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July 26, 1938.
Filed Sept. 23, 1936
Patented July 26, 1938
William A. Douglass, Baltimore, Md.
Application September 23, 1936, Serial No. 102,195
1 Claim. (Cl. 225-12)
This invention relates to an improvement in
beer coil cleaners, and has for its object to pro
vide a simple and e?icient device that can be
readily attached to an ordinary faucet and in
5 which the cleaning material is discharged from
a chamber attached thereto, and which is also
attached to the pipe leading to the beer coil so
that the flow of water through the container
will force the cleansing material up through the
beer coil and cleanse the latter, and then be re
turned to the cleansing material chamber, the
cleansing material remaining in said chamber
and the water that has passed through the coils
passes oifinto a sewer. This operation can be
15 repeated as often as desired, and the same
cleansing material is used at each cleaning.
This invention consists of the novel construc—
tion and arrangement of the parts and combina
tion of parts hereinafter more fully set forth in
the following speci?cation and pointed out in
detail in the appended claim.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is an elevation of the coil box, partly
broken away, and showing my invention at
25 tached to a water faucet and connected to one
of the coils.
Figure 2 is an enlarged detail view, partly in
section, of the container which is attached to
the water faucet and to which the cleansing ma
terial container is attached.
Figure 3 is an enlarged detail view of the
cleansing material container.
Figure 4 is an edge View of the disk valve
held in the lower end of the water chamber.
Figure 5 is a plan view of Figure 4.
Figure 6 is a similar view to Figure 4 show
ing the tongues of the disk valve in the position
they assume when forced open by the water
end of any one of the faucets 8.
The said re
ceptacle 5 is also provided with an over?ow pipe
having a screen I0 therein, to prevent the
cleansing material from ?owing through the
pipe 9 and retaining it in said receptacle 5.
The receptacle I is connected by a pipe, or hose,
II, to any one of the beer coils I2 and has a
metal disk valve I3 secured in its lower end
which is split through the center from a point
near the periphery to form the resilient tongues
I4. This disk valve I3 holds the cleansing ma
terial I5, which is of a suitable granular form,
in the lower end of the container I until the
said container I ?lls with water and the pres
sure forces the tongues I4 of the disk I3 open, 15
as shown in Figure 6 of the drawing, when ‘the
said material will be forced through the hose II
and through the beer coil’ I2, faucet 8 and hose
‘I back to the container 5. The material will
be ‘deposited in the container 5 and the water
will ?ow through the pipe 9 to a sewer or other
point of discharge, the screen II) will prevent
the cleansing material from passing through the
pipe 9. The container I is provided with an
air-vent pipe I6 which has a check-valve II to 25
prevent the water from ?owing through said
air-vent pipe. As the water flows into the con
tainer I the air will pass out through the check
valve I1 and when the container I ?lls with
water the pressure of the water will close the 30
check valve I1 and prevent any water passing
through the pipe IS. The container I is also
connected by a pipe I8 to a suitable supply of
air under pressure and has a valve I9 to open
and close communication through said pipe I8 to 35
the receptacle I.
After the beer coil has been thoroughly
cleansed, and the cleansing material deposited
reference numerals designate like parts through
in the receptacle 5, the faucet 3 is closed to cut
off the water to the receptacle I. This leaves 40
the system full of water. The valve I9 is then
turned to permit air under pressure to enter
out the several views thereof, I designates the
the container I which will force all of the water
Water container which is provided on its upper
out of the system through the pipe 9 leaving the
coils free of any Water and ready to be attached 45
Referring to the accompanying drawing, form
ing part of this speci?cation, and in which like
4-5 end with an internally-threaded nipple 2' adapt
ed to screw upon the faucet 3. Secured to the
upper surface of the receptacle I is a nipple 4
to which the cleansing material receptacle 5 is
attached, said receptacle 5 is provided with a
50 stop-cock 6 which is turned to allow the cleans
ing material to ?ow into the receptacle I and
then turned to cut off communication from the
receptacle 5 to the receptacle I. The receptacle
5 has a pipe, or hose, ‘I, connected at its upper
55 end which is adapted to be slipped over the
to one of the beer kegs so that the beer can
?ow through the coils free of any water or other
substance. The pressure of air in the receptacle
I will close the check valve II and after all of
the water has been forced from the system the 50
valve I9 is turned to cut off the air pressure
which allows the check valve IT to open and
vent the chamber I. The cleansing material I5,
which is of a hard, sharp substance, will be de
posited in the container 5 as each coil is cleaned 55
and can be used over again in the ‘same manner
any number of times. The hose ll is ?exible
and of su?icient length to be connected to any one
of the pipes leading to the coils in the coil
box 20.
It can thus be seen that my device can be
attached to any ordinary faucet and the hose II
can be connected to any one of the number of
coils for cleansing the latter, and the cleansing
10 material can be used over as many times as
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim is:
A beer coil cleaner comprising a water con
15 tainer having a screw-threaded inlet adapted for
connection with a faucet and a screw-threaded
outlet at its lower end, a pipe connected at one
end to the outlet and adapted to be connected at
its other end with the lower end of the beer
coils, a cleansing material container removably
secured to and communicating with the water
container, a valve to control flow between the Cl
said two containers, an inlet pipe secured at one
end to the top of the cleansing material con
tainer and having its opposite end adapted to
connect with the beer coil faucet, an outlet pipe
connected to the top of said cleansing material 10
container and having a strainer therein, an air
inlet pipe connected to the water container, and
an air-vent pipe connected to the water container
and having a check valve therein adapted to be
closed by the water pressure or compressed air 15
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