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July 19, 1938.
Filed Apr i1 29’, 1937
Null“ WW
Patented July 19, 15938.v ‘ ,
_ .pnnnen BUCKET
George R. Hanks, Clinton, N. .J., assignor vto (
Taylor-Wharton Iron & Steel Company, High
' Bridge, N. J., a corporationot New Jersey
- Application April 29, 1937, Serial No. 139,819
5 Claims.
The invention-provides certain improvements
in the construction and operation of dredge buck
ets, more particularly dredge bucket and lip as
semblies of the rivetless- or so-called Stires type,
5 in which the trailing ends of the lip are swing
ingly mounted in formations of the bucket which
ultimately, and after the lip has been swung to
its seat, function as end locks which, in conjunc
tion with an intermediate lock, serve to maintain
10 a more or less tight assembly under digging stress.
The improvements are directed in the main to
ward simpli?cation of the intermediate lock,the
inventive thought comprehending locking pro
visions of durable and positive type and which
15 even in the event of breakage will yet be e?ec
tive to maintain an operative assemblyfor the
normal life of the lip.
The nature, characteristic features and scope
of the invention more readily will be understood
from the following description taken in connec-'
tion with'the accompanyingdrawing forming a
part hereof, wherein:
(Cl. . 37-141)
a ‘slot way or housing It for, a square nut lv'l
which cooperates with the bolt. The slot way or .
housing It is of such form'as to inhibit full rota- »
tion of the nut ll. As a matter of convenience
it may be an elongated polygonal slot opening to
the clear through the lower edge of the apron.
Thus, in establishing the lock the nut would be
entered through the edge opening and brought
into registration with the bolt which then would
be screwed home. The cotter pin l8, when pres 10
ent, is useful as an additional precautionary
a passway for a bolt, and a slot'in the inside
apron extending through the bottom edgev there- .
ofv and having recessed shouldered areas to per
mit a nut to be slid to place for cooperation with 20
the bolt,‘ said ‘shouldered areas inhibiting rota
tion of the nut.
Having described my invention, I claim:
1. A dredge ‘bucket, a‘ lipswingingly mounted
thereon and having inside and outside aprons, 15
alined openings in the apron and bucket to form
Fig. 1 is a sectional elevational view of the
2. A dredge bucket having a lip seat, a lip
improved dredge bucket and lip assembly;
swingingly mounted with relation to the seat,
Fig. 2 is a section on line 2-2 of Fig. 1;v
and intermediate securing devices comprising
Fig. 3 is a section on line 3-3 of Fig. 1.
bolts engaging the bucket and lapping ‘portions 25
The bucket 5, except ashereinafter'speci?ed,' of the lip, one of said lapping portions‘ having
may be of standard or usual construction; and a recess'on the bucketside to re'ceivea nut, and
the rim straddling lip 6 may have'any desired
a nut in said recess engaging the, bolt and cooper- .
form of cutting edge'l.
ating with a wall of the recess to prevent casual
The lip is formed with outside apron 8 and in- ‘
' side aprons 9.
The outside apron 8-may take a
bearing upon the abutment III of the bucket.
displacement of the bolt.
3. A dredge bucket having a lip seat, a lip
adapted to the seat-and having end locks, and
The inside aprons or rather their extensions ll
intermediate locks comprising bolts penetrating
enable the lip to be readily swung t'o strad
a wall of the bucket and inside and outside lap
dling position on the rim of the bucket. During ping portion'of the lip, the bolt-way of one of 35
the swinging operation the extensions, become ' the lapping portions'being radially extended to
substantially lodged in the recessed formations iorm a housing for means for securing the bolt.
or pockets I! in the hood of the bucket and are
,4. A dredge bucket having a lip seat, a lip‘
40 rigidly held thereby. With or without the ex
adapted to the seat and having end locks. and 40
ternal abutment l0 it will be understood that the intermediate locks comprising‘ screw bolts pene
' 3
arrangement is such as to aiford a rim seat l3 for
trating a wall of the bucket and inside and out
side lapping portions of the lip, the bolt-way of
At- one or moreintermediate points 01’ the ‘as-g ‘the inside lapping portion being radially extended.
the lip.
__ ‘
_' ,
sembly there are alined openings, in I the‘ lip
to form an inside housing for the complemental
aprons and bucket‘ to provide a passway ill for
nut'of the bolt, a wall of the housing inhibiting I
' the so-called intermediate locking provisions for
rotation of the nut."
keeping the lip properly restrained under digging
5. In a dredge bucket and lip assembly in which
stress. Such locking ‘provisions are of the p'osi- ‘ the lip is swingingly mounted by mutual pro
50' tive type and fundamentally may be identi?ed visions serving as end locks for the lip, an inter‘
as headed bolts or similar vfastenings» l5. It is mediate lock comprising a bolt penetrating inner
a. merit- of the invention that the arrangement _ and outer lapping portions of the lip and bucket,
is such that proper safeguards are provided to. ' the inner lapping portion of the lip being slotted
inhibit loss of the bolt ,or such displacement - inwardly of its bottom edge to accommodate the
55 thereof as may be calculated'to free the lip even . bolt, and said slotted portion being'enlarged on
under conditions ‘where the head of the bolt or the bucket side of the lip'to permit the intro
other fastening is completely worn or sheared duction of a nut, and a nut in said enlarged por
oil’. In the advancement of that thought the bolt tion to cooperate with the bolt.
.opening 01' the inside apron is expanded in a '
radial direction on the bucket side to provide
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