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July 19, 1938.
Filed July 22, 1936
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Patented July 19, 1938
" "U
l' „ ¿124,382 f
` ¿WhaÄeyQ-»Óyertom
Tex.,y assignor ‘to
Alva- G. simulata, Shreveport, La..
VThisV inventionv relates4v to n‘ewwand useful ini--k
Figure 3- isa-vertical lsectional view taken on
linefï3-3 of Figure 1.
` provements in gauge cocks andvparticula'rly toiA
high pressure boiler gauge cocks.A~`
Figure 4 is a transversevertical sectional View
One object; of the-linvention'is fto‘provide an
sáisimproved gauge: cock- havi'ng/a‘A-jlarge* seati'ngf
taken online 4---4l of `Figure 2, and
Figureö is a,f perspective view showing the de
Y , capacity together lwithÀ means'y for >"eiïectinge‘aiI vi'cefin an open position. ~
In` the- drawing ltl'ie numeral VII] designatesf- 21”'
nipple having- a screw-thread shank, II, at «one »
ì An importantobjectof the inventionfïi'sito ‘pro-5f» end‘an'd' its other end terminating lin a reduced"Lûievide“ means for releasing` ‘the seating member for ~ conicalïshapedl nozzle I2. 'A flat portion, I3,îfi`sshifting; Y‘prior 1 to the f unseating fof'J "the " gaugei -~ provided» íntermediatethe ends as a suitable
y nozzle; 'whereby' said nozzle need
of the» V wrenclr‘ïhold
axialbore, 14j
in installation.
from the nozzlev
`only momentarily during the* remain
f I2 midway of said nipple, with the inner end of' Y
i object 4‘of‘fthe"invention
v _, v
j j
said bore opening into an enlarged axial bore I4', "14T-,1:
gauge cockVengageßth'e‘seating¿surface
havingïmearís whereby 'the-atïthe
¿will < of the shank II. The outer end of the bore I4"
is flared to provide a bevelled' tip I2' on the
point »Y of;A contact‘- ‘until- 'shifted out 'of alignmen-t> ' «Í
A bracket
I5, integral with the'nipple, over-'f'-`
l f with-` eachother therebyfienabliñg- a seat to ‘bef-_i nozzle
‘0^ sused -1 several i »times ¿ with ' positive@ and ¿effective-T ï hangs the nozzle and is provided in its outer endA 20...»
with-` an -aperture I6 for receiving a screw-v`
A further objeetio’f?tiie inventión‘isífte-‘provme l threaded bolt I1.'Y This bolt likewise.A extends?
a gaugewcockßhavingnmeans for deflecting> fluid, through apertures I8’ and„I9' respectively-in up
emitting ifro’m the-»rrozzle-,laway from the handle ' turned earsflß'fandï »I9 ofa spring collar or clamp“
5 and the movable parts of said gauge, whereby 20, thereby pivotally connecting the collar and
the hands of the operator are protected from said the bracket. The aperture I8' (Fig. 4) may be
`emitting fluid, and the danger of corroding or of angular shape for receiving an angular por
sticking of said movable parts is minimized.
tion 2| of the bolt I1 whereby the same may be
A still further object of the invention is to pro
held against rotation. A wing nut 22 provided
0 vide a reversible seating member which may be on the bolt makes for convenience in tightening 30
u easily and conveniently reversed to provide addi
or loosening the tension of l'the collar about a
tional seating surface, together with the seating circular head 23, which is supported in said col
.member being of such composition and construc
tion as to enable the seating surface thereof to
The collar is positioned upon a ñanged bushing
5 be‘renewed by hammering or the like.
Y 24, which is preferably of some non-corrosive 35
Another object of the invention is to provide material such as brass, and which-is assembled`
means for contacting theseating member and the upon the head with a tight fit against the an
nozzle under increased pressureïwithout increas
nular shoulder on the circular head 23. An
ing the weight of said gauge cock, whereby a elongated shank 25 extending from the outer end
ì positive and effective seat is assured.
of the head constitutes> a weighted handle while 40
Another object of the invention is to provide a upon the inner end of the head is provided a
p design of gauge cocks economical to manufacture
l and easy to assemble.
A construction designed to carry out the in
’ vention will be hereinafter described together
with other features of the invention.
