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July 19, 1938.
‘Filed Nov. 7, 193a
‘ "
4L2!” }
?fay?m/ Wows-4 $0”?
Patented July 19, 1938
Paul A. Allen, Cortland, and Marion Womeldorif.
Homeny-N. Ya assignors to CortlandLine Com
pany, Inc, Cortland, N. Y., a corporation of
New York
Application'November 7, 1936, Serial No.'109,744
5 Claims.
(Cl. 242—129)
This invention relates to attractive and in
herently simple, two-part spool means for trans- '
ferring thereon a ?sh line or the like, and'mo-re
particularly pertains to an efficient coil display
5 holder that may be cheaply fabricated as a mar
keting reel for sales exhibit purposes by which
to neatly offer a high grade ?sh line product to
thereon; and Fig. 2 shows across-section of such
assembly taken along 2—2 of ‘Fig. 1.
Fig. 3depicts a cross-section taken along 3‘—3
of Fig.
Figs. 4 and 5 are similar to the Fig. 2 ‘cross-sec; 5-5?
tion but respectively ‘disclose certain modi?ca
tions in structure thereover.
Fig. 6 corresponds to Fig. 3 but shows the use
Our frictionally wedged reel sections may of a recessed bore structure providing for com- .
10 quickly be disengaged by a simple rotative ?ange plementary jaws.
Referring ?rst to Figs. 1 to 3, this preferred
twist to fully expose an offered coil and thereby
permit a prospective purchaser to gain access to style of reel comprises fore and aft' disc-like
such coil for the purpose of more closely inspect; ?anges I8 and ll, of‘ which the perimeter of one
ing the quality of such packed goods by personal 7 such. ?ange may be radially indented as at I2 to
15 handling. When mounted in place, a ?ne ?sh better exhibit the character of the mounted ?sh 15
line may also be conveniently unwound from our line coil I3 and to provide for spanner-like wings I
sectionalized reel on tov a‘ ?shing rod reel for by which to ?rmly grip the indented disc per
imeter. Such ?anges .may be stamped up from
active use, and then restored on to- such supple
mentary reel for safe keeping until needed.
cardboard; celluloid or any other -. suitable ‘sheet
The present transfer reel comprises a pair of
separable disc-like ?anges that are laterally
The exposed outer ?ange faces are 29 ‘
adapted to-have advertising script printed there
spaced in coaxial relation to receive a coil there
on or have a label attached thereto listing the
between. The inner face of one‘such ?angev has
make, style and size‘ of the mounted coiland also
giving instructions regarding the transfer of such
?xedly attached thereto a spacer annulus whose
25 bore is preferably given an elliptical shape; and
the other ?ange comprises a reversely disposed '
mated plug of a like perimetric contour adapted
to be freely telescoped into such elliptical shape
when said ?anges assume certain radial registry.
30 A partial turn or simple axial twist. of one with
?sh line to a regular reel.
The diametral size of these ?anges may be kept
alike as shown and have their perimeters con
centrically disposed. The telescope ?ange spacer
means as used herein,.may as one component‘
respect to the other ?ange herein serves to‘
Ill that may be made up from a vstack. of aper
tured cardboards ?xedly cemented to the inner
facelof ‘one-such ?ange coincident with-the axis
nism. An opposed rotary movement allows such‘
35 mated reel sections to be readily. parted and
thereby bodily demount the assembled‘ ?sh line
coil. The center region of said reel may be'aper
thereof, while the other mated component or ec
centric plug I5 may be similarly laminated and 35
bodily cemented to the corresponding face of the
other ?ange. The respective mated telescopic
tured to spin the same around a common ?ange
components M and I5 may also be cast as solid ‘
blocks out of bakelite, celluloid or the like plastic
thereof comprise a relatively ?at. sided annulus 30
spacedly retain the ?anges without resort to
threads, snap fastener clips or the like mecha
The object of our invention is-to provide for
As detailed in Fig. 3, the outer perimeter‘ I6
a neat and simple coil marketingreel of the in
dicated character that may be economicallyfabe. of such ?ange‘ spacer annulus is preferably made
ricated at low ?rst.cost to permit a transfer reel circular while the substantially smooth borelike;
of this kind to be furnished with each sold coil‘ hole or cavityv I'l thereof. is herein given a non
45 without materially increasing the factory cost circular or the like elliptical super?cial contour 45
of such combined unit.
