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July 19, 1938./
' y
Filed March 1, ' 1937
n Patented Julyl19, 1938
„;„ _
UNITED sfm.'r1_~:fsy PATENT oEFicE
Magnus Boett‘cher, Milwaukee, Wis.v
VAppli‘ntion Maron 1,v 1937, serial No. 128,375
2. claims. ¿(01. 12s-_124ir
This inventionrelates toimprovements in airinlet devices for. internal combustion engines.
showing the windshield wiper and showing the
improved air inlet device connected inthe vac
Heretofore, various devices have beenfproposed
uum line for the windshieldr wiper;`
for admitting additional air to theintakemani--
Fig.` 2 is _an enlarged longitudinal y.Seotional
5, fold of an‘internal combustion engine, .whichdevices are designed toprevent waste of fueland
view .through .a portion of the windshield ,wiper 5 I
vacuum line illustrating the lnteriorv construc'f,
to increase the economy -and eñiciency ofv opera- „ tion of the air inlet device;
tion of the motor. These prior-devices have al1
been positioned .directly in the intake manifold
logthereby necess‘tating either the use ora specially
"constructed manifold pipe, the drilling ofk special
Fig. 4 is a perspective view. ofthe improved V10.
device `showing the two parts thereof separated.` "
openings therein, or disconnecting-of the mani-
Referring more particularly to the‘draWingV,
fold from the carburetor-extension to permit insertion of a relatively complicated air inlet de15:,îvice therebetween.v The majority of these. prior'
-‘devices have in addition been provided with
variable air controls which do not function effectively until after the motor has attained a.
predetermined running speed. _.
the numeral 5' designates an intake manifold
pipe of an internal combustion engine, the said
engine being of vany standard form and includ- 15.
ing the Standard carburetor. .The 4intake,marli'
fold pipe 5 has ,one .end connected to thecar
blll‘olìol’ and i’ßS other end >connected tothemoï-N
tol“, and -Whhen theV motor iSv running thereis ale
, It is a general object of thepresent invention
" to provide an improved air inlet device which. is>
of simple construction and which may be readilyA
installed by any automobile user in .a fewminutes’ time.
Fig._ 3 is a longitudinal sectional view` of'a_
modified form of device; and
Ways a vacuum present-in Vthe intake manifold .20..
pipe, which vacuum serves to draw the fuelmix'
ture into the Cylinders:
It is common practice Vwith.present-day auto-r
mobiles to have a threaded opening 6 in the in
,_ „ A more specific object of the present inven- take manifold pipe folfi'eß‘oiViI/lga threadediili-A 5.5
25"; tion is to provide an airy inlet device especially` ’ving l, Which fitting usually has ametal tubular`
designed for quick connection in the vacuum line extension 3. A length' of rubber tubingV 9 has one
leading to the windshield wiper motor.
end slipped over the tubular extension 8 and has `
A further Object of the invention is ,t0 provide an air vinlet device for connection in the
30"`vacuum lineleading to the Windshield wiper motor which is so formed asnot to interfere `with
the Operation 0f the Windshield Wiper,
A stili further object of the invention is to
._ provide a device of the class Adescribed Lso con-
35"~`~structed as to. increase operating economy by
i admitting air at au times that the motor, is
running Y through an opening` of constant, ef-'
feqtive Size, as distinguished fyom‘prior devices'
having variableV openings 4which are effective
403 only when . the motor attains a predetermined
running speed. `
' ‘
its" other end connected to a similar extension VIII
of the Windshield Wiper motor I I. Thesuction in
the' intake manifold iS therefore utilized; lin all 39?"
modern automobiles, to operetefa Suction motor
Il.A for" Causing mOVemelllì 0f thel Windshield
wiper l2-
, _
' ‘
Hel‘e‘ßofol’e auXllIai‘y ail' lrlle'G `devices haveV
been formed in 01’ Connected directly to the in,- 35:7
take manifold. In `Some of these prior devices
special holes had to be' drilled'in the intakel
manifold; in others the intake manifold had toy
be Specially formed; and in Still others the de
vice‘was insert'able between the intake manifold 'mi
and the vcarburetor extension.
With all these
A'further speciñc'object'of the ,invention "is 'toï prior` devices, therefore, installation was expen
provide in> a device »as above described; means in
the _path of the admittedairfor lproc'lucii'ig, a -
45" whirling` action of `said-` air to break V¿the ‘latter
upv‘beforegit is introduced into*thefmanifo1d,`thusl
aiding invthe vaporization of thel fuel mixture”
to,` the end_»ï‘that more complete combustion andy
maximumfuel economy‘are obtained.
sive and required thé Services ofi an expert.
It is an object of the present invention to pro-V
Vide ,en ail’ vinlet4 device Which is readily insert-`
_able in the tubular vacuum line leading to 'the
windshield wiper to form a ‘part’ of saidline»
whereby additional air may be thusvadmitt'ed to
the manifold. 'Referring more particularly`v to
50' ‘ With the above andjother objects in view, the- Fiïg. 2‘, the device consists preferably of a two- ,50i
invention consists ofïthe improved‘air inlet de- part fitting comprising the parts I3 'and I4; The y
vice for internal combustion -engines,*and ‘al1 vits
part I3 has a. tubular metal extension I5`pïroject-_`
partsand combinations asset forth in the 4'claims ing fromone end thereof anda threaded 'por
and all`'equivalentsthereof.`
tion I6 projecting from the othei'ïfend‘thereof.
