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July 26, 1938.
Filed March 28, Y 1936
_Zn yen for
or is surrounded
tiofougiiout “i
»fnd reierably is made in ,il en
a s
length o
wi (in
across the iron. A.
suriace. Frequently the tioe‘rrnosta‘tic - two sections spaced¢
aüected more readily ‘oy tile tem» relatively liglit metal sheet extends over heat
nerature oi and surrounding tlie heating element ing element il witli its edges oiîset downwardly,
jratlier than by the temperature of the portion as at G, to contact with the sole plate. Prefer
ably sheet
has an intermediate depression l
20 of the iron applied to the article being ironed.
Obviously such arrangements do not make for also contacting with the sole plate in the space
between the sections of grid al.
accurate or eñicient operation or” the thermo
Current is brought to the terminals 8 and e
stat, and one object of the present invention is
to correlate an ironing surface, the thermostatic by any usual plug. Conduct le leads from ter
25 control, the heating element, and the parts minal 8 to one end of the heating grid. Con 25
actuated thereby so that each will possess a' duit il leads from the other end of the grid to
the binding'post il. Switch blades i3~and l@
of spring material are insulated from each other
at their right hand ends and have contact but
tons l5 and lâ, repsectively, on their left hand
ends. Blade i3 is connected to binding post i2
high degree of eiîiciency from the standpoint of
operation, simplicity of construction, and length
of life, etc.
l Another object of the invention is to simplify
the manually operated device for varying the
temperature of the iron and, incidentally, to give
the iron a neat, attractive appearance notwith
standing the mounting of the manual control in
35 the handle and the necessity of connecting
and blade lil has a connection il to terminal d.
Normally the spring action of blades i3 and lll
is to thrust eachof these blades' in an anti
cloclewise direction as indicated by the arrow A. 35
Thermostatic member 3 comprises a loi-metal
such a control to mechanism in the' ironv casing.
lic helix oí familiar type although not previous
Another object of the invention is to simplify
the assembly of the heating element with.` the
ly used in electric irons, so far as I am in»
iron sole plate and at the same time to provide - formed. Each end oi >member 3 is provided
40 eiiìcient distribution of heat from the element to with` a longitudinal slot, and a. pin ld has the 40
inner face of its slotted head seated against the
the sole plate.
These and other detail objects which wül be edge of the sole plate surrounding the outer end
apparent from the following description are ' of noie 2 with the inner end of the _nin provided
obtained from the structure illustrated in the vwith a lip l., fitting into the corresponding slot
in member
A finger is has its lower end
45 accompanying drawing, in which
Figure l is a vertical longitudinal section ñtted into the slot in the right hand end oi
through an iron of the type described, a portion member 3 and extends upwardly through the
top of the sole plate through sheet 5 and into
of the structure being shown in elevation.
Contact with an insulation roller 2li carried on
the outer end of blade i3. A screw 2l (Figure
4) is threaded into the edge oí sole plate l with
Figure 2 is a horizontal section taken sub
stantially on the line 2--2 of Figure 1.
Figures 3 and 4 are vertical transverse sec»v
tions taken on the lines 3-3 and vali-Jl, respec
tively, of Figure l, Figure 3 showing the parts
a diilerent
Figure 2.
its head overlapping the head oí pin lil whereby
pin lil and the adjacent end of the thermo
static member may be anchored Vto the soie
As member t is heated, its bi-metallic con
struction causes it to twist so that its opposite
ends rotate about its axis in opposite directions.
With the right hand end being held against
Preferably a tail 3d projects from boss 2t and
closes the bottom of slot 2ll as the boss is moved
rotation, particularly in an anti-clockwise di
rection as indicated at X in rFigure t, the left
The rear of casing 22 extends beyond the rear
end of sole plate i and terminates in a` heel 35
which meets a ñnish strip ¿it extending upward
hand end, carrying iìnger i9, tends to -rotate
ly from the bottom of sole plate l to the end
in a clockwise direction as indicated by they
arrow .B in Figure 3. Such rotation oi ringer
10 i9 will move blade i3, against its spring tend
ency, to separate contacts i5 and lâ as indi
of heel 35.
A wire bail 3l loosely mounted on `
plate t between heel 35 and strip 36 cooperates
with guard 2d for supporting the iron when 'it
is stood on end temporarily' while the material
to be iron'ed is being adjusted. in this position
Upon cooling, the thermostat tends tov return Y elements 35 and 36 are spaced from the iron
cated in Figures 3 and 5.
to its original position. Switch blade [it is re
ing board or table.