Embodied herein are also other structural fea
_ tures organized to promote the end in, View, all
of which will hereinafter be more explicitly set
50 forth. Reference is had to the-accompanying
one sheet of drawings which are illustrative of
different embodiments of our invention, and in '
which drawing:
Fig. 1 represents a ?ange end View of our two
55 part holder having a coil of ?sh line mounted
having a major diameter D3 and a minor diam
eter D2 which are differently sized to approxi
mately the extent indicated by a dotted reference
circle I8. The perimeter 2!! of our eccentric plug
component I5 is given a similar super?cial shape 50
but allowing for radial play or a restricted clear
ance gap I9, such that the dimension of the
major plug diameter DI will fall intermediate
the differential bore sizes D2 and D3. These di
mensions are preferably so selected that a blank- 55
gether form the equivalent
ing die for said annulus may Simultaneously
of the built-up plugv
component designated as l5. These ribs coop
eratively function in a manner substantially
identical to the Figs. l to 3 disclosures.
A further alternative is represented in Fig. 5
strike up a corresponding plug lamina. A cen
tralized through hole 2| is adapted to receive a
pencil or. the like axle to facilitate coil transfer.
Both mated spacer components l4 and [5 are
preferably-built up to the distance designated T,
where the inner faces ofthe companion?anges
40"and llliare respectively equipped?with similar
spacingbetween the inner ‘?ange faces into which telescopic spacer components. In this. design,
to mount the coil l3. It will be obvious however _ the annulus 42 may be stamped up from sheet
as in Fig. 2 to provide for a corresponding Plateral‘r
that the same result is had when the outer ans ~.metal or the like material into across-section '10
nulus M alone is built up to the full- thickness. TV, aIly-U-shaped pro?le of which the mated leg
without need of likewise extendingfth‘e' plugzid'; edges are provided with plural prongs 43 adapted ‘
- In the manufacture of ?sh line products, ‘each to cleat the ?ange 40. The hollowed .plug com
.- coil is usually delivered to the packing room'lwitha ponent-“is similarly shaped up to include ‘the
15 one or more bands of string tied._:therear0und,to prongswili-that engage'the other ?ange v1H. ' A 15
restrain the free ends of the - mounted‘ coil. '. spindle‘ receiving ‘hole 46 may also be provided a
for.’ Should‘the .‘attached chambered compo—
‘ Where desired, such coil may also be'loosely
wound directly upon our assembled reel.
When the ?ange} l0 together ‘with its
nents‘ 42 -' and " 44 :be fabricated from cardboard,
pluggl5" celluloidpr“
the like sheet material, internally'
arebodily withdrawn from the ?ange. l land its ' disposed ‘lips may be substituted for the prongs 20
annulus l4 into'the dotted Fig; 2v position, then“ and these attached to their respective ?anges by '
thecoil Iii/maybe freely slipped'onor o? the
' theuse of 'a suitableadh'esive.
All the cited‘ disclosures are kept vfreevfrom
; circular perimeter lB;-fJBy telescopically entering '
the'p‘lug perimeter 20 into registry with thei'bore interlockingclips; springs, screw‘threads or the '
IT “in the Fig. 3.‘ manner and allowing for ade
like structural complications.
quate :clearance play; vtherebetweeri, then f the '
pleasing in external‘ appearance and thereby af-_.
