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July 2.6, 1938.,
Filed July 5, 1936 '
I _2 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 26, 1938._
Filed‘ July 3, 1936 -
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
- BY wiw’lfaywy
Patented July 26, 1938
2,125,019 _
George P- Haynes, Brooklyn: N- Y0! assignor to
Todd Combustion Equipment, Inc.,‘New York,
N. Y., a corporation of New York
_Applioation July 3, 1936, Serial No. 88,736
2 Claims. (Cl. 158-4)
The plate i2 carries a toothed sector it with
'_ This invention relates to on burning equipment which a pinion I5 is in mesh, said pinion having
and my improvements, while not so limited, are
intended particularly for use on marine vessels.
As will presently appear I propose to provide
5 anvv air tight and water tight bulkhead or parti
tion extended transversely across the ?re room in
front of and suitably spaced from the boilers, to
an operating shaft [6, with‘ handle ii for its
.A burner tube it, with ‘the usual atomizer l9 5
and ?ame cone 20 entered within the register, has
' thus separate the main portion of the ?re room
from the boilers and their furnaces, said ?re
10 room being divided intoa boiler compartment
‘and an operator’s compartment. ‘
The burner equipmen , which is connected
the jacket 2| and is provided at its forward end ,
with a usual form of oil supply means.
The burner tube, in its jacket, is entered
through a hollow casting 22, in which it is 10
rendered air tight by a stu?ing box 23, for a pur
pose to be described hereinafter. Also said cast
ing is provided with a passageway for the recep
through the air ‘register with the boiler front tion of the shaft i6, and here too a stu?ing box '
plate, penetrates the bulkhead and is connected 24, is employed to render‘ the ?t air tight be- 15
16 with said bulkhead by means of an expansible, tween shaft l6 and its passageway.
bellows, to absorb expansion and other distortions
A radial web 25 extends from and surrounds
which occur between the boiler and bulkhead.
‘the casting 22, in compartment A, intermediate
other features and advantages of my inven
bulkhead I and boiler plate 5 and in suitable
spaced relation from the bulkhead, and an ex- 20
tion will hereinafter appear.
pansion bellows 26 is ?tted between said web
20v In the drawings:-Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of my improved
25 and the bulkhead, said bellows at its rear end
having a ?ange 21 that is. clamped between web
oil burning equipment, taken on the line l-i of
Fig. 2, and including the burner, air tight parti
tion that is penetrated by said burner, air regis
25 and a ring 28 as with bolts 29; and said bel
lows, at its forward end having a ?ange 30 that
- 25 ter, and expansible-bellows connection between is clamped between bulkhead i and a ring 3!
the partition and register.
as with bolts 32.
Fig. 2 is a front elevation showing a bulkhead‘
ing forwardly thereof.
Dealing in the ?rst instance with the compart
As has been premised the expansion bellows is
intended for the purpose of absorbing expansion
in a ?re roomwith the burner portions project
, and other distortions occurring between the bulk
mented ?re room wherein the boilers are shut off
head and boiler. '
,Thus,_ by means f the tight joints effected
between the bellows, the web 25 and the bulk
head, as well as the stu?ing boxes 23, 24, pres
sure of air in compartment A is precluded from
35 room and serves as an air and water tightpar- } entering compartment B, while the control means
tition to separatea boiler compartment A from for oil supply tothe burner and the operating
' the fire room compartment B that is adapted for handle for shaft iii are projected into compart
from that portion of the fire room occupied by
the furnace attendants, .let I indicate a bulk
head which extends transversely across the ?re
human‘ occupancy at atmospheric pressure; it
being intended to supply air under pressure, by
40 any suitable means,'into compartment A for com
bustion purposes.
The air register is shown as provided with a
pressed steel frame having divided members 2
that are bowed. and engage by studs 3 with a ring
to the boiler front plate 5, said
ring also carrying the usual Venturi ring 6.
' 45 4 that is secured
The frame members 2 merge forwardly in a
disk ‘I that is provided with guide slots 8 for pins
9 that project from curved vanes l0 which are
50 housed within frame members 2, said vanes, near
their rearward ends, having lugs I i by which they
pivotally engage the studs 3.
Also a rotatable plate 12 is provided, it too
having slots, l3, which engage pins 9 for the
st rotation of. the vanes.
ment B, and therefore available to an operator ,
It will be noted that the frame disk 1 is aper
tured for the reception of the casting reduced
portion 33, and the rotatable plate l2, which is
also apertured, has its bearing about a shoulder
34 upon said casting.
Plate i2, which‘ is provided with a cover 35, is
rotated by pinion i5 as meshed with sector ll, by
the operation of shaft l6, and in such rotation
the vanes to, through the engagement of their 5
pins 9 with the angled slots i3, are turned either
inwardly to the closed position or outwardly to
the open position, the angled slots 8 in ?xed disk '
1 serving to guide these' movements.
A cover plate 36 is shown as carried by bulk- 55
2 "
head I and having the observation doors '3‘! and
lishting door l l .,
Variations within the spirit and scope of my
invention are equally comprehended by the fore
Eoinz disclosure.
I claim:.1. The combination with a boiler furnace hav
' ing a front plate, a bulkhead in spaced relation
to said plate to define a compartment therebe
‘tween, said bulkhead having an opening there
‘through, a burner tube projected through the
opening in said bulkhead into said compartment,
a casting in which said burner tube is mounted,
substantially rigid means connecting said cast
ing to said plate and expansion bellows connect
ing said casting to the bulkhead about the open
ing therein and serving to permit relative move
ment between the front plate and the bulkhead.
2. The combination with a boiler furnace hav
ing a front plate, a bulkhead in spaced relation
to said plate to de?ne ‘a compartment therebe
tween, said bulkhead having an opening there
through, a burner tube projected through the 6
opening in said bulkhead into said compartment,
a casting in which said burner tubeis mounted,
substantially rigid means connecting said- cast
ing to said plate, a radial web on said casting,
and expansion bellows having one end a?ixed to 10
said bulkhead and its other end secured to said
web, the arrangement being such so as to com
pensate for relative movement between the front
plate and the bulkhead.
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