The invention will be more readily understood
` from a reading of the following specification and
,by reference to the accompanying drawing in
y which an examplevof the invention is shown, and
i Figure lis a plan View of a device constructed
i in accordance with the invention. `
v -(Figure 2 is an elevation ofthe same.
tapped hold 26' adapted to receive a cap screw
26 which holds in place circular discs 21' and 21.
Disc 21’ holds spring collar 20 properly assembled
upon the flanged bushing 24 and upon the head 45
23. Disc 21 is a seating member and is of a soft
metal such as a composition of Vlead and babbitt,
so that when said member is engaged under
pressure with the nozzle tip» I2’ an indented seat
is readily formed in the surface of the member, 50
thereby effectively closing and sealing the nozzle. y
It will be noted that the nozzle engages the seat
ing member in close proximity to the pivotal bolt
I1, whereby the maximum pressure caused by
the weight of the head 23 and the handle 25 will 55
be exerted to hold the member in engagement
with the nozzle.
'I‘he bolt l1 has a close sliding fit with the
apertures I6, I8’ and I9’ of the bracket I5 and
the ears I8’ and I9, whereby the collar and like
Wise the member 2l isV held in true alignment
with the nozzle.
Such alignment will cause the
non-corrosive metal, thus assuring the expan
sion of the collar when the wing nut is loosened,
as well as the operativeness of the gauge at al1
Y It is pointed out that the wing nut provides a
singular adjustment whereby the seating mem
ber maybe freed for shifting, which together
with the reversibility of said seating member and
the member is shifted, thereby enabling a seat Y its resultant large `seating capacity assures a
gauge cock of ’convenient operation and having 10
10 to be used several times with effective results. `
a long and efficient life of usefulness.
The wing nut 22 provides a convenient adjust
nozzle to engage the same seat indentation until
ment for readily loosening the collar so that the ,
head 23 and likewise the member 21 may be ro
Y tated to position a new seat opposite the nozzle.
Approximately 40 seat indentations` may be had
on each side of the member andrwhen all avail
Furthermore, the engagement of the nozzle
l2 with the upper portion of the seating mem
ber and in close relation to the pivotal mounting
of the collar effects a seating contact under the
`maxim’urjn pressure obtainable from the weight
of the head 23 Aand handle 25, whereby a posi
ber may be removed and reversed by removal of , tive and effective> seat is assured.
Various changes in the size and shape of the
cap screw 26.
different parts, as well as modifications and al 20
terations, may bemade withinthe scope of the
able seats on one side have been used said mem
removed by hammering them until‘a suñiciently
smooth surface is presented, thus permitting said
member to be used over and over again until
completely worn out or it is desired to replace it.¿;
It is pointed outthat the outer Vportion of
the member 21 extends beyond the head, there
byV forming an annular protendin-g flange whichl
serves to deflect any fluid, such as steam` or hot
water, emitting fromrthe nozzle when the gauge
¿,cock is in an open position, as shown in Fig. 5.
This deflection of the emitting fluidV protects the
movable parts of the gauge cock from such fluid
appended claims.`
What I claim is:
1. In a gauge cock, a nipple having an axial
passage,_ a supporting arm on said nipple pro 25.
jecting forwardly above said nipple, a circular
head, a circular> support hinged to said arm and
ñtting about said head and in which said head
is rotatable', a lsoftmetal disc fixed on said head
' facing said nipple, a handle projecting forwardly 30
from said head by means of which said head
andïdisc may be adjusted in said support, the
and minimizes the danger ofsaid movable parts ` axis of said head and disc being below the axis
corroding or sticking.`
Likewise, the hands of
¿the operator are safeguarded against-burns and „Y
The various »parts of the’gauge cock may be
made of any suitable material, and favorable re
sults have been obtained with a nipple made of
a composition of copper and bronze, and with
the head and handle of a malleable iron casting.
It is preferable that the collar 2U be made of
non-corrosive spring steel, and the bolt l1 and
wing nut 22 and bushing 24' also be made of a
2. vIn a gauge cock, a fluid discharging nipple, 35
an arm extending from said nipple, a handle,
a seat facing thereon presented toward said nip
ple, a ringhinged to said arm and swivellyA sup
porting said handle which may be rotatably ad
justed in said ring, whereby new surfaces on said 40
seat facing may be presented to said nipple by
rotating said handle in said ring.
f l
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