Our reel design is’ ;
assumes an assembled, relationship ': fords a neat packed trim for a ‘coiled strand-that '
of itself promotes thersale thereof. Such com
annulus. l4 abuts thecompanion ?ange In as in’ bined marketing i'and line'storage reel not onlyv
gozFig. 2. By giving the wings ofthegflangev If) an - visibly reveals the quality'of ‘such goods but ‘may;
?ange. 'Il
wherein theprojecting outermost face of;_tne
axial twist with respect .toixitsjcompanion ?ange
be'labeledias to length, grade and‘ like. contents. >
Iljthis will carry the majorplug diameter DI' g It is'believed‘ that theforegoing rather explicit .
into wedged tangential engagement with. the, disclosures‘ make apparent to those skilled in this " '
art,‘ the advantages afforded by’ our simple and V '
» circumscribing eccentric :bore ll. in the fashion
Fig. 1. During
relatively cheap. transfer reel. It-is to be under
such rotativemovement, the?anges remain ?x-' stood that certain changes in the illustrative em
edly spaced'atithei dis'tance'T and the ‘endless’ bodiments‘thereof maybe resorted to in attain.
gap, ' I9“ may; become progressivelyyreduced to - .ingea. like result, all’ without departing from the
schematically represented;
comprise‘ two- parted semi-circular constituents, spirit and scope of ‘our invention heretofore de
40ias shown; The engaging" surfaces." and 2ll~ scribed and ‘more particularly de?ned in the
may or may'not'beconically'tapered to provide:
for a slight-axial draft. A‘ reversal of?a'ngei
We claim:
and'permits-ofiagain freely separatingthe re-'
I0 and
‘ 1
1; A two-part transfer reel. comprising a pair :
movement reeestablishes'the‘initial clearance Hi >
4531 leased
of separable ?anges mounted for relative rota- . ' a
'tion' about an ‘axis, and mated telescopic spacer 45 5
It will be obvious that the same underlying means interposed to retain‘ said ?anges in a .de?e 1
wedging principle may be embodied without necr' ~ nite laterally spaced relationship,rsaid" means
essarily relying ‘upon twowcomplete elliptical comprising an annulus ?xedly adjoined toythe- .. l’
. perimeters such Tas‘l'l and/20;.for instance,such inner-face of one such-flangeand having'a sub; " ' "
.5o'llnon-circular “bore may be oppositely recessed ‘to stantially smooth non-ciroularbore disposed , '.
constitute complementary jaw- faces'a50 and’ 5| about>said axis landqwhich means further com- '
as in ‘Fig. 6, of which the respective arcuateface
' components are given‘ a’ ?nite pro?lel‘engthto;
bringabout a like result.
Said jaws jointly co
prise an eccentric plug?xedly carried by- and
extending laterally from'the inner. faceiof the
other ?ange with the eccentric super?cial con
55-21 operate with the super?cial contour‘ 54-01‘ the
tour-Y of-z the plug cooperatively shaped around
tional grip or Wedged‘enga'gement.that'remains'
‘ for a»radi'al clearance‘ gap between the plug and
plug section 55; The. contacting cardboard‘ 'said axis‘ to freely telescope within‘the con?nes‘
edges yield sufficiently (to. set up an effective fric , of ' said non-:circular - bore ' and initially 1 provide
intact without; the needy of. impressing. screw annulus when telescoped, saidgap being pro- _
threads or the life groove formation inlsuch. gressivelya reduced when said-‘?anges; are man 60‘
vua11-y~ rotated relative; to ,ea'ch'other whilefthes '
1A3 a modi? directed-to Fig. ?anges ‘remain de?nitely spaced and thereby -'
4.» Here the companioni?a'ngess? .and 3|’ are. bringing saidv super?cial plug contourif-into
respectivelyfprovided'r with pairs of laterally pro’
wedged tangential engagement with-the non-g '
jecting-endless'walls or ?nlike ribs having a' hol
circular bore and‘ which fgapyis reestablished
lowed spacing therebetweenito reduce theweight
when said ?anges are reversely rotated.
