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15bk 1938,., E
f y `
~ originai lFiled Jan. `9', m34" f2 sheets-sheet 1
its ïneriphery, ¿al-Ã; collar ` on> the- `driving ‘member`
` surrounding the dri Ven member, a ratchet looser ’
` `
1y ¿mounted ‘on f said shaft, rollers disposed in ‘ sai
. ` y1 ‘which a layer» of ‘ fiilerj tobacccï is‘fautomätically
and carried by 'said ratchet, "and ïafte‘n- '
sion „spring'connected to the driven _member
ratchet=‘ and? normally,holding‘the-latterv in .posi-F"
ì notches
collar »and í‘"not‘ches; 'the' clutch -incanacitatiñgq
` ` _i "
sent `inventìorrrelates tov 'ñllerîfe'eds
' `¿ such“ asidisclosed in Patent No,1,791,558;granted` \ mechanismpr'ef'erably includes, Ia `pawl` adapted 10"
n to eng'agefïthe'ratchet and Aai"counter'lWeighted
`tr'íp"~’connected to the yielding member and hold# ` `
ingV thenawlwout~ of »engagement-,with 'the .ratchet
until the,` pressure of theïtobacco onfthe yielding'.` ‘
‘ M `j produce Vimproy'g‘admeans 'fo?controlling the feed»` \ member is suñicient‘to'overcomethe resistançefof "
. i
the trip anddisengage'îit freniy the v-pa'wl, whereby
’ I Q16* to' the‘fcharge tórmingïdeyice, so that theV suoi' *ther-latter»
willengage ‘the ratchet lfand ‘thus 1` stop` 1‘5’*
" a " contain a `predetermined'_volume of- tobacco
the rotation `of the driven 'member and shaft;J
„Ançfher «object ¿s tap-ronde ¿entrer meansfin
cam-piece. onsaid collar `adapted to disengag‘ethe
and Vthe A clutch rehabilitatingv device ‘includes i" a ~ i
`t` ‘predeterrnineddensity.'`
pawl » from the ' ratchet.“4 vThe »particular 'structure
l y ` fsir'ch eener feeawhich aresimpie in 'construction
' selectedrto' illustrate the inventionï‘isf but ïoneï ‘ofy
acting; iso that 'the’feed`stops l¿immediately on at;y manypossible` concrete `rembodiments of the same, i
and“ “the invention'. therefore s' is‘fnoty to"v enree
‘i `Íï ` tainingf’the l desired" volume _ and “ density of‘ithey
yetpòsitiveand Areliak'ilevinnaction and also‘ïquick
,„tchacedY inthe charge lforrningfnieang “With
scribed: Furthermore, certain parts of the‘linven
` these anja other objects-notspecificauymenuoned vtion
:are capable of `use vindependent of thepothe'x"` `
View, I the invention consistsß'in ~certain con'-- , `>partsfand`
-such ¿useis contemplated. Y. `
¿structionsand combinations hereinafter fully‘deà
„ l „scribed andtheh speciiicallyi'set- forth ’inf the
`> claimshereunto'appended. ‘
3Q ll
- ‘
_ anism,».is mounted on side frames .Sand Il) which-` "
thev accompanying <"drayt'in'gsï l‘which‘ form ` a l `ar'effastened-to thebaseall ofthe cigar machine;`
' of- which the presentdevice is a' part. '»The feed
drum` I3 is carried‘by a Shaft IZ provided` with a ‘ y
j , hand WheelV (not shown); and this shai‘tfisdriven” l
*Figi "1A is a 'side- eievauon ef thçz-impr‘qved: nner
from the'l main drive ofthe ciga?‘machine by a
chainvIS on asprocket `,Ilì Whichírevolves loosely :35;
îFiè. 2‘iis an"enlargedátop‘yiewpnartlyin section; , on `,the shaft 4l2 and carries a flange .I1 which is` K Y
` ` of the feed‘leontrol"clutch,` takenion line 2--2.y
i In~carrying the> invention-tinto;'eifectfthere`is
‘ provided sa“ continuously rotating: ldriving Vrn‘e'm»lv
attached to or integralwith.»a~collarïl8.1»The
sprocketl lßvvrotate's continuously-'on shaft: I2‘and `
constitutes `,the driving member .oi' thevñller‘feed.
