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-July 19, 1938.
Filed Nov. 28, 1956
Patented July 19, 1938
Walter E. Weeks, Baltimore, Md.
Application November 28, 1936, Serial No. 113,114 ` _
8 Claims.
The invention relates" to a package for loose
particles of food as nut kernels or meats, candies
or small cakes and the like, in and by means of
which the food particles are attractively dis
5 played and at the same time are protected from
deterioration by the action of air, moisture and
other harmful agencies and protected from
crushing and breakage. While the package is
primarily a food package, it may be used for other
small articles.
The package comprises a bag or other sealed
Wrapper preferably a tubular section of trans
parent sheet material which is Water resistant
and may be to a large degree water proof. This
15 material is to the best advantage capable of
sealing by heat though materialsotherwise sealed
may be employed. While moisture resistant ma
terial is preferred, other transparent materials
may be used.
The material which has been used for this pur
pose in- the practice of applicant’s invention is
cellulose hydrate in the form of sheets which are
flexible, transparent, non-absorbent and highly
resistant to the action of water and also self
adhesive under the action of heat so that it is
easily sealed by heating without the use of a
separate adhesive.
The bags may be filled and sealed in accord
ance with the method described in United States
30 Patent #1,986,422 or in any suitable manner, the
bag or inner package being preferably ñat or
capable of flattening. In accordance with the
method of the patent, a strip of Sheet cellulose
derivative of the kind described or any suitable
kind of material is bent laterally into tubular
_form about a feed tube which feeds the food par
ticles into the transparent wrapping tubeas it
is formed. For convenience, this wrapper ma
terial may be referred to as Cellophane, it being
.40 understood however that this word Cellophane is
a trade-mark applied to the product of one man
ufacture and that other sheet materials of this
character may be used for this purpose. The
tube is sealed longitudinally and is also sealed
s. Ui transversely and cut at the center of each trans
verse seal so as to form a series of closed ñlled
--bags, each having flattened portions at its ends
where the front and back of the bags are joined
by sealing.
In accordance with the -present invention these
bags which when unprotected or unsupported are
subject to breakage by bulging >with-the conse
quent spilling of the contents, and are also lack
ing in protection for the food product which is
55 apt to be’crushed and broken> in handling are
(Cl. 20S-46)
well protected. Also these bags in the unsup
ported form are shapeless and not adapted for
quick and easy handling or for packing uni
formly in quantities.A
In accordance with the present invention, these
filled bags or packages are given a uniform shape
and supported and protected from bulging by
means of a paper or other relatively stiff opaque
envelope or backing which is quickly applied and
inexpensive and which exposes the food product 10
in an attractive manner for exhibition an-d ex
This wrapper is easily and cheaply applied _and
of attractive appearance and provides conven
iently for the display of advertising matter in 15
connection with the product, and the package as
completed has the further important advantage
that the food product does not come in contact
With-the paper backing at any point so that there
is no absorption of grease by the paper with the 20
dlspleasing appearance of greasiness and discol
oration and no loss of the food constituents by
the absorbent properties and porosity of the pa
per which are unavoidable incidents to other
paper wrapping or backings. In the accompany 25
ing drawing,'I have illustrated a package em
bodying the features of the invention in the pre
ferred form. In the drawing:
Figure 1 isl a plan view of the paper blank
which forms the backing or outside Wrapper, the 30
same being flattened for purposes of illustration.
Figure 2 is a plan View of the bag or inside
wrapper of transparent sheet material containing
the food product ready for the backing.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view of the backing 35
partially folded, i. e. having one side ñap folded,
the unfolded iiap being also shown in broken
lines in the flat position.
Figure 4 is a .top plan view of the completed
Figure 5 is a side elevation of the same, looking
at the long side of the package.
.Referring to the drawing by'munerals, each
of which is used to indicate the same or similar
parts in the different figures,” the bag or Wrapper A
in which the food product is initially enclosed,
indicated by reference character I has in prac
tice been composed of cellulose hydrate which is
self-adhesive when heated and therefore capable
of sealing by heat without any additional adhe 50
sive, other cellulose derivative as cellulose ace
tate may be substituted ‘being sealed by means of
an adhesive or a solvent.. 'I'hese materials are
highly resistive to Water and non-absorbent,
other transparent sheet materials which have 55
the desired properties may be used for this pur
pose. The inner package indicated by reference
character I’ is sealed at the ends where it is
flattened, the two layers of the transparent sheet
adhering at I". The longitudinal edges are also
_ joined and sealed at 3. The details and manner
of joining, closing and sealing the inner wrapper
at its corners or at other convenient point within
the backing.
