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July 19, 1938.
Filed April 28, 1937
,Patented July 19, 1938
Q _
AND oaommns
Seiclii Yoshinaka, Mela, Wash.
Application April 28, 1937, Serial N0. 139,558
2 Claims.
(01. 158-91)
This invention relates to oil burning. heaters
for orchards and vegetable gardens.
In. the raising of fruit and vegeta vles where
frost occurs, it is frequently necessary at certain
5 seasons, to provide heat for the prevention of
damage to such crops by freezing.‘ Various devices have been tried for that purpose, but they
cheaply constructed tubing. The lower end. is
preferably slit to provide a plurality of legs vii
for use in maintaining the tube in perpendicular
position, and in event the use is on soft or culti
vated soil, the legs should be adapted to be 45
forced deeply into the earth for rigidity. En
trances l2 for air are provided between the legs
have not been satisfactory, or adaptable for pro- and in event of the use of stove pipe or other
ducing both smoke, and clean warm vapor. All ready constructed tube, then the alternative sec-'
10 such devices have also been too expensive in con- tions I3 between the legs are preferably bent in- 10
struction for general use in locations where large _ ward to provide a ?ange or bracket I3’ around
numbers of heating devices are necessary to pro- the inside of the tube to support an oil cup i5.
tect growing crops of one owner.
Said cup is preferably provided with a ?ange
It is therefore among the objects of this in15 vention to provide asimple and inexpensive device, and one which can be constructed princi-
pally from. parts readily obtained in ordinary
commercial stores, for burning low grade oils.
Such heaters to be adaptable for economical use
20 in large numbers for protecting fruits and vegetables from unseasonable frosts.
IS around the’ top thereof, both for supporting
the cup and for closing the tube at that point, is
and it may be integral with the material from
which the cup is depressed. Near the lower part
of the cup a series 'of relatively small holes ll
are disposed through the Walls thereof and
spaced above the bottom of the cup to leave a 20
cavity ill’ for receiving and burning fuel oils
A further object is to provide an adjustable
heater, for supplying heat to various elevations,
and for directing the currents of heat and smoke
An oil supply chamber I8 is suitably positioned
adjacent the outside of the tube and is connected
25 in predetermined directions.
with the cup-by a feed pipe i9, passed through 25
A still further object is to provide a heater for - the tube wall, and is preferably provided with a
the formation and dispensing of either heavy
valve 20 for regulating the ?ow. of oil from the
smoke and smudges as coverings and/or clean
chamber into the cup.
warm vapors, for radiation of warmth over vege30 table growths.
small holes to provide for slow combustion of the 30
With these and other objects that will hereinafter appear, I have illustratively exempli?ed my
invention by the accompanying drawing, of
Figure 1 represents a perspective view of the
assembled burner with parts broken away,
Su?icient air flows into the cup through the
oil and to thereby produce a heavy smoke or
smudge, which is frequently preferred for appli
cation on orchard trees, and requires very little
oil. In order to carry this smoke to a higher
level than the length of one tube or section illus- 35
‘ 1
trated at Ill, I provide one or more other tubes
Figure 2 represents an enlarged top plan of a
, cup for burning oil, with an adjustable cap thereon provided with vanes for directingair currents,
as 2i slightly larger for slidable or telescopic
mounting over the tubes Ill, and adapted to be
sustained at any desired elevation by a small rod
' 40 and lobes for covering air holes,
22 adjustably disposed through any of a series 40
Figure 3 represents an enlarged sectional view of small holes 23 in opposite sides of the tubes,
of the cup and vanes with lobes thereon in posi- and resting across the top of the tube In,
tion for uncovering air inlet 110165,
A damper plate 24, is preferably provided over
Figure 4 represents an enlarged fragmentary ' the top of the tube, for regulating the outer ?ow
45 sectional view of the cup, showing the cap, vanes of Smoke and vapor, for Various degrees of open_
and lobes in position for covering the air inlet mg and for guiding the flow in direction desired_
For these purposes the plate 24 is preferably
Figure 5 is a fragmentary view of the upper pivotally mounted on a pin 25 and supported on a
portion of a burner ?ue showing a damper plate
50 and assembl therefor, with dotted lines show-
mg, an altergate position for the mam
Like numerals on the dj?ferent ?gures repre_
sent like parts‘. Numeral i0 indicates a tubular
?ue, which may be formed of a section of ordi, 55 nary stove pipe of desired diameter, or of any
shoulder 26 of an‘ arm “I
The arm in tum is
adjustaby supported over the tube by resilient
fingers 28 and 29 for clamping disposition astride
One Side Wall Of the mm, This mounting permits
the damper to be moved laterally, and perpen
dicularly, and obliquely to either side for guid- 55
ing the ?ow of smoke and vapor, and for protec
tion against a wind current. _
In order to provide for faster consumption of
the oil, and for more and cleaner vapor, addi
tional openings 30 through the walls of the cup
are provided. These are spaced above the small
er holes, and are relatively larger in diameter,
and so,provide a greater supply of air, for com
bustion of the oil and for the combustion oi?v the
smoke or carbon, in order to produce a clean
heated vapor. This is particularly desired for
vegetable gardens, where a sedimentary or sooty
deposit on vegetables discolors the same and is
38 valong one side of the slot provide supports for
the bolt at such various elevations, for maintain
ing the door in desired positions for regulating
the doorway passage.