A`v ratchetvwh'eel 4Ill loose on ¿shaft 'I2 carries‘a 40,.
of studs -Ztl‘atta'ched to which kare-rollersv 2l;` - "
„',I‘fìï‘berafra- fshaft on whichfsaid member is ï loosely` >set
engaging 1in; triangular notches 2.2 -oiïwaï driven f i '
` k
` ` ",mounted, ¿a friction roller-clutch Vconnecting"„'=,aid .memberjlß‘keyedìto shaft I2. i
` ‘ïdrivijngïîmember and shaft;v and normally -opera
r«Thememberlßntswithin the surroundingfcol- " ,
isha-ft, aniler feedin‘g «rieitdrivençby said shaft,
ï the interior. of collar I8 while it yrotatesinthe`> "
¿meansffor receivingkafcharge 'of ñllerftobacco V
direction‘tindicated‘ byfthe arrow in Fi'g.,`11‘.i<r‘For
Lfrom 'saidl belt",`> fas-yieldingJ?einberw disposed* in Y -this’purposethezncotches
>2l!, are so disposed that '
\ “saidmeans to be'v pushed by the töbacc'o ‘delivered
` they provide taperingsp‘acfes in'which the‘rollers"
¿ i, a l ’ ltoïsai?l'-"r'neieuis by'saidbelt,@mechanismconnect# 2li ñt loosely. v,between ‘the member 23i andwccìll'arv
, l5l)`> in‘g‘to‘said yielding memb’erfto incapacitate said A‘I‘Iiiivlien near..A the apex` ofthe notches Aandfjar'n l*
" `ch'itch‘when the 'charge in said means `attains a`
` ; `predetermined density, and' afdevice> forfjrehábili- i against the collar whenl‘icarried towardsthe" other `
`ltatingsaid clutch.. In the‘best constructionsïcon-.K ,-,» Íend
I9 normally
-the >movement
.inmo’si- " l
‘ \ ntemplated` the ,clutch Ä in'cludesà` aßdriven member
` nxed'on saidshaftand‘provided'yvith.«notches in ,
tion to .jam1theï rollers" ZIfagainst fthe colla ; Il
55 "
by a spring 24 spanned across the posts 25 and
26 ñxed in ratchet I9 and driven member 23, re
5I mounted on one end of the fulcrum shaft
52. The other end of thisfulcrum shaft car
ries an arm 53 which is connected by a rod 54
spectively. The upper portion of ratchet I9 is
provided with a longitudinal recess 21 thus per
mitting the spring and posts to be conñned within
the ratchet. The construction and operation oi'
this type of clutch, which may be termed a fric
tion roller-clutch," is well known `so furtherde-V
with a pivoted arm 55 which carries the plate
45. The weights 56>> on rod 51 ilxed to the
weighted arm 5I load the yielding member 45
while revolving idly around shaft I2. A cam piece
3| attached to the collar I8 periodically _engages
scribed. >`-The arm `5I rests: on adjusting screw
against the movement by theV tobacco in the
spacef46" until said tobacco hasl reached a pre
scription thereof is deemed unnecessary. , '
determined density. Accordingly, adjustment of
The post 26 projects through a bore 28 in the these weights will result in regulating the density
bottom of recess 21 permitting relative mov‘e- " of the tobacco inthe ñller charge.
'.nent of the post 26 with respect to the post25
, The volume of tobacco in the charge ls deter
while the rotation of the ratchety I9 is stopped. mined _by the extent of the movement or for
A spring tensioned pawl 29 pivotally mountedcon l wardßtravel of the yielding member V45, after the
15 al stud 30 carried by the frame I0, when engag
tobacco pushing- against said member has reached
ing the ratchet, stops the rotation of member 23 ` the‘ïdesired density.- The extent of this move
and shaft I2, the sprocket IGand collar I8 mean-` . ment may be regulated, as will'be presently de
5Ia while .the charge forming space 4Bis empty
20 a roller 32 carried by the pawl and swings Ithe
‘or inthefprocess 0f being ñlled, as long as there 20
same away‘from the ~ratchet. When the pawl 29 isv
disengaged from the ratchet I9, _the/motion of
sprocket _I6 is again transmitted to thedmember
is insuñicient p_ressure on chargexarresting plate .
`45`toîlift the arm _5.I.i Y
.When the accumulated tobacco inthe charge
23 when the rollers `2I gradually jamagainst the v receiving space hassufiicient density tor transmit
» the, motion of the advancing .filler tothe member 25
25 interior of collar I8, thus turning drum I3.