It is of ‘interest as to the ilnished package that
the package is stiifened and the product thereby
protected,- also the package is given a ilat rear or 5
bottom surface being thus rendered of uniform
shape for convenience in packing in quantities.
and package may be widely varied. 'I'he bag or , The product is most attractively displayed at the
inner wrapper I, while it protects the food from'> ` front where the bag or inner wrapper I and its
10 deterioration by moisture and the action of air
and other agencies, is soft and the package I'
lis shapeless being subject to breakage by bulging
and it does not protect thefood product from
_,This bag or= envelope is protected and sup
ported and still retains its facility for displaying
contents bulge forwardly as shown at I8 and fully
protected from contact with the paper and conse
quentdiscoloration of the paper and deterioration
of the product from this source and from exposure
to air, moisture, germs and dirt. The method of
wrapping described also has the advantage of 1.,
simplicity, cheapness and speed being also
adapted for performance by automatic machinery
if desired. Itis of further advantage that the
the invention.« This backing is shown flattened y method of wrapping provides for advertising dis
or spread out in Figure 1, being indicated by play on the back of the package on the outside,
reference character 2. The backing as shown is on the body of the backing on the inside behind
elongated or oblong, the package being likewise the product, and above and below the product
the product when partially enclosed within a
toughl paper or other backing in accordance with
of oblong form and is creased at each side at 5
in parallel with the outside edges 6. It is also>
25 creased transversely at the ends at ‘I in parallel
with the end edges 8, the creases 'I being prefer-ably spaced inwardly from the end edges 8 by a
distance considerably greater than the distance
and also’on the front as to the flaps or edges of
the wrapper.
I have Ythus. described specifically and in detail 25
a package embodying the features of my invention
in order that the manner of constructing, apply
ing, operating and using the invention may be
of the creases 5 from the edges 6, the creases 5 . fully understood. However, the specific terms
30 and 'I cross near the corners at 9 and to contribute
herein are used in a descriptive rather than in a
to the neatness of the ypackage and to decrease ‘ limiting sense, the scope of the invention being
the bulk of the folded paper at the corners, the
corners are preferably cut oiI on diagonal lines I0.
defined inthe claims.'
The diagonal edges I0 as shown-are intersected
'Letters Patentis:
35 near their centers by-the creases 5.
The three
pairs of dots II indicate perforations due,\ to
stapling, there being one staple I2 at each corner,
the three pairs of perforations being formed,
when the blank is folded over the inner package
spacing of the lines'6, 6 and 1, 1 is in corre
' spondence with the dimensions of the inner pack
age I" or bag I as filled but slightly greater to
40 I" and stapled as hereinafter described.
facilitate the closing of the flaps of the backing
45 and the fastening of the bag I within the back
ing 2. The outline of the bag is shown in dotted
lines in Figure 4, the edges of the bag being indi
cated by reference character 4.
, l .
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
1_; A package containing particles, and com- 3
prising a transparent flexible relatively non-ab
sorbent wrapper therefor completely enclosing
the _particles and having thin substantially flat
-edge portions and in addition thereto a rela
tivelyA stiff backing of sheet material covering 4
the back side of said package on the outside and
also covering. said ilat edge portions on <both the.
front and back sides of said ñat edge portions,
which are substantially in the plane of said back,
said transparent sheet and said contained par- 4
ticles covered thereby being exposed at the front
between said edge portions.
