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‘July 19, 1938.
‘ 2,124,479 '
F‘iled Aug. 21, 1935
‘Fly 4
071mg A.W/2ilaker
Patented July 19, 1938v I
2,124,479 .
Uncas' A. Whitaker, Canton,'0hio, asslgnor to,
The. Hoover Company, North Canton, Ohio, a
corporation of Ohio
Application August 21, 1935, Serial No. 37,163
11 Claims.
The present invention relates to bearings in
general and particularly to bearings for use in
small electrical motors. More speci?cally the in
vention comprises a bearing unit including an oil
(Cl. soc-36.1)
present invention relates speci?cally to the upper
bearings 'i and the elements which ‘cooperate
' The bearing ‘I, which is shown in enlarged sec
' tion in Figure 2, is seen to comprise a casing 5
21 circulating system.
It is an object of the invention to provide a formed of an upper ?anged cup Band a lower
?anged cup iii. The ?ange of cup 10 is peened
new and improved bearing construction. An
other object of the invention is to provide an
improved bearing unit including a sleeve bushing,
over the‘periphera-l edge of the ?ange of cup 9
to secure the two cups in the position illustrated.
10 oil-retaining means and mounting‘ means. A
still further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a unitary bearing construction in which
a porous sleeve bearing is mounted in- oil-retain
ing means, the entire unit being housed in an
A foraminous plate ll, preferably of metal, is 10
positioned between the'cups 9 and Ill with-its
15 assembly adapted for mounting on a suitable
support. Still another object is the provision of
a new and improved combination bearing con
nected by apertures l2, l2, etc. Plate H is also 15
outer‘ margin ‘clamped between the ?anges of
those cups.
Plate ll divides the housing into
two parts, an upper and a lower, which are con
formed with a central large opening. IS, the
boundary of which is sloped downwardly as clear
ly illustrated in Figure 2.
The sleevebearing proper, which is indicated
by the reference character I‘, is positioned be- 20
struction in which escaped oil from the bearing
is returned by centrifugal force to the bearing
J’ lubricating means. These and other more spe
tween the plate ii and a raised seat or recess '
ci?c'objects will appear upon reading the fol
l5 inv the topo! cup 9. The ends of bearing ll
lowing speci?cation and claims and upon con
sideratlon in connection therewith of the at-' are rounded to conform to the inner walls of
seat l5 and, opening l3, but engagement of a
_ tached drawing to which they relate.
Referring now to the drawing in which a pre-. cooperating shoulder IS in the- cup i5 and a 25
ferred embodiment of thepresent invention is recess IT in the bearing itself prevents rela
Figure 1 ‘is a side elevation of an electrical
motor withv certain parts broken away and show
ing a bearing» constructed in accordance with the
present invention embodied therein;
Figure 2 is an enlarged section through the
bearing unit similar to the showing in Figure 1;
Figure 3 is a view of an element of the bearing
35 comprising a metallic foraminous plate which
tive rotation. The bearing is of the sleeve type .
and is made of porous material through which
lubricating oil can pass. vAround it, above and
below the dividing plate II, are positioned rings 30
I8 and IQ of lubricant absorbing and retaining
material such as felt or cellulose wadding. The
upper ring l8 and the lower ring i9 are con
nected through being in contact at the openings
12 in the dividing plate II, the two rings being 35
supports the lower end of the sleeve bushlng'and ‘ compressed to such an extent that they are’ in
divides the oil retaining means;
Figure‘l is a view in perspective of the collar
which is carried by the supported shaft and
40 which collects escaped lubricating oil and re
turns it by centrifugal force to the'surrounding
lubricating-carrying means.
The bearing construction in accordance with
the present invention is particularly adapted for
45 electrical motors as illustrated in the drawing.
The motor is seen to comprise an outer casing
I withinlwhich is positioned a motor frame 2.
The motor armature 3, including a commutator
4 and rotating shaft 5, is rotatably mounted in
a lower bearing, indicated generally by the refer
ence character 6, and an upper bearing indi
cated generally by the reference character 1.
Commutator' brushes 8, 8 are carried by the
frame 2 and cooperate with the commutator 4
65 in the common and well known manner.
contact at those points.