The feed‘belt 33, on which the ñllergtobacco
is spread and. which is drivenby drum. I3, is
guided bystationary pulleys 34 -and;35, Vandad
justable pulley-36, and its` working portion is.
30 supported by a plate 31 extending between the
pulleys-34 and 35. One end ofy plate 31 rests
451, the trip 58lv on the Weighted arm `5I swings
away fromthe protruding end V59` of the spring
tensioned pawl 29»,A thus allowing Ythe lat'tervto
engage with the ratchet I9. At the ¿moment
thefpawl engages the ratchet, the rollers2I andÁ 30
post 25> _in ratchet IS are stopped while the‘porst>
25 in the` member 23_continues to move’until
on .a tie rod bracket 38 and jcarries; a- bearing
`bracket 39 .for supporting the _, pulley 35. The Y the tension .of spring 24 is sufficient to holdthe
driven member 23 stationary whereby the rollers
pulley 34`may be similarly supported fromthe
35 other end of plate r31, andthe pulley 36 maybe
2I are freed from the 'collar lßvandheld‘in’their
adjustably supported asshown in the Hanson
loose Vposition between Vthe Àcollar . I8 and mem--
patent referred
The filler tobacco-spread on the upper run, of
feed belt 33 is carried under leveling star Wheels
ber .23. In this marmer the motion of’shaft l2
and drum I3 is stoppedj It-will beseen that
this arrangement will result in almost instanta
A4I.l,>the ñller tobacco ,upon emerging from thel neous discontinuing of the drive wheneverthe
leveling wheels continuing its i advance' under
trip 58 releases `the pawl 2,9. _.Theweighted arm
guides 4Il to the small feed wheels 42. The feed 5I is fastto shaft 52 and trip 58 is loose on
wheels 42 which‘move the filler layer after it» shaft 52 .for adjustmentthereon by adjusting
has left the feed belt 33, pass it on to theplat
screws 58a bearing >against the tail of arm l5I
45 form 43 upon which it rests under the guides 44.
and holding the trip securely in its A,adjusted
Guides 4I and 44 may `be, adjustably supported position . when theyfare tightened, whereby the
as shown in the above mentioned patent where# Ainitial angular position of the trip 58 while hold
by they may be‘raised or‘lowered to control the ing the pawl 29 away from the ratchet I9 may `
thickness of thel bunch charge. . Thesupporting
50. and driving means of the star wheels andthe
feed wheels are disclosed in the patent hereto
fore‘mentioned,v to which reference may be had
for a full.` disclosure of` the same.
, .,
. Platform 43 and guides 44 together form„means
55 for receiving the charge in space 46 >between
them, theprongs onfthe: upper end of yielding
member 45 projecting into `said space `through
slots in platform 43. i After theproper Volume
of tobacco to> form a charge has been fed into
this space, it is cut 01T from the 'mass of Atobacco
be adusted, thus regulating the distance l‘through
which» trip 58 must be swung to release the pawl. 50
In this_.manner the volume' offtobacco in the
chargey maybe lclosely controlled, since` the >ini
tial angular position of the trip 5B'may be ad
justed within'a wide range under the protrud
ing end 59 of the pawl. A vfurther advantage
is inherent in` this arrangement, since the wear
ing away of the rear edge of the underV face ol'
the end 59 of thevpawl will have no appreciable
effectv on theÍ distance Ythroughzwhich the trip
'swings in ,releasingthe pawl or on the volume of 60
by a knife 41, which is periodically actuated `by tobacco in the charge. In the form disclosed the>
conventional means, which slides vbetween a shear length of lever 55 isfnearly equal to the.` length
plate 48v attached to bracket 38ïand shear blade of arm 58, and- the distancewtr’aveled- bvk Yield
49‘fastened to platform bracket- 50. After .each .ing member 45 is ítherefore approximately rthe
65 cut, transfer ñngers 50a, the operating means of
same as that traveledV by `the nosearm 58,111 65
which forms no part of the' present invention, releasing :clutch releasing pawlV 59.- This rela
forward the'severed bunch charge toca filler Y' tionship offelemen-ts makes possible a. more posi- Y
transfer, not shown, which carries'it to itsV next ' tive` control ofthe trip release andl »substan
operating position in the cigar'machine.v
tially eliminates over or `under feed _of ñller .to
In forming the charge, the iiiler tobacco, under
the feeding action of the .feedbelt and the star`
wheels, advances against theV fingers or prongs
bacco. » The same cannot be said of prior con
structions; inlwhich the parts 'of the tripping
mechanism move through relatively short paths
of the yielding charge arresting plate 45 until so that> any wearingV of the same will produce
the density of the accumulated mass transmits a considerable‘variation in the volume of tobacco
75 sufficient pressure to balance the weighted arm ` inthe charge.f
roilersdisposed inlaid notches `and carried by '
:est mation @f thè-‘remet iaith@ com.: ~
patted'` and measured i filler“charge4 gis“ cut ¿into-j..> said-eretchetfandfia‘ tension ¿spring connected „to ‘
vsaid drlven‘meniber'andY ratchet: position
>ratchet ‘and
‘said e
roller' todam' between saidv collar'an'd'notches'.- ‘
‘echanism including i a pawl adapted» to` i
engage said rstchetganu ‘aicounte?-wéighteaßtnp » ‘
said `
connected' to"` said> yielding’ member` and adapted».