55°? In the accompanying ydrawing in' which> the The fitting part`|4 has-one end internally- thread-g 5g?
same reference numerals fdesignatb the same
parts in all of the views;
Fig. 1 is an assembly View showing a portion
0 of the intake manifold'in longitudinal section,
ed as at I1 to receive the threaded Vextension ‘I6J '
of the fitting part I3, and the ñtting part I4
has a tubular extension I8 projecting in an op
posite direction from the extension IB on the fit- 60
ting part I3. When the two' fitting parts are
In Fig. 3 a modiñed form Vof the invention is
threaded together, an internal chamber I9 is
wherein, in place of the crushed wire
formed therein, and one of the ñtting parts,
preferably the part I3, has a hole 2|] drilled screening 20 other means is employed for break
through a side wall thereof for the purpose of ing up the admitted air. In this form of the
invention a coil spring 23 ext-ends longitudinally
admitting air from the exterior intoI the cham
the chamber I9, and said spring is adapted
ber I9. This hole 20 is preferably angled away
Í to produce a whirling action on the admitted
from the intake manifold as illustrated. The air. In addition said spring may cooperate with
end of the chamber I9 next to the intake mani
a ball valve 24; whichivalve is urged to substan
10 fold may also be fitted with a filtering screen
sealing position by the spring when the 10
2I for the purpose of preventing the entrance
of dirt or other'foreign matter into the intake motor is not operating. The spring, however,
is so light that as soon as there is any vacuum
present in the lin-e, the ball 24 will be drawn to
In addition, it is preferred to' employ means
for breaking up Yand causing a whirling action open position, and air admitted through the air
on the air admitted through the drilled opening inlet 20 will be directed toward the ball 24 and
20. Accordingly a batch of relatively small mesh then out toward the manifold, while being agi
by the convolutionsof the spring 23. The
screening 22 which has been partially crushed tated
is inserted in the chamber I9. This screening ball 24' tends to automatically produce a bal
anced vacuum condition on both sides thereof
is rather loosely crushed so that air may circu
so that _there will bea proper amount of vacuum 20
late freely therein.
condition for operating the windshield wiper and
V'I‘o installvthe »improved device, it is merely
necessary to sever the rubber hose 9 at a desired
point and to slip one ofthe severed ends over
the fitting extension I8. and the other severed
end over the fitting extension I5. Obviously this
installation can be effected in a few minutes’
time. In those cars having a greater length of
metal forming a part of the vacuum line leading
to the Windshield wiper motor, one of the ex
tensions I5 may be formed with a fitting similar
to the ñtting 'I for insertion into the intake
manifold opening 6 instead of the fitting 'I, and
a proper amount for causing the admission of air
through the air inlet 20.
Either of the forms of the invention may also
be constructed with an overhanging exterior baf 25
lire 24 to prevent -grease from caking over the
air inlet opening 29.
It is to be understood that the broad aspect
of the present invention consists in the idea of
providing an air inlet device which is of more 30
simple construction than the usual device of
this nature and which may be installed by con
nection directly in the vacuum line leading to
the-other extension I8of the air inlet device
the` windshieldwiper motor. Various changes
reception of the fitting 'I¿ Von the `end of the
standard windshield `wiper vacuum line. Most
automobiles have the rubber hoserunnin-g up
andmodiiications in the exact method of instal
35 ~may be provided with a socket member for the`
close to the manifold as shown in Fig. 1 so that
40 the Vtype of installation shown in Fig.V 1 is prac'
tical for the majority of cars. «
lation may be devised by those skilled in the art,
and all of such changes are contemplated as
may come within the scope of the claims.
` What I claim is:
. 1. An air inlet device for internal combustion 40
engines having a tubular vacuum line leading
. In use when the motor is running, a> vacuum
from vthe intake manifold to the windshield wiper
will-be created in the vacuum line leading toA motor
or .other auxiliary device comprising a
the windshield wiper motor, and inasmuch as the small tubular fitting having tubular connecting
45 chamber I9 of the air inlet device forms a part
extensions projecting from opposite ends thereof
of said vacuum line, air will be sucked into the
and in substantial alinement with each other and
drilled opening 20, whichV air will strike the with
the axis of the fitting, said extensions pro
mesh of the matted screening 22 and willV bev
for quick connection of the fitting in said
thus agitated, whirled and broken up into a plu
line to be supportedV solely thereby from
rality of iine streams.v This breaking up'of the vacuum
each end of the fitting, there being an air inlet
air will result in more perfect vaporization of
the mixture and will promote more complete
combustion. The air inlet hole 2D is preferably
opening communicating with the fitting between 50
said alined connectingextensions, and means for
agitating the admitted air.
not over one-sixteenth of an inch in diameter,v
2. An air inlet device for internal combustion
55 and with this small air openin-g, it is found
engines having a tubular vacuum line leading
that there is no interference with the operation
of the windshield wiper motor as the opening from the intake manifold to the windshield wiper
is too small to have'any great effect upon the motor or other auxiliary device-comprising a
amount of suction existing in the windshield
wiper line.
By having the opening 20 angled
small tubular fitting having tubular connecting
vextensions projecting from opposite >ends thereof
away from the intake manifold the suction in and in substantial alinement with each other 60
the windshield wiper vacuum line does Vnot act and-with’the axis »of the fitting, said extensions
in the same direction as the direction of extent providing for quick connection of the fitting in
of said opening, and therefore the admission of saidl vacuum~ line to be supported solely thereby
too much air or air at too high a velocity isV from each end of the fitting, there being an air
inlet opening communicating with the fitting be 65
prevented; It is to be noted that with the pres
ent device air is admitted as soon as the motorv tween` said alined connecting extensions, a ball
starts running, but that said air automatically valve in said fitting, and a spring normally urg
proportions -itself Vto operating conditions due to ing vsaid ball toward the end of the fitting away
ï the fact that the great-er the suction, the greater from the air inlet, said ball tending to produce
a balanced vacuum condition in the fitting.
the amount of admitted air.
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