The lower ‘cup J0 of the bearing is centrally
formed with an aperture 20, the edge 'of which ‘
slopes upwardly to form an enclosing ring around 40
the inner edge of the ring IS. The diameter of
‘aperture 20 is greater than the inner diameter
of bearing ll for a purpose which will be ex
‘As illustrated in Figure 1 the motor shaft 5
is seated within the bearing 1 and more specifi
cally within the sleeve bearing ‘proper ll.- Upon
the shaft immediately below thebearlng and
with its upper end extended into the cup I ii is 50
a collar 2| best illustrated in Figure 4. Collar
2i is non-rotatably mounted upon shaft 5 and
its upper end is sloped outwardly, as clearly illus
trated in Figures 1 and 4. The upper edge of
collar 2i extends‘ above opening 20 in cup ll 55.
- 2,124,479 »
" and-opposite the side
ring 19;
wall (if :‘lower absorbent
"Upon the rotation‘of the motor the shaft ro
housingé'having a; side wall and formed with a
shaft-receiving opening, a plate dividing said
. housing, a sleeve bearing seated between and sup-.
' tates'in its bearing“ carrying with it the col- ‘ ported by said plate and the side wall of said
lar 2|.’ Thebearing is, of course, lubricated
with suitable lubricatingqoil‘ which is positioned
between1the;rfaces“ofithe bearing and the shaft,
withia ‘residue-‘and Isurplus positioned within the
housing opposite said aperture, interconnected
oil-retainingfand-feeding means upon opposite
sidesof said plate, the means enclosing said be'ar
her-"wall of oil-‘absorbing ‘ring l9 where. it will
be absorbed; 'The- oil will thenrbe returned ,to
terial upon the opposite side of said plate there
ing 'upon 'onej;;side of said‘ plate ‘and forming a
(retaining-and ‘carrying rings ‘I8 v‘and l9.‘ In‘ receptacle}, for :all the ce'ntrifugally thrown oil‘
10 the operation a certain amount of ,oil- will escape (upon the opposite side thereof.
from the contacting faces of the bearing-and I '55; A bearing construction comprising a divided
the shaft and, the'shaft being vertical, will-pass housing having a side wall, a foraminous platev
downwardly'finto the venclosingcollar 2|. As the extended across said housing at. the division
~col1aris'sealedto the ‘shaft the oil cannot pass therein, a sleeve bearing seated between and sup
andwill be "movedjby?centrifugal force to the ported by the side wall of said housing and said 15'
'periph‘ery‘o‘f ithe‘collar and then be thrown out
plate, a 11118 ~.oi':;oi1 absorbent material enclosing
, wardly into contact with the surrounding and"in-» saidlzbearing, a‘ second ringof oil absorbent ma
'20 vthe
upper-ring l8, being diffused through the.
apertures", I2 of plate H, as, needed by ‘that
wring-lo supply'the sleeve bearing l4.
from and‘ interconnected thereto through the
Openings in said plate being extended beyond the 20
end of said bearing and being adapted to receive
centrifugally ,thrown’oil from a rotating shaft
seated in said bearing, the wall of said housing
adjacent said second ring being formed with a
. The bearing construction is quite simple and is
- adapted to be'used- in‘a plurality of positions.
25 Openings ' 22,}.2 2 are provided _ at- clrcumferentially '- shaft-receiving opening.
spaced pointsaround the flanges of the ,cups 9
and I0 whieh- permit the unit to be secured re
movably‘by screws 23 to the motor frame 2 or to
any suitablesupport to which it is desired to con
6.‘In combinationin a bearing construction
ap'ertured to receive a shaft, a bearing in said -
housing spaced from said aperture, a shaft ex
' bodiment of v the invention is only illustrative and
tended throughisaid aperture and rotatablyseat
ed in said bearing, and oil-retaining-and-feeding
absorbing means enclosing said heating and said
‘ that all variations thereof falling within the pur
shaft at the ‘end ‘of said bearing, the means at
V as
nect the bearings;
It is to be vunderstood
‘that, the described em-v’
view-of the following ‘claims are to be considered
as falling within the scope'of the'invention.
What is claimed, is:
1. A bearingconstruction comprising a hous-l
ing, a porous sleeve bearing seated in-said hous
ing, oil retaining ‘means carried by said housing
extending circumferentially around ‘said bearing
tolfeed oil directly thereto and extended beyond
the end of said bearing being adapted to receive '
directly all‘ the oil thrown centrifugally from said '35
shaft and to feed it to said means enclosing said
bearing, said shaft being provided with means to
throw oil centrifugally.