tov vhold§`said _pawl ` out of engagement withf» said
ratchet~~ until ' the pressure `_‘ of ‘ the tobacco on "said \
AfterÍthe-fcutïchargehas been ' mc
»yielding :member is sumcient 'to overcome-¿the
fi' , tra fer" angers
‘member-jrs lid_At
to 'tobacco
by the'y
the ,
- ,y same time," the* continued rotation of collar- 'IBI
said ïratchetfto stop its- rotation> and th'us 'free
carries Äthecam `lpiece T3| around the „shaft i2 Ã said
rollers from saidï'colla'r-andstop the rota-`
<`16 untiifsaid‘” cam piece engages the l>`roller’32` of ì
pawl 29‘ and disengagesi‘thezsame from Aratchet
" ¿19, ‘„thereby startingthe rotation of‘member y23
*and "feed drum I3> to deliver `the fillertobacco
`'for the next charge.
tion of said shaft and said device including a,`
cam-piece on said` collar adapted to disengage`
’ `said pawl from said ratchet.` e
a Inanauto'mauc nner reed for «marma
chines,_the combination witha continuously ro
tating driving member, of a shaft on which said ‘
f1; In an `automatic KLfiller feed for` `cigar ma¿ ldriving
member~ is loosely mounted; a friction
`chines, `the combination` `with a continuouslyro
roller clutch' connecting `said driving member and
tating driving member, of a shaft on which said
L What is` claimed is:`
and normally operative'to drive said shaft,
driving member is loosely' mounted, a, friction shaft,
al feed drum fixed on said shaft, a ñller feeding 25
i roller-clutch `connecting said `driving memberl andv belt driven by said drum, means for receiving ar Y
„ shaft, and normally operativeto> drive vsaid shaft., , >charge of filler tobacco from said belt, a yielding
» ,y
'a'feedf drum fixed on saidy shaft,r> a filler feeding` ' member disposed in said means to be moved by , i Y
"belt driven bysaid drum, means for receiving a tobacco delivered to- said meansby said belt,
(charge of filler tobacco >fromjsaid belt, aV yield and vmechanism for lncapacitating saidjclutch
v30 ing member' dl's'posed'insaid means to be pushed
stopping the movementof said beltwhen ' " k*by*the‘ftobacco delivered to said means by said `and
the charge of'tobacco `in said `receiving means` " `
belt, and mechanism connected to said yielding y -
attains a. predetermined density, said mechanism" ` „
`member for incapacitating said clutch when the
heldïin'a position away from said clutch, atrip 35
arm cooperating with ksaid device to releasably
determined density, said clutch including a driven
` member> fixed `on said .shaft and vprovided with
triangular ,notches ‘in its periphery, a'collar on
s i said driving member surrounding said driven
r ¿fmemben a ratchet loosely mounted von said'shaft,
including a clutch releasing device normally Y
attains a' pre- f '
“ ,charge of tobacco in said means
support it in
said position, and a connection> i I `
between said ryielding member and trip arm so.l`
~arranged that .when said member Íis displaced
a predetermined distance, said device is releasedr
` ‘ rollers, disposed in saidnotches and carriedby ' ,for’coope'ration with said clutch to stop the -ro-A
i . @said ratchet, and a tension spring `connected to »tation of said drum, and thereby prevent <ther ‘
said `driven member and ratchet and 'normally feed of ‘additional tobacco to said ycharge receiv- e ,
` Aholding fthe ratchet in position to` cause `said ,
, rollers to jam between said collar and notches,and y ing means.