I have described generally the functionsof the
upper end larger holes in the‘ cup, and the ac—
companying vanes and lobes, as if for. creating
clean heated vapor, but they are not solely for
such purposes. They are. also used, and impor
tant, for regulating proportions of combined
smoke and heat, in varying degrees, for a variety
of purposes, according to the temperature of the
weather, the velocity of the wind, and the kind
of trees, shrubs, and vegetables to be protected
The directions of the ?ow of air through the
larger holes is regulated by baiiie vanes 3| , which
are attached to, or integral with an annular cap
ci?c drawing, and this speci?cation, for explain
While I have illustrated my invention by spe
32, rotatably mounted over the rim of the cup. , ing the general operation, yet I do not desire to
The vanes slope obliquely downward from the limit my invention thereby, but desire to fully
cap. and have ?attened faces on planes at right cover the invention within the scope of my claims.
angles with the inner walls of the cup, for direct
Having described my invention I claim as new, 20
- 'ing the ?ow of air inward and over the ?ames
1. An oil burner for producing heated vapor for
of the oil for burning the carbon, and upward by orchards and vegetable gardens, comprising, a
spiral travel for increasing the draft upward tubular ?ue, an oil cup mounted within and
through the ?ue. The sizes of the passageways across the interior of said ?ue, and means for
through said larger holes, is controlled by lobes feeding a predetermined supply of fuel oil into 26
33, preferably integral with the vanes and sus
said cup, said cup provided with holes circularly
pended on a twist from the lower ends thereof, disposed around and through the side walls
and have ?attened faces on same planes as the thereof, an annular cap rotatably mounted
inner walls of 'the cup. Thus when the cap is around the rim of said cup, ?attened vanes pro
turned to the position shown in Figure 3 the Jected downward obliquely from said cap along so
holes are open, and the air currents are carried the inner sides of said walls and comprising two
over the ?ames and upward by the vanes. When faces-one face parallel with the inner sides of
the cap is turned to position shown in Figure 4, said cup for closing said holes, and the other on
the lobes are positioned across, and close the "
plane on an angle to said walls for directing a
holes entirely. Other positions'of the lobes, may a?ow
of heated vapor upward with a gyratory mo 35
only partially cover the holes, as desired.
for promoting more thorough combustion.
In order to adjust or turn this cap and de
2. An oil burner for producing heated vapor
pendent vanes and lobes an aperture or doorway for orchards and vegetable gardens, provided with
34, is provided through the wall of the ?ue i0, a cup for receiving and burning oil therein, said
adjacent to the top of the cup for entrance of a cup
provided with holes circularly disposed
hand for manual operation, or the insertion of a around and through the side walls thereof, an
wire therefor. This aperture is also important annular
cap rotatably mounted around the rim
for admitting a suitable supply of additional air of said cup,
?attened vanes projected downward
for inducing or increasing an upward draft obliquely from
cap along vthe inner sides of
through the ?ues for increasing the ?ow of said walls and said
comprising two faces-one face
smoke or vapor, as may be desired. The extent parallel with the inner sides of said cup for clos
of the opening through the aperture 34 may be ing said holes, and the other on a plane angular
regulated-by a door 35 adiustably mounted over 1y to said walls for directing a ?ow of heated
the same by a latch bolt 38 aii‘ixed through the vapor from said cup upward by spiral movement
upper portion of the door and slidably disposed for promoting more thorough combustion.
in slot 31 through the wall of the tube. Notches
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