7. In combination in a bearing construction
and a rotatable shaft mounted therein, a housing
apertured to receive a shaft, a bearing in said
one end thereof, the portions of said means‘ housing spaced from said aperture, a shaft ex
around said’ bearingand beyond the end thereof tended through said aperture and rotatably seat
‘being interconnected in order that oil' can pass ed in said bearing, and oil-retaining-and-feeding
therebetween, the portion of said means beyond
the end of said bearing being adapted directly to
absorbing means enclosing said bearing and said
shaft at the end of said bearing, circumferentially
receive all the centrifugally thrown oil escaped
from said bearing, and means rotatable relative to
said retaining means to throw oil centrifugally
exposed means to limit the passage of oil along
said shaft to a point opposite said means at the
-2. A unitary bearing construction forming a
separate unit detachable and salable as such, and
comprising a housing apertured to receive a ro
end of said bearing to permit the oil to be thrown
centrifugally upon shaft rotation, the oil-retain
ing-and-feeding means at the end of said bear
ing being adapted to receive all of the oil thrown
centrifugally from said shaft and to feed it to
tating shaft, a sleeve bearing positioned in said a said means enclosing said bearing.
housing with its axis extended through said aper
tu're, oil-retaining means circumferentially en
circling said bearing, oil-retaining means con
nected to said first mentioned means and posi
* tioned between said bearing and said aperture
and adapted to enclose in spacedrelationship a
shaft seated in said~ bearing and to receive oil
8. In combination in a vertical shaft and a bear
ing construction therefor, a vertical shaft, a hear
ing housing enclosing the upper end of said shaft,
a bearing in said housing rotatably seating said
shaft, lubricating means enclosing said bearing
and encircling said shaft below said bearing, and
an. oil cup with radially extended sides carried
thrown centrifugally therefrom.
by said shaft below said bearing and within said
'3. A unitaryv bearing construction forming a‘ lubricating'means and adapted to throw oil from
"separate unit, detachable and salable as such, and said'bearing under centrifugal force onto said
comprisinga housing formed with‘ a shaft-re
lubricating means.
, ceivingJap'erture,'a-‘sleeve' bearing positioned in '
9. ;In combination in a vertical shaftlandjail
said housing ‘with’ its adjacent end ‘spaced from I ‘ bearing construction therefor, a vertical shaft, ‘.
said aperture, and oil-retaining-and-feeding ab
, sorbent rings in- said housing enclosing said bear
bearing housing enclosing said shaft, a bearing inl
said housing vrotatably seating said shaft, lubri~
and extended'at oneend thereof between said
70 ing
bearing and said shaft-receiving opening, and
' eating means to feed oil directly to said bearing,
being adapted to enclose in spaced relationshipv a
ring in said housing and enclosing said shaft in
a lubricant-receiving-and-transmitting absorbent
" shaft extended through said'ape'rture and seated‘ , spaced relationship below said bearing, and a lu
in said bearing.
15 4. A unitary bearing construction comprising a
andarotatable shaft mounted therein, a housing
bricant thrower. on said shaft within said ring to,
throw lubricant from said shaft to said ring.
10. In combination in a vertical shaft and a bearing construction therefor, a vertical shaft, a
bearing construction therefor, a vertical shaft, a bearing housing enclosing said shaft,_a porous
bearing housing enclosing said shaft, a porous sleeve bearing in said housing rotatab'iy seating
sleeve bearing in said housing rotatably seating, said'shaft, a sleeve-like body of lubricating ab
sorbent material in said housing encircling said‘
said shaft, a lubricating ring of absorbent .ma
bearing in contact therewith and extended there
terial encircling said bearing in contact there
below in spaced relationship to said shaft, and an '
with, a second oil ring in contact with said ?rst
mentioned oil ring encircling said shaft in spaced oil cup on said shaft'within said body below said
relationship below said bearing, and an oil cup bearing to receive 011 escaping downwardly on
10. on said shaft within said second ring adapted to said shaft onsaid bearing and formed with a
receive oil escaping downwardly on said shaft peripheral escapeto permit oil to be thrown cen
from said bearing and provided with a peripheral trifugally to said body upon the rotation of said
escape to permit oil to be thrown centrifugally to shaft.
said second ring upon the rotation of said shaft.
is 11. In combination in a vertical shaft and a
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