15 cessed at itc to provide clearance ior iìnger t@
Although strip ät añîords a neat ñnish for
so that stresses in the thermostat may be fully > the lower rear portion of> the iron, the notch or
relieved. By loosening screw 2i and rotating opening 3d therein provides access to screw 2l
pin is, thermostatic member 3 may be adjust
ed axially to vary the temperature at which it
opens the switch or permits the switch. to close.
When ringer i@ and blade it are engaged, the
reaction of the pressure between them will
and plug iii whereby the latter may be adjusted
to set the thermostat operation as desired.
The construction described is simple and free 20
of a multiplicity oí jointed members particularly
in the connection between the switch adjust
thrust member 3 against the side oi hole 2, ‘ ment and the control boss 2t. The adjustment
creating sumcient friction to retard free twisting device in the present iron comprises a single
25 movement of member 3 and resulting in a lag rigid bar mounted on the handle and therefore 25
between alternate movements of the thermo
easily assembled with the casing and switch
static member and its nnger. This avoids dut-«
tering of the switch contacts and rapid opening
Obviously theparticular arrangement of the
and closing of the circuit, which is objection.e switch parts and the details of the thermostat
dit able because of resulting annoyance in recep
and its ñnger, the adjusting switchrand the ele 30
tion of radios which may be on the same house
ments engaged thereby, are not essential to all
features of the invention and these and other
A sheet metal casing 22 is applied to the soie ' details may be varied without departing from
plate and encloses the heating element, switch l the spirit oi the invention and the exclusive
35 structure, etc., forming a substantial air cham
use of such modiñcations as come within the 35
ber above the heated parts and giving the iron scope of the claims is contemplated.
an attractive appearance. It is braced near the
I claim:
middle of the iron by a support di. A handle ~
l. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate, a
@il is carried on casing 2d, the rear bow of the light metal sheet overlying said sole plate and
handle merging in a guard socket 2d -for re
cooperating with the top face thereof to form a «
ceiving the usual plug’which is applied to ter
shallow housing, a heating element enclosed in'
"minals d. iEhe front 'portion or bow of the - said housing, and a thermostatic member for
handle curves downwardly in an arc se of acir
controlling current to said element located be
cle.> A portion of this part of the handle isl heath said top face of said sole plate and be
hollow to form a chamber which receives a rigid tween said element and the smoothing surface of
segmental bar 2d slidable in the handle fromv said sole plate.
I '
the position shown in full lines in Figure i to
2L In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate, a
the position shown in dot and dash lines. S web-like heating element overlying said sole
indicates a spring frictionally engaging bar 2e
to resist its accidental movement.
A slot 2l leads from the hollow interior of the
handle and a boss 23 on the upper end of bar
2d projects through slot 2ï so as to be readily
engaged by the thumb of the user of the iron.
.55 The lower end of bar 2t forms a horizontally
wedge-like structure 2t, one edge of which slides
along a bearing t@ formed on casing support di.
The other edge of wedge 2t engages an insulan
tion roller t2 having a vertical axis and mount
60 ed on an extension 33 on switch loladeA ld.
plate, a thin sheet metal cover for said element
cooperating with the top face of said sole plate d@
to form a housing for said element, a switch
above said cover, a thermostatic member en
closed in said sole plate below said cover, and a
switch actuating element extending through said
cover and the top part of said sole plate and op
eratively engaged by said therrnostatic member.
3. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate
having along narrow hole leading inwardly hori
zontally from one edge' thereof and located be
low the top face of said sole plate, a heating ele
Obviously movement of boss 28 in the direc
ment overlying said sole plate, an electric circuit
tion of the arrow SC moves wedge 29 in the op» _ therefor including a switch having a ñnger pro
posite direction and thrusts blade id in a direc
jecting downwardly into said hole, an elongated
tion opposite to arrow A, thereby' moving blade thermostatic member inserted in said hole
65 .it (if buttons l5 and it are in contact) away ’ through the end thereof in said edge until en 65
from finger it of the thermostat, whereby higher closed in said hole and comprising a bi-metallic
temperature will be required to produce the helix with one end anchored to said sole plate
greater movement of the thermostatv necessary adjacent to said edge and the other end opera
to separate contacts i5 and it. Subsequent
70 cooling of the thermostat and return movement
of .finger i9 and blade i3 will close the switch
sooner than with wedge 29' retracted and ac
cordingly' maintain a higher temperature for
the iron as may be required for ironing heavier
' ,
75 material.
tively connected to said finger.
4. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate 70
having a hole leading inwardly from one edge
thereof, a heating element overlying said sole
plate, an electric circuit therefor including a
switch, an elongated thermostatlc member in
serted in said hole and lying adjacent to one side 75
thereof, said member .comprising a iai-metallic
helix 'with one end anchored to lsaid `sole plate
and the other end operatively connected to said
switch, the parts of said helix being so disposed
_that heat actuated rotary movement of said
member moves a part of said switch and the re
action on said member thrusts it against the side
of said hole to irictlonally retard the rotary
movement of said member.
5. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate,
a heating element applied thereto, an electric
circuit for said element having a switch with an
adjustable contact adjacent to said sole plate, a
casing enclosing said switch, a handle having an
arcuate bow portion mounted on said casing, an
iniiexible member on said` handle mounted to
slide longitudinally thereof and provided with an
arcuate extension housed within said handle
said sole plate edge, said pin having a lip en
tered in said slot.
9. In an electric smoothing iron, ascle plate
having a hole leading inwardly >irons. one edge
thereof, an electric heating' element, a circuit
therefor, a thermostatic‘ member inserted in
said hole and comprising a lai-metallic helix,
with a transverse slot in each of its ends, means
for adjustably holding the outer end oi said
member against rotation comprising a part hav 10
ing a lip in said slot and a screw seated against
said edge and clamping said part, and means ior
controlling said circuit including a finger ?tting
in the slot at the other end ci said member
and movable by axial rotation of said other end 15
of said helix.
l0. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate,
a, bi-metalllc thermostatic member enclosed
portion and projecting into said casing and op
between the top and bottom of said sole plate,
eratively connected to said contact.
an electric resistance heating element for said
sole plate, a circuit therefor, and means actuated
by deformation of said thermostatic member'
irrespective of the expansion and contraction of
6. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate of
the usual contour, a heatingß element overlying
said sole plate, a thermostatic member enclosed
in .said sole plate, a iinger connecter to said
member and projecting upwardly from said sole
the surrounding sole plate' for controlling said
plate near the center thereof, a switch for con-l
trolling current to said element and including a
ll. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate,
a thermostatic member enclosed between the
movable part engaged by said ñnger, a casing
mounted on said sole plate and housing said ele
ment, finger and switch, a handle having a bow
curving from one end downwardly and inwardly
to said casing, and an arcuate arm slidably
mounted in said bow with its lower end termi
top and bottom of said sole plate and comprising
nating adjacent to said finger. and part for regu--
a bi-metallic helix, an electric resistance heat
ing element, a circuit thereof, and means actu 30
ated by heating and cooling of said, helix for
respectively opening and closing said circuit to
control the supply of current to A‘said element
>irrespective of the expansion and contraction of
lating said switch and with its upper end termi
nating in a manually engageable device movable
along the front portion of said handle.
7. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate,
a heating element, a thermostatic member for
the surrounding sole plate.
controlling the supply of current to said heat
ing element, a handle provided with a hollow
portion, there being a slot in the tace oi.' said
handle leading to said hollow portion, an in
flexible bar slidable in said hollow portion and
having a boss projecting through said slot for
manual manipulation of said bar, said bar in-v
cluding a part closing said slot in front oi' and
at the rear of said boss, and means actuated by'
said bar to vary the operation of said thermo
ment and including a member adjustable to
diiïerent positions to open and close said circuit
at different temperatures, a handle' spaced sub
static member.
l2. in an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate,
an electric resistance heating element associated
therewith, a thermcstatically operated switch
for controlling the'ele'ctric circuit o! said ele
stantially above asid sole plate element and
switch, and a manually movable inflexible device
extending from said member to the upper por
tion of said handle, every part of said device
being movable in the arc oi an upright circle.
. 13. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate,
means for heating said sole plate, a handle i'or
manipulating the iron, said handle including a
having a hole~ leading inwardlyirom one edge
hand hold spaced above said sole plate and an
arcuate portion between said hand hold and the
thereof,- an electric heating element, a circuit
sole pla‘ , a manually adjustable inñexible de
3. In an electric smoothing iron, a sole plate
- therefor, a thermostatic member for controlling
vice adjacent said hand hold, and an arcuate
said circuit` and inserted in said hole and com
55 prising `a* iii-metallic helix, with a transverse
slot in its outer end, and an anchorage for said
member operatively connecting said element ‘to
said means and movable in said arcuate portion
along the line of its arc
outer end comprising an axially adjustable pin
and a holding screw therefor 'seated >against
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