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July ‘26,1938.
Filed June 18, 1936
"A1MM* ,W
Patented July 26,
2,124,998 ‘
r signor to Aluminum
A. Beckmann,
Inc., Cincinnati.
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Application June is, 1936, Serial No. 85,946
4 Claims.
The present invention relates to a permanent
‘mold particularly adapted to cast pistons in
aluminum alloys which pistons are described and
shown in my co-pending ,applications, Serial
to make a substantially closed mosaic over the
mold cavity, except of course, for the pouring
gates. These, beingconventional are not shown,
their arrangement ‘being substantially as ' in
United States Fatent. 1,585,893. Cores l3 are
5 Nuxéibers 79,309, 79,310 and,.79,311, ?ied May 12, also
manipulated as in the patent referred to.
The casting of pistons in permanent molds is
complicated by the necessity of lifting out the
cores bodily. In the ordinary piston, the pin
Each core, except I3 is provided with an individ
ual handle |6 for manual withdrawal.
, Referring to Figure-4, the central core assem
10 bosses are the only obstacle to lifting out such ' bly. comprises a core I‘! of nearly rectangular l0,
cores, but in, the pistons here considered,- the cross section. This is the largest core and the
one which is last ‘inserted and ?rst withdrawn
after casting. Flanking the core ll there are
two irregularly shaped side cores l8. Abutting
all three of the just mentioned cores there is a. 15
ject ‘matter of the invention. One of its ob-\ “butter?y core" |9,"so called because its cross
jects-is to provide such an arrangement of cores( section looks from above like a butter?y minus
the body. Another core 2|, known as-the bridge
that a piston of my special kind' can. be pro
duced expeditiously from a mold or the general core, because its function is to help form the
20 type described in the United States patent to bridge 24, shown in Figure 3, is contained within
Schnobrich, No. 1,525,893 of February 10, 1925. the butter?y core. Its upper portion 20 as seen
Another object is to provide means for keeping in Figure 2, is completely encircled by the core -
means‘ provided for casting this bridge and for
providing for the removal of‘thé cores entire
15 from about and within the bridge iorni the sub
the thickness ofithe bridge metal in properr'e
‘I! so that it is ?rmly positioned, but its lower , -
end 2| hangs free so \that the metal can ?ow 25
In ‘the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a around it. Accurate control of the shape and
vertical cross section orv the mold with all or the, thickness oi the‘ bridge is thus'rendered possible
cores in‘ place except the bridge core, which is because the core is aligned not only by the top
shown above its proper place. VThe cores are’ ?ange l5 but also by a long-bearing surface 20
shown ‘in section along the line' |-.,-_| oi‘ Fig. 4._ cooperating with the core It. The former con
trols the depth and the latter the alignment. 3°
Figure 2 shows all of the cores except the pis
ton pin cores, assembled, partly in section on The core‘surfaces are all‘accuratelymachined
the line 2-2 of Fig. '4.
> in cast iron, so that close ?tting is, achieved.
In operation the cores l8 are inserted ?rst in
Figure 3 is a perspective‘ cross-sectional view
of a piston to be cast in my mold. The rela- -. the empty mold; the piston pin hole cores l3
35 tion between Figures 2 and 3 is as-ii the cores which form‘the piston. pin holes 22 and the 35
ofFigure, 2 had'?rst been pulled out or the bosses 23 around them are then brought into po
piston of Figure 3, and reassembled. immediately sition. Core i9 isthen inserted and the bridge
core 2| slipped into it. Core i1 is now positioned
Figure 4 is a cross section of the entire central ~ and the casting performed.
Ai'ter setting of ‘the metal, core 2| is usually
vIn Figure 1, I0 is the body of the niold, II is - ?rst pulled, then cores l1 and I9, although‘co're
the ?oor and I2 is the mold cavity. This cavity. I‘! may be pulled ?rst; cores, l8 can then be
is established in the form of an inverted internal .‘withdrawn by pulling them ?rst'to. the ‘middle
combustion engine piston by a- seven‘ piece core ‘ of. the mold cavity until they clear the bosses,
~ .
45 which may be considered ‘to be composed of two then lifting upward;
kinds of pieces. These are the piston pin hole ‘ By having the bridge core suspended ‘in the
cores l3 which extend into the mold cavity from butter?y core on a long, accurate bearing, _;even
opposite sides, and the 'core pieces II, I8, I! and if the butter?y core should become somewhat
2|, shown assembled in ‘Figure 2, which extend misaligned'in relation to cores H or’ IS, the
vertically from above- into the mold cavity. bridge casting would still be strong and accurate
.40 core assembly taken‘ on the line 4-4 of Figure 2.
These are preferably -?ve in number-but may ‘because no substantial displacement of core 2|
in core I! is possibles
be more or less insome cases.
The- depending cores are each provided with
I claimas my invention:
1 _
an upper ?ange l5 each of’ which-is so shaped
as to tit and cooperate with the other ?anges l5
l. _A permanent-mold structure for making a
internal combustion engine piston which com- 56
‘ prises a moldbody two piston
tending into said mold body from opposite sides
thereof, a ilvev piece core extending vertically
down into said mold body, one or said core pieces
being in plan, or butter?y shape and containing
a second piece or the core, saidlatter piece being
of‘ rounded triangular shape,.and held for a sub
stantial portion or its length at'a small distance
casting ‘structure composed of at least two core
pieces, one core piece being contained within the
other and spaced theretrom'over a portion of its -
length and being extractable-theretrom-so that
said containing'core‘may be withdrawn from the 5
4. A mold core for a permanent mold metal
casting structure composed of at least‘ two core
from its containing core.
pieces, one eel-e piece being contained within the
2. A permanent mold metal casting structure 7 other and spaced therefrom over a portion of its 10
comprising a mold body and av multiple piece
length and being extractable therefrom so. that
core ?tting into said body, one of saiducore
said containing core may be withdrawn from the
piecesxcontaining another, said contained piece‘ mold‘,_a portion of said containing piece being
being held over a portion of its length at a dis
tance from its containing core,_ and being ex- 7
cut out around said- contained piece to permit ‘
molding material to -?o,w‘ therebetween.
tractable therefrom so that said containing core
may be withdrawn from the mold.
3.~A mold. core for a permanent mold metal
. mom A. nncmamz.
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