2. A two-part transfer reel comprising a pair _
I of a’ the previously described.‘ reel 1 structure 1 and
provide a’ storage pocket for‘h‘ooksor the like ?sh of.‘ separable ?anges mounted‘ for relative “rota
line accessories. The ?anges of this alternative
design are especially suited to be separately cast
tion about a. commonv axis,v and mated'tele‘s'copic
perpendicular ribs 32-‘ and 33 together constitute
spacer means interposed “to retain said‘?anges-in
laterally spaced relation, "said means being proe.
vided‘ with‘ a‘built-up laminated annular com
va hublike spacer annulus-corresponding in pur
ponent ?xedly carried by and extending laterally >
pose to the aforesaid'solid telescopic component
Mywhile the‘circumscribed ribs 34 and‘35 to
ing a non-circular" bore 'circumscribing said axis
from bakelite or the like? plastic. ‘The integral
from the inner'face of one such ?ange and hav- ’
and which means are further provided with a
about an axis, each such ?ange having an end
built-up laminated plug component ?xedly car
ried by and extending laterally from the inner
less integral rib that is respectively interposed
between said ?anges in telescopic relation about
said axis, the inner surface of the outer rib being
disposed to provide for a non-circular bore and
face of the other ?ange and which plug has an
eccentric super?cial contour that is telescoped
Within and cooperatively shaped with respect to
the aforesaid bore to initially provide for a radial
clearance gap between the telescoped compo
nents, said gap being progressively reduced when
10 said ?anges are manually rotated relative to
each other to bring said plug contour into wedged
tangential engagement with said non-circular
3. A two-part transfer reel comprising a pair
15 of separable ?anges mounted for relative rota
tion about a common axis, and mated spacer
means interposed to retain said ?anges in a de?
nite laterally spaced relationship, said means be
ing provided with a hollowed annulus ?xedly car
20 ried by and laterally projecting from the inner
face of one such ?ange and having a substan
tially smooth non-circular bore disposed around
said axis and which means are further provided
with a hollowed plug component ?xedly carried
25 by and laterally projecting from the inner face
of the other ?ange and which plug has an ec
centric super?cial contour that is telescoped
Within and cooperatively shaped with respect to
the aforesaid bore to initially provide for a radial
30 clearance gap between the telescoped plug and
annulus, said gap being progressively reduced
when said ?anges are manually rotated relative
to each other while the ?anges remain de?nitely
spaced and thereby bringing said plug contour
into wedged tangential engagement with said
4. A two-part transfer reel comprising a pair
of separable ?anges mounted for relative rotation
the outer surface of the inner rib serving as an
eccentric agency having a super?cial exterior
contour shaped to tangentially engage and fric
tionally wedge within the aforesaid bore when
the ?anges are manually rotated relative to each
other, said bore and the super?cial contour of
said agency being initially spaced along the tele
scoped length thereof prior to such ?ange rota- '
5. A two-part transfer reel comprising a pair 15
of separable ?anges mounted for relative rota
tion about an axis, and mated telescopic spacer
means interposed to retain said ?anges in a de?-'
nite laterally spaced relationship, said means
comprising an annulus carried by and laterally 20
projecting from the inner face of one such ?ange
and having a circular outer perimeter that cir
cumscribes said axis and the inner perimeter of
which annulus includes a non-circular jaw face
portion having a component length arranged ec 25
centrically with respect to such outer perimeter,
said spacer means further comprising a plug
?xedly carried by and laterally projecting from
the inner surface of the other ?ange and having
a super?cial contour that is eccentrically shaped
with respect to said axis to telescope within the
aforesaid inner perimeter, the eccentrically
shaped plug contour being brought into wedged
tangential engagement with the jaw face portion
of the annulus when said ?anges are manually ro
tated relative to each other.
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