provided for engag
ing said r011 temporarily to retain the chute in its
‘ displaced position to arrest the supply of articles
, to the-take o?‘ means.
5. A vaned chute for a hopper supplying
cigarettes or like shaped articles to a packing ma
chine having a pair of spaced horizontal axes
for mounting the chute swingingly between the
outlet of the hopper and a vaned packing table
10 and means for reciprocating the chute swingingly
around said axes to move the vanes out of register,
and to aid passage of cigarettes through said out
let from the hopper by agitation of the cigarettes
in the vicinity of said outlet.
6. An immovable packing table for a machine
adapted to pack cigarettes or like shaped articles
delivered from the outlet of a hopper mounted
above said table, a, chute mounted to oscillate
bodily between said outlet and said table, and
having upright vanes forming exclusively vertical
compartments, means to oscillate said chute to
agitate said cigarettes atnsaid outlet exclusively
and thereby to distribute into the several com
partments of the chute a continuous supply of
cigarettes or the like, and a series of ?xed vanes
upon said table spaced apart to form compart
ments adapted each to contain a predetermined
number of said articles and to maintain said
articles in ?xed side-by-side columns therein,
ready for transfer axially to a packing mecha
nism, said chute-vanes being disposed in spaced
relation adapted to bring the lower ends of said
vanes alternatingly over the ?xed vanes upon 15
said table and over the compartments there
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