2.,A package containing small particles, and
In- the practice of the invention to date while
50 the bags are formed and filled by means of an
comprising a transparent flexible inner wrapper
automatic machine, the ñnal wrapping opera
tion, i. e. the enclosing of the bag in the backing
2, has been performed by hand. In this opera
tion the blanks being provided cut and scored
55 as shown in Figure 1 and properly printed withthe advertising matter desired, are spread iiat
a relatively stiif backing of opaque sheet material
covering the back side of said package on `the
outside and also covering said edge portions on
both the back and front sides of each said edge 5
on the work table as shown in Figure 1. A corre
sponding inner package or ‘ñlled bag I ' is then
therefor completely enclosing the small particles 5
and having relatively thin iiat edge portions and
portion said thin flat edge portions being sub
stantially in the plane of said back, said trans
parent sheet and said particles being exposed at
placed on the flat blank, the edges 4 of the bag the front between said edge portions, and means
beingrelated to the scores"5, 1 substantially as securing said thin edge portions to the backing. '
indicated in dotted lines in Figure 4.` The side
3. A package ‘containing food particles, and
flaps I I are then folded inwardly over the edges comprising a transparent flexible relatively non
4- of the inner package about the scores 5 and absorbent inner wrapper therefor completely en
the end ñaps I5, I 5 are then folded inwardly over ‘closing the food particles and having relatively
65 the ends of the bag and over the ends of folded
thin substantially ilat‘edge portions and in addi
flaps I4, after _which the package is stapled at tion to said inner wrapper a relatively stiff „flat
' I2 at each corner, the staples preferably passing
each of them ñrst through the flaps I5 near the
corners I6 and then through the flaps I4, then
70 through the corresponding corners of the bag,
i. e. through the ends of sealed flat portions I”
and ñnally through the main body I'I of the back
ing so that the backing 2 is not only secured about
the back of the inner package and over the edges
75 of the package but the bag is definitely fastened
backing of sheet material covering 'the backside
of said package onI the outside and also covering
said ñat edge portions -on both the front and
back sides offsaidedge portions, said transparent 70
sheet and said food particles being exposed at the
front _between said ` edge portion, .and means l
passed through said backing and through said
transparent 'sheet securing the latter to the
4. A package containing food or other particles, being covered on both the front and back sides
and comprising a transparent flexible wrapper by said backing, said end folds having a single
therefor enclosing the small particles and hav~ crease, and the backing adjacent the crease be
ing relatively thin edge portions and in addition ing flattened substantially in the plane of the
to said wrapper relatively stili` backing of opaque back and fastening means passed through said
sheet material covering the back side of said flaps and back and through said closed ends of 6
package on the outside and flaps folded' over and the transparent sheet tube.
covering said edge portions oppositely to said
7. Apackage containing a quantity of food or
back side, said edge portions being covered on similar particles, the package comprising a trans
10 both the front and back sides and being substan- ` parent sheet of flexible material completely en
tially in the plane of said back, said transparent closing the particles, and having front and rear 10
sheet and ’said particles being exposed at the front
and bulging forwardly `between said ñaps. and
means passed through said naps and _ through
said backing and through saidwrapper securing
the latter to the backing, and securing the flaps
vof said backing, covering -said edges in closed
5. A package comprising a tube of transparent
lsheet material having particles enclosed therein,
walls flattened substantially into a single plane
at the ends which are thus closed, and in addi
tion to said sheet. a relatively stiff backing for
said package secured externally of said sheet, the
backing having portions connected thereto cover
ing and secured to the end edges of said package
outside the transparent material and oppositely
to said backing, said connected portions at each
edge of the package thus covered having a single
the tube being closed at the ends which are >crease about which said connected portion is
flattened so that the outer end portions occupy folded, forming with the adjacent portion of the
substantially a single flat plane and a protecting back an acute V-fold, the transparent sheet and
backing of relatively stiff sheet material cover
the particles covered thereby being exposed op
ing the back of said tube on the outside and positely to Said backing.
folded over said closed ends covering said ends
8. A‘package containing particles, and com
on both front and back, leaving a substantial por
prisixig a transparent flexible wrapper completely
. tion of the front of said tube exposed, the ex
treme outer portions of the folded ends being
substantially flat in a single plane.
6.A package. comprising a .container tube of
transparent material and particles enclosed
therein, the tube being closed at the ends which
are thus flattened lying substantially in a single
plane and a substantially flat protecting backing
i of opaque relatively stiff sheet material cover
ing the back of said tubular portion on the out
side of said tube and having flaps folded lover
said closed ends the end ,portions of the tube
enclosing the particles and having substantially
flat edge portions and in addition thereto a rela
tively stiil.' ñat backing of sheet material 'covering 30
the back side of said package on the outside of
said wrapper and also covering said flat edge por
tions on botl'í- the front and back sides the said
covered nat edge portions being substantially in
the plane of said backing, .said transparent 36
sheet and said food particles covered thereby be
ing exposed at the front between said edge por
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