4.ïIn an automatic filler feed- for cigar ma
y‘said mechanism including "a pawl adapted to en-~ i chines,
the combination with'a continuouslyïro-h
‘ygagesaid ratchet, yand
tating `driving member, ‘of ,a shaft on .which ‘saidy
„connected to‘ said yielding member and adapted driving member is looselyL mountedya. friction
j» to hold said pawl outl of engagement witli‘said `roller
clutch `connecting» said` driving member».
",ratchetïuntil the‘pressure of` the’tobacco on said and f shaft,
and normally operative to drive said
’ l*yielding member is sufficient to overcome the re
` sistance of vsaid trip and` swing the latter away
shaft,a` feed drunrñxed on said shaft, a filler ‘59"
‘ from said pawl,` whereby the pawl will 'engage ‘ feeding belt driven by said drum, means-for '
l receiving ay charge of filler tobacco rfrom said
„ said ratchet to stop its‘rotation andi thus free belt, a yielding member disposed in saidmeans
È‘said ,rollers from said` collar vand stop the rota
to be moved by tobacco delivered to said means
55ltion of said shaft. ,
¿ 4
y h2.' In an automatic >filler feed forcigar ma-4
»f by said‘ beit, and mechanism :or mcapacnaung
and stopping the movement of 4vsaid ,
Qchines, thecombinationïwithf‘a continuouslyv ro- , sai’d 'clutch
when‘the charge of tobacco in said receiv-f
" tating'driving member, of a shaft ’on which said belt
l‘s‘loosely mounted, a friction» ing'means attains a predetermined density, said
"driving l member
mechanism including a clutch releasing device
` `aller-clutch connecting said driving member and k `normally held in` `a position away from said
‘ „ shaft,‘and` normallyoperative ,to drive said shaft, '
y affeed Adrum fixed on said-` shaft, a filler ,feeding f clutch, a trip arm` cooperating with said device
Qbelt driven b‘y said drum,Vmeans` for receiving to releasably support it in said position, a con
‘ " a charge of iillerr tobacco 4fromksai'd belt, a yield-r nection between said yielding member and trip`
i ` " ing member disposed‘in said means'to be pushed `
Yarm so arranged that Whensaid lmember is rdis
ya predetermined distance, said device is
Qbyäthe tobaccov'delivered to` said means by .said placed
released 'for cooperation with; said clutchto stop `
'I ‘ belt, mechanism ccnnectedto said yielding mem-‘_ i `
the rotation of said drum, andv thereby prevent - . ’
„Y ~ i ber, fora incapacitatinglsaid clutch` when the.> vthe `feed of additional `tobacco to said charge
` y chàrgefof tobacco iny said‘means „attains a pre- .
receiving means, and adevicefor rehabilitating
determined density, `a «device for rehabilitating n said clutch, said device including a cam mounted',
`said clutch, saidclutch including a driven mem
uponisaid driving member adapted `to lift saidv
device from cooperative engagement with said f
` «xdriving>
angular member
notches insurrounding
its peripheryf’a
said collar
mem-> clutch-'and reestablish the feed of tobacco to the
'yberf‘ fiXedon said shaftand provided with tri
charge forming means.
ber, a ratchet loosely mounted, ron said shaft, l,
5. In o en, automatic nl_ler, feed, `ici' " ciàar4 rnv.'->
tainsf a predetermined density, Vsaid lmechanism,
ohines, the combination with a .continuously ro
including aclutch' releasing device normally h_eld
tating driving member, of ` als'haft on which said>-> in a position away fromsaid'clutch', a trip arm,
driving 'member` is -’loosely mounted, a Íiïricticn
means on said arm engaging with and supporting
roller clutch connecting said driving member and said device'i'n af position 'away from said clutch,
shaft, and normally operative to. drive said shaft,` and `~`»connections . _between said yieldingÀ member
a feed drum fixed on said ¿shaftf aviiller feeding andmeans so arranged, tha'twhen said member
belt driven bysaid drum, means for receiving moves a predetermined'distancesaid meansis
, a charge of filler tobacco from said belt,` aïyielci-` moved approximately the same distance `to` re
ingmember disposed in said means to be moved ` lease >said device-for cooperation witlfrsaid clutch
by tobacco delivered to said means by said> belt, and prevent thereby. thev feed' Iof additionalsto~
and mechanism for incapacitatiroigv said clutch
andrstopping the movement of_ said belt when the
charge of tobacco in. said receiving means "at-l Y
beccoV to saido'charge receiving means.`
` ì' „ HENRY H.
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